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Nison545 t1_ja6sgfy wrote

It's not really months, especially this winter, which has been mild as hell. We've had like, three storms this season, and the heavy snow stays for one to two weeks typically.

We just like to bitch about it but it's manageable lol.


Rinaldi363 t1_ja6t613 wrote

I live in Edmonton so speak for yourself lol


Mobile-Control t1_ja6uvy7 wrote

Calgary here. Jan and Feb has been meh. Oct, Nov and Dec were unusually nice though


Tarogato t1_ja7wk4x wrote

I see around 20 or more snow layers ... you get at least 20 discrete snowfalls in a couple weeks? I would have guessed over a month to get this many layers.


Nison545 t1_ja7xh17 wrote

Probably not 20 individual snowfalls, but 20 days of heating up during the day and refreezing at night. Also 20 days of snowplows and cars passing and splashing slush on top of the pile.