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EarthBoundBatwing t1_jab6rsb wrote

Looks like they just put the half mark in the wrong spot. I still count 8 eighths


pete_68 t1_jab7hh9 wrote

I wonder if for carpenters this is like a misprinted penny, in terms of value.


URAPNS t1_jabbwte wrote

I'd definitely keep it as a collectors item. I've probably gone through over a hundred Stanley tapes and never saw a fuck up like this.


pete_68 t1_jacgdnz wrote

Yeah, I've used quite a few myself and never seen anything like it either. I imagine it's pretty rare.


Jay_Ray OP t1_jab8m2h wrote

Good as garage


j0mbie t1_jad7udk wrote

Where did you buy it? I wonder if it's fake. I've never seen a Stanley be bad. Not that they're amazing, but this is pretty bad.


Beefy_G t1_jab9818 wrote

As long as we don't get twich/tiktoks streams "cracking open" tape measuring sets like they're pokemon cards looking for those rare ones. Goodness gracious those drive me nuts always showing up on my feed.


dmomo t1_jad7dvn wrote

I find the biggest problem with tick tok is all the tik tok streams that end up in my feed.


AholeBrock t1_jacgczs wrote

They don't show up in my feed. I had a roommate that would watch that stuff tho. Why does your AI think you wanna watch that?


Kovarim t1_jacv61c wrote

In my woodshop, that thing is a production hazard. It'd be smashed on the concrete in a millisecond. Just my experience though, someone might want it, just not me.


eaglefade t1_jabwy22 wrote

I must have different math, I counted 16 sixteenths


AwTickStick t1_jachcea wrote

You’re both overthinking it there’s only 4 quarters divided into 4 quarters.


okko7 t1_jaeejf2 wrote

Ah! European countries count in tenth, not quarters.


vargemp t1_jaellau wrote

Americans gotta be so good in maths to even measure with tape, damn…


trollboter t1_jacaexn wrote

The 1/2 mark is on the 3/4 5/8 mark. Still 1 inch total measurement.


sailingtroy t1_jacyc19 wrote

Still useless, though. I wouldn't do any carpentry with that. Besides, what other errors are on the tape? Wood and my time are far too valuable to fuck around with that.


nixiebunny t1_jadf7dw wrote

Yup. Imagine being the scale inspector at the Stanley factory, and your supervisor starts asking you uncomfortable questions about how this one got out the door...


SuperSpread t1_jadorg8 wrote

Downsizing. The supervisor is the inspector for multiple sites. Aka the gamestop manager philosophy.


thorpie88 t1_jaehav3 wrote

Probably just check one out of a bunch. Might be once an hour or once you process X amount of tapes


LexiconDul t1_jab9k7v wrote

That's just the leap inch that only gets added every 4th foot.


APLJaKaT t1_jab8cbe wrote

I've encountered misprinted tapes a few times....Never a Stanley and usually near the beginning of.the tape.

Fyi tapes are usually printed from a wheel. Look out further , maybe near 48", maybe further and you might find the misprint repeats down the tape. Inaccuracies in tapes also tend to be cyclical for this exact reason.

New tapes that can't be trusted are not something you want to find.

For interests sake, take a few tapes of different makes and line them up extended. Some are miles off.


drpcowboy t1_jadstyp wrote

I can confirm. Many aren't off much at 8'; I have seen some with a 1/8" difference.


SirMctowelie t1_jaf0qff wrote

Same way you confirm a new torpedo level, put it against 2 others :/


APLJaKaT t1_jaf3o27 wrote

Or turn it end for.end on a given surface. Any deviation of the bubble will be twice the actual error.


niftydog t1_jabduvh wrote

Not missing any, they've just transposed the half and the 5/8ths lines.


sailingtroy t1_jacy5iu wrote

Still garbage, though. You can't go around with a thing that's going to fuck you every time you try to measure 24 1/2".


Calenchamien t1_jacz8ur wrote

I mean, you could pay attention to your work, or fix it with a sharpie.

Like, if my choices are to throw out what appears to be an otherwise perfectly good product, or put in <10 minutes of work to assess whether there’s anything wrong with it I can’t solve, I’ll put the work in and save myself the expense and the ecological impact of buying a new one


Asidious66 t1_jaczxmi wrote

Found the engineer


sailingtroy t1_jad26fg wrote

Yeah, that guy rides a desk and doesn't work for a living. Ain't nobody with a real job got time for that. I pay good money to have suitable tools come to me correct off the shelf. That's the whole point. I'm paid to fix shit for other people, not diddle around fussing over my own tools. That thing's 25 feet long and he wants me to check every half inch for accuracy? Get real. I got money to make.


doogle_126 t1_jad400x wrote

And as a bonus you'll find out if someone else stole it!


edahlbeck t1_jab9ob9 wrote

Might be a Stanry


t0rqu3d t1_jabgzco wrote

The 8 fingered Chinese kid was having a rough day at the factory.


azducky t1_jabduo6 wrote

I see slap bracelets in your future


FartKilometre t1_jab9jsd wrote

It looks like the half mark is off by a notch or two... wonder if this is a legit mistake or if it's some kind of Paper Street situation?

