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JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9ydy64 wrote

It seems like they are taunting Russia. I don't see how this will accomplish anything positive.


ForkingHumanoids t1_j9yhvpl wrote

Fuck russia. Taunt them with another destroyed tank pointing directly to their windows.


JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9zr2et wrote

I guess I just don't really see much of a difference between what Russia is doing and what the US did in the Middle East...


JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9yowk2 wrote

And what's the point of that?


ForkingHumanoids t1_j9yp3n7 wrote

Freedom of speech. You truly are a contrarian aren't you?


JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9yqm38 wrote

I guess Russia views the invasion as then expressing their freedom of speech


JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9yprgs wrote

Lol it's freedom of speech to do this? Wow


BuhamutZeo t1_j9z47vq wrote

...Yes. It literally is. Have you been without it for so long in your life that you don't even recognize it anymore? Did you ever?


JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9zqx0o wrote

When the USA invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, did you chear on Saddam or the Taliban?


BuhamutZeo t1_j9ztiuu wrote

Nope, but I bet quite a few Russians did.


JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9zu1sy wrote

Oh, so you're a hypocrite lmao


BuhamutZeo t1_j9zu90s wrote

Your logic is fucking bullet proof.


vrenak t1_j9yiisd wrote

As if that's going to feel like a threat...


C0l0n3l_Panic t1_j9yp987 wrote

Yes because trying to appease Russia has worked so well so far. /s


JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9ypnlq wrote

So it's appeasing Russia to not taunt them? Interesting position.


C0l0n3l_Panic t1_j9z1501 wrote

Ukraine didn’t join NATO before and gave up the nuclear weapons they had from the USSR with the agreement Russia wouldn’t invade their sovereignty. It’s happened twice. Maybe do some research first.