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baconsword420 t1_j9p0d8d wrote

They probably don’t have enough money to rent the apartment would be my guess.


MutterderKartoffel t1_j9p3hsx wrote

<woosh> yes. That's exactly what's happening. The problem in the US is that there are more than enough living spaces for every single person to have a home, but universal housing isn't considered a human rite. And people with plenty of money go around buying up land and property to rent out at rates beyond what average Americans can afford. It's disgusting is what it is.


JonstheSquire t1_j9q74eo wrote

The issue is that most of the unoccupied housing is in places where the people aren't located like rural areas or de-industrialized towns.


roadfood t1_j9r2rqx wrote

Shhhh - don't let the facts intrude.


Early_Lab9079 t1_j9psnmo wrote

If they can't rent it out they would have to lower the price.


Freethecrafts t1_j9qe8e3 wrote

Not necessarily. There are huge chunks of housing that are held by investment firms as either collateral or long term investments. Lowering the asking price means notifying brokers who might immediately require fees and leveling payments. Not renting below stipulations is better for them at that point.


Early_Lab9079 t1_j9qfzc3 wrote

Thats how private property works I guess. If they want a higher price that's their right. If they want the buildings to just stay there, well, that's their right as well.


Freethecrafts t1_j9qgppt wrote

It’s how mortgage investments work now. It’s fine until you look under the covers and realize the infinite liquidity of the Fed feeding into the system is what is facilitating keeping houses empty. Then the investment people write off asset depreciation and lost rent on their tax forms.


Early_Lab9079 t1_j9qi5kh wrote

You're not going to tell me there is a loop hole for the rich people right?!? That the system makes rich people richer and the poor poorer?? That can't be true.. Oh boy.. Someone should do something. But not me, I return some videotapes.


4scoreandten t1_j9r13na wrote

Not all are 'forced' and some of the evicted were because of drugs, loudness, arguing, not keeping their place clean. When an owner puts huge amounts of money into even a small place, they want to realize decent profit for themselves. Not sink all profit back into repairs. They want it to try and be pleasant for ALL the tenants. Now, that being said, you can please ALL the people SOME of the time, or SOME of the people ALL the time but you will NEVER, EVER, please ALL the people ALL the time. We owned a 12 unit building. Fantastic people all the time we owned it but for a pair of male foreign students. The 5 years we owned it, we NEVER raised the rent unless a unit emptied, then it was raised to current value. When we sold it, we still had tenants that were paying $120 for a 1 bedroom/balcony & $220 for a 2 bedroom. Yes, they had the old 'harvest gold' or 'avocado green' appliances that still worked and matching carpets.


PothierM t1_j9ryp3f wrote

There are places where they "house" the homeless.

You want to spend as little time as possible near those places.


Riptide360 t1_j9ozu2m wrote

In China they were blowing up unfinished apartments because of a property market crisis.


JonstheSquire t1_j9q7b3x wrote

They have way too much housing in China. They totally overbuilt and their population is declining. In the US we under built while population increased.


mtsai t1_j9slsnx wrote

us population is barely growing at the last census reading.


JonstheSquire t1_j9tz548 wrote

It increased by 22.7 million people between 2010 and 2020.


glonq t1_j9r3cia wrote

I hate that hyperbole is ubiquitous nowadays. I'd be onboard if they didn't describe homelessness as "forced".


bd_one t1_j9rb1nr wrote

Clearly they need to build even more apartment buildings.


JakeG689 t1_j9rs79u wrote

Gotta work to sleep in dem buildings


varnecr t1_j9pf3ls wrote

So many will view this post and wonder if this is art in their city. I know I did.


SadMacaroon9897 t1_j9qn7z0 wrote

It's odd how poverty follows progress. We're more productive than ever before and yet rents are also higher than they've ever been. Someone should write a book about its causes and how to address it....


Senior_Physics_5030 t1_j9rjgqj wrote

Cause all that’s being built is luxury apartments that nobody can afford to live in.


cavanarchy t1_j9phyxs wrote

I know the short answer to why/how supply and demand does not effect housing is greed but just wtf?


SadMacaroon9897 t1_j9qo34u wrote

Supply and demand definitely does impact housing prices. A 5bed/3 bath in the middle of nowhere is practically worthless. But if it's in the middle of Manhattan, it would be one of the most expensive houses in the US. The supply of land within cities is fixed but the demand is ever-increasing.


BuckyDuster t1_j9qf7k5 wrote

The biggest irony is the juxtaposition of all the homeless people and also vacant houses. It’s about money. Money building housing. Money trying to sell housing, and the lack of money for some people.


RealityCheck831 t1_j9ql0x4 wrote

If you had an empty house, would you move street homeless people into it, then pay to fix all the damage done?


BuckyDuster t1_j9t01dw wrote

No, I would not. I understand that people do not appreciate what is given to them freely, they only appreciate what they work for. But it is still ironic that there are many empty houses and many homeless people.


MutterderKartoffel t1_j9p40bw wrote

I appreciate this. The comments here are disheartening. This isn't a beautiful piece of art. It is a meaningful piece, with a message that SHOULD be plastered on every new overpriced apartment building.


LeatherHog t1_j9qnhdy wrote

So, how many homeless people are you currently housing right now?


MutterderKartoffel t1_j9quw9c wrote

First of all, they wouldn't be homeless if I were housing them. Second of all, it's not every individual's responsibility to share their home in order to support housing the homeless. There are people who refuse to allow life income housing in their neighborhood because it would supposedly bring crime or lower their property values. That's the shit attitude that we can overcome. I would be happy if my town housed our homeless anywhere they could find for them and put it in my taxes. I believe that housing should be a human right. Plus, there are towns and cities around the country making it harder and harder to be homeless and not commit a crime just by existing homeless, but won't create any social safety nets for them. Why tf am I being voted down for caring about other human beings? Empathy. It's disappearing.


zedsamcat t1_j9qexch wrote

Y'know no one is forcing you to live there

Also what is "overpriced?"


roadfood t1_j9r3d7l wrote

I've always asked what does "affordable" mean.