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CrouchingToaster t1_j94ty86 wrote

Same situation at my parents place, we came to the same conclusion and also found out that Turtle doves don't know they are fatasses (relative to the other birds). They'd push over the weight limit for feeders trying to sit on them and be super confused that they couldnt get seeds.


msuvagabond t1_j9e5n5p wrote

Mourning doves are like the least situationally aware birds in existence. My parent's bird feeder will have upwards of two dozen birds on and around it (there is a bath there as well) and often at least two or three squirrels. Sooooo often EVERYTHING would vanish, except the couple doves that are there. It's obvious to me, in the house and twenty feet from the window that a hawk is around, but they can't figure it out while they're actually out there...