Like, obviously you can't copyright length measurement, so maybe they made a small visual goof that (ideally) shouldn't affect any accuracy in order to make their tape design unique? A lot of map makers do the same thing in order to prove if someone copied their map by adding a street that doesn't exist in an area that won't cause issues.


armrha t1_jabdttu wrote

It would be faster to just design the notches and numbers to print on the tape than to try to scan and print their design...


trusty20 t1_jadmhtz wrote

Lmao its literally a strip of metal with numbers and lines on it. Nobody needs to "steal" somebody elses strip of numbers and lines lol.


cfdeveloper t1_jacr6vt wrote

this is the logic behind poor counterfeits. the idea is if there is a mistake in the bill that makes it look obviously fake, then how can you be accused to making counterfeits. (stupid logic that I can't imagine works lol)


Fritzschmied t1_jackve9 wrote

No it doesn’t miss marks. The half mark is just Offset by 2 for whatever reason.


Snufflarious t1_jaduzjb wrote

When they say measure twice, I didn’t realize I’d need a second tape measure


pointrelay t1_jabczo2 wrote

When you say new, like in fresh out of the box, I assume that your other measurement tapes drop a few marks with time.


AlanZero t1_jabvtep wrote

That’s the problem with old tape measures. If they’ve been stored improperly you may end up losing several inches / year.

Never use old tape measure without first adjusting for shrinkage.


quesadilla79 t1_jabai11 wrote

made by the finest of child labors


shl1234561 t1_jaby4bm wrote

get a metric measurement tape. simple.


Fritzschmied t1_jaclcnu wrote

Just never tell Americans that the today unit of inches and feet etc is defined by the meter like everything else.


1668553684 t1_jadekbe wrote

Why should the definition matter at all?

Americans typically use imperial because it plays nicely with most other things in the US that use imperial, not because of some vendetta against the metric system. As easy as the metric system may be, it's a lot harder to use a different system than almost everything around you.


Fritzschmied t1_jadhg7v wrote

That is true ant that is most likely the reason the us will never switch. It’s just not possible to change everything at the same time and if you don’t do that it won’t happen. It’s sadly just to common in the country to switch to anything else.


Orcacub t1_jab8v0j wrote

Doooh! That’s why my house is crooked!


AuldGamerDad2 t1_jae7sp2 wrote

The marks are all there but the indentation is wrong. There are still 16/16ths


RyansBooze t1_jaelfii wrote

Fake. I ran the image through Photoshop, contrasted the hell out of it and there’s artifacting around the correct 1/2” point and the wrong one.


ITCM4 t1_jabcp7z wrote

Ahhh, who can count that high anyway?


FartyMcGee__ t1_jabn83n wrote

Stanley was drunk again. Playing cards with the boys.


Picolete t1_jadgmkd wrote

No it isnt, the 8 line is placed on the 10, but still 16/16


ElleRisalo t1_jae3lvy wrote

The marks are all there, they just in the wrong spot.

The half inch line is where 5/8ths should be, and 5/8ths is where the half inch line should be.

There are still 16 segments. So your markings will be correct if you pay attention...but that's the point of the markings.. It's so you don't have to count in 16ths.


vibrant_crab t1_jab9tye wrote

Damn. I guess mistakes happen, I hope you got your money back. Or a new tape measure.


figsslave t1_jac3p5p wrote

Nah,it’s got 16 itty bitty marks,just ignore the misplaced long mark and get back to work!


gdtimmy t1_jacl38i wrote

Oh Stanley!


AmandaBRecondwith t1_jad7ugj wrote

Ink from the arrowhead limits the longer hash. Still 16/16ths. Nothing missing here, move along folks.


Garaba t1_jadl8pd wrote

This is why I always insist on using the same measuring tools to make the measure and to make the cut


soma787 t1_jadqg9g wrote

Nothing is missing but it is an eighth too far for the half inch marking


[deleted] t1_jab6xpi wrote



Jay_Ray OP t1_jab7ipd wrote

At least your cuts will be slightly bigger.


Normal_Historian5848 t1_jabbao1 wrote

Man if you were high when you noticed this. This would be a trip ha


McDuschvorhang t1_jabzg5e wrote

I thought to myself: Wait... there are ten millimeters to make it from 24 to 24.5 and another 6 millimeters to make it from 24.5 to 25...


