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pepper_plant t1_jaclnd9 wrote

One of those things you think is super fun and funny as a teen and then hopefully regret when youre older


ApacheSnow OP t1_jacm3pm wrote

Definitely true, and I say that as someone who used to be a bit of an iconoclast in my teens and who now looks back on that boy with shame and disappointment.


Dewshbag41 t1_jadngds wrote

Hey man that's growing up.

Just had a call with an old friend and he happily reminded me about how much of a fucking crazy asshole I was as a teenager.


ghidfg t1_jaclfsg wrote

cool photo. looks like it could be a movie poster.


ApacheSnow OP t1_jacm7ei wrote

Really appreciate that compliment!! I'm always trying to achieve that cinematic vibe, thank you 😊


gn0xious t1_jacp7qt wrote

Simpson did it!


kukendran t1_jacnohb wrote

It's that girl! She's standing right there, she did it, get her!


nyrB2 t1_jae5rw6 wrote

didn't bart simpson do that to jebidiah springfield's statue?


ApacheSnow OP t1_jaccaxf wrote

I did some research and found who the statue was dedicated too, a woman from the 1800's. Let me know if anyone wants the backstory!


3pbc t1_jacf2ec wrote

Of course we want the back story


ApacheSnow OP t1_jacg02t wrote

Ok! I'll post what I learned in another comment! :)


[deleted] t1_jacgm90 wrote



xopranaut t1_jackgu0 wrote

Her husband must have loved her so much. Thank you for sharing this.


ApacheSnow OP t1_jackoqj wrote

It really was beautiful!! I'll make an edit and add what the actual inscription said too :)


SteveMcQwark t1_jad17qq wrote

[The comment] seems to have been removed, maybe because you mentioned a social media account (though you don't seem to have linked it, so that's weird). Unless someone reported you for "doxxing" a woman who died over 100 years ago...

Edit to add re below


ApacheSnow OP t1_jad1pbz wrote

Oh, really? That's a bummer, I really liked this photo and I wanted people to see it. Yeah I mentioned an account but never linked to it. No clue why it would be removed. This usually happen on this sub? Never posted here before.


SteveMcQwark t1_jad2bze wrote

Just your comment giving the backstory was removed, not the post. I should have clarified.

Direct links to social media aren't allowed, hence why I suspected the mention of your social media account might be the culprit, but yeah, that wasn't a direct link, so not sure what this is about. You can check out the rules:

I'm here from the front page, so not an expert on how the rules get applied.


ApacheSnow OP t1_jad2jbw wrote

Ahhh alright, gotcha! I'm a big lurker on reddit, but not a massive poster so I'm not exactly a pro when it comes to postning etiquette. Will check the rules though, thank you!


wanking_to_got t1_jaceb95 wrote



ApacheSnow OP t1_jacelge wrote

Not just the head, but the fingers too. I took another picture up close that shows all her fingers except the thumb all gone, crudely sawn-off


wanking_to_got t1_jacf01z wrote



ApacheSnow OP t1_jacfsz6 wrote

I spoke to a man at the cemetery - a local who was walking his dog - who told me that this likely wasn't the handiwork of a student, but rather of one of the several homeless people who sometimes sleep on the overturned tombstones of several graves. I don't know if he was telling the truth or if it was just pure speculation, but apparently, the cemetery is "a notorious haunt for drug users and rough sleepers". While I don't condone vandalism, I can't help but think that whoever did it created a piece of iconoclastic art, intentionally or otherwise


bdubgreene t1_jackiif wrote

Someone…or some Thing!


ApacheSnow OP t1_jaclv2x wrote

When you say it like that, I'm reminded of the Great Old Ones and their sculptures and bas reliefs depicting their decapitated peers whose heads had been bitten off and feasted on by the Shoggoths.


WornInShoes t1_jacrlfk wrote

This is the plot of The Exorcist III


gompiebous t1_jadei6k wrote

Maybe they sold it to a museum in another country.


mrbeck02 t1_jadt6ye wrote

Why is the cemetery in Fangorn Forest?


Piece73 t1_jadk989 wrote

And recently.


ApacheSnow OP t1_jaeemxs wrote

That's what really got me, the fact that it seemed so fresh


MTAApple t1_jaebdqe wrote

Tis but a scratch


ledg t1_jaey1ig wrote

Poor Eleanor Rigby.


bombayblue t1_jadh3n2 wrote

We did this with the Ulysses S Grant statue in San Francisco.

Because winning the civil war and ending slavery doesn’t excuse owning a slave. Even if you regret it, end up freeing the slave, and later become a strong advocate of African Americans in the military.