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martusfine t1_jad0l0c wrote

What’s up with your fingers? Your ring finger looks…… interesting. You have an interesting left hand, too.


majozaur OP t1_jad4xhi wrote

I added some additional light to the painting to make it more similar to original, the photo made ot darker


krillmonger t1_jaehtjd wrote

That is so cool, love it. Good work OP.


uburoy t1_jael1y1 wrote

A collection of sights in New York in that style would be brilliant. Native here, really love what you created.


majozaur OP t1_jaest0k wrote

thank you, I've already painted a few from there:3


hwei8 t1_jadbmho wrote

Damn your painting is glowing.


PM_me_Jazz t1_jaeuw50 wrote

This looks fake. Seems like OP photoshopped a painting on a blank piece of paper. The piece of paper is curved, but the painting on it is not. This is most apparent on the right side edge of the painting. The lighting is inconsistent between the painting and the fingers. Oh, and speaking of fingers, those right hand fingers are ROUGH on the edges.

But OP's user page seems legit, u/majozaur did you just photoshop your own art on a blank piece of paper?


majozaur OP t1_jaey0kd wrote

nope, changed the lighting of it to match original more


PM_me_Jazz t1_jaf0xr7 wrote

Huh. Well, i don't really have a reason to not believe you, this just looked really fucky. Mb, have a good one.