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JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9yprgs wrote

Lol it's freedom of speech to do this? Wow


BuhamutZeo t1_j9z47vq wrote

...Yes. It literally is. Have you been without it for so long in your life that you don't even recognize it anymore? Did you ever?


JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9zqx0o wrote

When the USA invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, did you chear on Saddam or the Taliban?


BuhamutZeo t1_j9ztiuu wrote

Nope, but I bet quite a few Russians did.


JohnathonLongbottom t1_j9zu1sy wrote

Oh, so you're a hypocrite lmao


BuhamutZeo t1_j9zu90s wrote

Your logic is fucking bullet proof.