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sakecat t1_jegtlgk wrote

OP That year is way wrong. That pic is from 1955


Herebycommune57 t1_jegt4n9 wrote

Adjusted for inflation, their burgers would now be worth around $2.70


codece t1_jegyw3s wrote

More like $1.69 -- the photo is from 1955, not 1937.


Clunkyboots22 t1_jeh32w4 wrote

In 1937 a dollar was worth about $20 today, so 15 cents would be about $3 .


7th-Street t1_jegy2pw wrote

The first McDonald's opened in 1940. This picture is from the 1950s.


unbeatenbusker400 t1_jegtuhb wrote

Great pic! Just watched the founder for the first time. If you'ven't seen it I highly recommend giving it a view. It is on Netflix.


artisticdetector336 t1_jegukc9 wrote

You know what was down the street? Taco Bell.. But it was not taco bell yet. They served burgers, and got their ass kicked by the McDonald's. It was after said ass kicking that the business pivoted and began serving tacos.


tehmlem t1_jeguotk wrote

They say tacos are just the hotdogs of hamburgers


0Simyon0 t1_jegvurl wrote

And yet their hamburgers were already famous, crazy to think about