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debaser64 t1_j9w5fhf wrote

You idiots! You captured their stunt doubles!


GDPisnotsustainable t1_j9vyp6f wrote

PROOF! I knew you didn’t need to kill horses if it broke its leg.


SeiCalros t1_j9wpmas wrote

depends on how much money you have and how important the horse is

horse biology does not tend itself to fixing broken legs - wild horses simply do not survive broken legs and even with modern medical care the leg never really gets fixed - it will heal a bit and then break again in the same spot


in the past ten years or so weve developed some treatments for minor fractures that work pretty good


MedicalJargon-itis t1_j9wrztz wrote

>in the past ten years or so weve developed some treatments for minor fractures that work pretty good

I think I saw one of those treatments in action once! Her name was Eight Bells, right?


shigeyasu t1_j9wnt2i wrote

The horse does not move AT ALL in one of the longer shots of Ep.6 … I guess somebody was supposed to have done some CG ear flicks or tail twitches but didn’t get around to it. Maybe they just thought nobody would notice? But obviously it was just the stunt horse.


Jacaxagain t1_j9vuy8t wrote

So that's how they horse around on set


Alextryingforgrate t1_j9w02tz wrote

This is the stuff that makes me want to get into film to be able to build these sorts of rigs. Also maybe acting.


Gorio1961 t1_j9w47e6 wrote

I'll never see another Western without this in the back of my mind.


davethemacguy t1_j9wedgu wrote

So weird to recognize exactly where that photo was taken


jumbo_shrimp2312 t1_j9xyc5l wrote

I was there today! It was wild when they were filming this. Told us we couldn’t take photos and had to walk around the property to get to certain buildings. There were props outside the buildings for a few days afterwards too. My friend got to interview Pedro accidentally. He just wanted to talk to some of the production team and Pedro ended up coming to talk to him. He showed me some photos he snagged of the inside of the main building which was the hospital scene in last episode. I was shocked at how dirty it was in the photos and then going back after the weekend being impressed at how clean and normal it looked inside. Very cool stuff


plastictigers t1_j9w8uv2 wrote

My local bar has one of those big whoop


Koffeekage t1_j9wjblw wrote

Wow how far in the future does this show take place to have cyborg horses like this?


vonvoltage t1_j9wmyhc wrote

They named it after a bulk carrier (one of the largest ships in the world at the time) that sank off the coast of Japan in a typhoon. It was carrying almost 100 thousand tons of iron ore from the mine I worked at for 10 years.

Or maybe just a place in England.

Don't mind me.


littlefacemcgoo t1_j9xbqzz wrote

The bridle is positioned over its eye ball...


Jitterbitten t1_j9xazcv wrote

Is this really less expensive than using a real horse?