Alveck93 t1_jac3tt2 wrote

Looks like the "middle" notch got swapped with the one two to its left.


Samceleste t1_jaccz22 wrote

Can we have a picture of the 12 inch, 1foot mark please? I am curious to see if there is the same mistake here.


craveass1 t1_jachmvq wrote

I’m a union laborer in Southern California and I refuse to buy Stanley global made tools or any tool for that matter that is not made in the USA. Same goes for work boots, always buy made in USA (Matterhorn). US tape is usually my go to when replacing a lost or damaged tape measure.


haltline t1_jackjol wrote

Measure twice, cut once. When it doesn't fit swear to god you marked off 24 1/2 inches.


sadtastic t1_jacmyqk wrote

It’s called shrinkflation.


tommy0guns t1_jacqxle wrote

This is a manufacturing stutter. Good ole Stuttering Stanley


swiftgruve t1_jacrzif wrote

"You had one job Nick!"


imjustsayin314 t1_jacskiu wrote

What’s a few fractions of an inch between friends?


Knooze t1_jacsmpu wrote

Measure twice, cut once?


SaltySwallows t1_jacuff9 wrote

I have been to the factory and I am not sure how it would happen. I wasn't involved in the process, I worked on razor blades and Environmental.


phinbar t1_jacuhfo wrote

Stanley, they want to help you do things, right?


vettehp t1_jacv6kn wrote

Collectors item in about 100 years


Wjyosn t1_jacxbv0 wrote

They're all there, the tall one is just off center.


RealCoolDad t1_jacypcn wrote

I don’t understand, this 24.5 inch desk should fit through the door…


Reasonable-Word6729 t1_jaczy1q wrote

‘mark the RED numbers’ …so are there red numbers 16”oc. only Stanley does this.


Stan_Archton t1_jad4ry2 wrote

Think of the material you'll save.


johnmarkfoley t1_jad5wq5 wrote

maybe 24 5/8" is a significant number somehow.


acidrain69 t1_jadbqmi wrote

Scratch off the bad half mark. Scratch a channel where it should be and fill it with some black nail polish from the dollar store.


Bigpoppah1 t1_jadct11 wrote

This could explain my poor carpentry skills


[deleted] t1_jadjpes wrote

its not missing marks, but they are in the wrong position.. there are still 8x 1/4 inches just like every other line but the half inch mark is not aligned properly


arthor t1_jadl45r wrote

shrinkflation is killin us


boot2skull t1_jadlbuu wrote

Looks like a mistake that should have been sent to the slap bracelet factory.


BeegPahpi t1_jadmk65 wrote

Do you realize how many guys are now pulling out their tape measures and inspecting them?!?


kelsasaurus t1_jadnl65 wrote

Sharpie some new lines on this thing and it could ease your mind


tacodepollo t1_jadoa8w wrote

Maybe just telling the user which is the long side of the tape.


brojangles88 t1_jadpfff wrote

Reminds me of chinese tape measure, five guys on the work site had five diffrent measures of units on the tape measure...


mkul316 t1_jads3gc wrote

No it isn't. Did you count them? It has the same number and it's still an inch. I guess it is a test. One that you failed.


_babycheeses t1_jadsvyp wrote

That’s a Stunley tape measure


Wezzleey t1_jadtotk wrote

Looks like they're off 1/8".

I've gone through countless tape measures, but I have yet to find any of these in the wild.


coolredjoe t1_jadu26u wrote

As a european, why are there 16 lines in between 25 cm and 26


coren77 t1_jadvhfk wrote

Inches (2.54cm) are measured not in base 10, but in halves/quarters/eights/etc. I agree it's a dumb system.


darw1nf1sh t1_jae0gon wrote

That is the leap inch.


Bellyjax123 t1_jae1d7p wrote

Stanley used to make real good stuff, now I wouldn`t waste my money on their shit...


July251964 t1_jae28vt wrote

Might explain why my projects look like a fun house!


Dr-gizmo t1_jae60ws wrote

It is in Metrinch


greed-man t1_jae6f6w wrote

"You had ONE job...."


HolmesMalone t1_jaesb0x wrote

I wanted my d*ck to look bigger.


-WeirGrateful t1_jaexc0y wrote

No it's not. Just put the half mark on the wrong spot.


thethunder92 t1_jaezax3 wrote

I bought a Rona brand one once and it was very inaccurate because the metal end would move about a 1/2” when you measured things, I returned it and looked at the other ones and they were all like that. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Pushnikov t1_jaf2v7u wrote


thethunder92 t1_jaf30ys wrote

I can’t load the video

Edit: got it to load. I’m aware of how a tape measurer works I’ve been a plumber for 10 years, the metal is only 1/16” thick not a half inch it was messing up all my measurements lol