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pichael288 t1_j9k576y wrote

I live near the one in Kentucky that that cult built. They also have a "museum" and it seems like it's going to be funny but you see people with large groups of kids there learning how we used to ride dinosaurs into battle. It's really sad when you think about it


wish1977 t1_j9k97qb wrote

Religion promotes lazy thinking that creates people like Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene.


Joseluki t1_j9kek40 wrote

I am completely against all religions. But I think is mostly an american problem, because I was raised catholic and attended a catholic school in the EU and we were taught evolution, and proper science and history.


wish1977 t1_j9kpg7n wrote

Catholics believe in evolution too but they also believe in Noah's Ark and as long you believe the unbelievable that's lazy thinking. All these crazy bible stories should be questioned instead of being accepted like they're a fact. This is the same way Trump's voters accepted his lies like they were the gospel. It's scary because it's very similar thinking in both cases.


Gozer_1891 t1_j9ksoat wrote

me too, EU and Catholic school, as a kid I've always wondered why they told us two different stories, and why the religion teachers were not ashamed of them selves, didn't they know we were learning actual science? this way very soon you learn to lie to everyone.

edit: every effin time I think about that, Orwellian double thinking pops out in my head.


Ralphinader t1_j9ljv5f wrote

Raised catholic and attended a catholic school in the us and we were taught evolution, proper science, and most history and even other religions

These are evangelical Christians. They do not worship the same Jesus as you were raised to worship. They believe in prosperity gospel and they hate catholics.

The catholic church in the us is hateful, abusive, and corrupt to be sure.


Tenalp t1_j9ob939 wrote

It's not really a mostly American problem when there are women being beaten for not wearing head wraps.


the_red_scimitar t1_j9k0i4v wrote

As kid I lived in a residential area of Southern california, and in the neighborhood there was a house, with a tall-fenced backyard, but large enough to easily be seen over the fence was a huge concrete boat, that must have been built in that backyard. It was there for the entire 19 years I lived there.


backcountrydrifter t1_j9kjwj0 wrote

Jokes on him. God isn’t using a flood this time around he is using greed.

Nice boat though. Oligarchs get yachts. Apostles get arks apparently.


Ralphinader t1_j9lk7v4 wrote

Great point. The rainbow is gods sign of his promise never to destroy the earth with floods. Gays use the rainbow. Christians hate gays and destroy the rainbow with Jewish space lasers. God floods the planet. Christians survive with ark. 4d chess



eaglescout1984 OP t1_j9ojh5c wrote

Well, a CGI version of this ark did encounter a flood, caused by a greedy politician who cut corners in dam construction.


tyler1128 t1_j9mbn36 wrote

I'd love an explanation how thousands upon thousands of animals, many who want to eat each other, can fit.


Tenalp t1_j9obsml wrote

Growing up in a church that had a little more critical thinking skills (at the time), it was explained that they only needed a pair of each animal's common ancestor. Such as, they didn't need a pair of every feline, just a pair of felines, and genetic diversity and mutation would lead to the many species that we have today.

Not a ton better, but it helps that they put some level of thought into it, I guess.


eaglescout1984 OP t1_j9oj812 wrote

Pretty sure most of the animals in this ark were CGI, or filmed on a green screen.


PM_ur_labia_piercing t1_j9mks01 wrote

Surprised it’s not from the set of Evan Almighty when Evan Baxter (Steve Carrell) literally builds an ark


PCVictim100 t1_j9kkpip wrote

Does not at all resemble the ark described in the Bible.