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Odin4456 t1_jdfkyz1 wrote

350 degrees, 12-15 minutes in the oven. Put it on parchment paper. Makes perfect bacon every time. May need oven at 375 depending on oven


ImprobableValue t1_jdfqct7 wrote

I prefer starting with a cold oven, cooking at a higher temp (400º F), and cooking for a slightly longer time (around 17 minutes with my oven).

Starting with a cold oven renders the fat more slowly, and in my experience, leads to more even cooking.


Doggleganger t1_jdfyjnj wrote

This is also great because all the bacon is ready at once. When you cook in a pan, when the last batch is ready, the first is cold.


kzlife76 t1_jdg655v wrote

And that's why I eat half the bacon while I'm cooking it. Lol

Oven is the way to go.


the-denver-nugs t1_jdjgjo9 wrote

lol yeah, i'm single with no kids. cooking bacon is the meal, just continue to eat as you go. last batch there are 5 strips left. I do use the oven if i'm making sausage, bacon, egg and cheese biscuits tho.


jimni_walker t1_jdhfpo3 wrote

Turn your oven on to the lowest temperature. Place an oven safe plate or pan inside lined with a paper towel or parchment. As you finish the bacon transfer to oven. You can also keep other food items like toast or eggs warm as well and having a warm plate to put toast on stops toast sweat.


AppleTree98 t1_jdi8zcx wrote

oven bacon for the WIN. I love using the oven for bacon for multiple reasons. 1) less mess 2) all the slices are at the same temp 3) bacon


SheeScan t1_jdgcm07 wrote

I bake the whole pound and put in the freezer to have when I want,


Risethewake t1_jdh6nph wrote

Wait. You’re not supposed to eat it all at once?


newjackcity0987 t1_jdhg4l2 wrote

Dont listen to that scrub. He posts rookie numbers and you are an old blood veteran. Show this person how its really done!


jones5280 t1_jdhswp8 wrote

> Starting with a cold oven renders the fat more slowly

seems to be less spatter too... might be anecdotal though


thesteveurkel t1_jdg8arx wrote


morganamp t1_jdhovsi wrote

ha that article says 1-2 tablespoons yet has a picture of someone pouring a full cup into the pan.....brilliant


thesteveurkel t1_jdhpvxh wrote

i personally use ~ a quarter cup on my sheet pan in the oven


Odin4456 t1_jdjmmo5 wrote

Exactly! Cold oven starts are the way to go. Unless you’re super bougie and have a industrial convection oven in your house


itsme99881 t1_jdgflz0 wrote

I'm genuinely confused isn't every oven a cold oven before preheating?


El-Grunto t1_jdgl1lg wrote

They put the bacon in when the oven is still cold instead of waiting for it to preheat.


itsme99881 t1_jdgr11f wrote

Interesting I never thought it would have an effect on cooking

Edit: thanks for downvoting for trying to learn


OptionalFTW t1_jdhgxa2 wrote

It's like putting potatoes in cold water and turning the heat on and not straight into boiling water. They cook more evenly instead of overcooked outside and raw inside.

Bacon, it allows the fat time to render before it gets blasted and crispy.


itsme99881 t1_jdjlnr8 wrote

Interesting I'll have to give this a try next time, thanks for the info!


delirio91 t1_jdfqo7z wrote

This! I start all my food in a cold oven as well. Never wait for the preheat cycle. I don't like the sudden change in temperature. Feel like it 'shocks' the food and makes a bit tough.


Cladari t1_jdhjs7n wrote

Pre heating became a thing when people started blindly following recipes instead of learn to cook by feel. Pre heating makes timing easier because if the recipe calls for 20 minutes at 350 you can start the timer as soon as you put your food in the oven. If you don't preheat you have to watch it closely and learn to tell when it's done.


FunkDaddy t1_jdfqq6q wrote

Baking is the way to go

I do 400 starting in a cold oven. Bacon on a cooling rack on a rimmed baking sheet. once it comes up to temp, cook until bacon fat is foaming.


NecroJoe t1_jdh3pkh wrote

I used to use a rack every time, but in my oven, it takes nearly twice as long, and you have to pay much more attention to flipping and rotating individual strips around the pan to get it all even. Straight on parchment, I think I switched around a couple of pieces once, and got great results.


Odin4456 t1_jdjmgum wrote

I forgot to add that in. Everything I cook in the oven always goes in cold and cooks as it’s preheating. I’ve been doing that since I was in middle school lol.


mrhorse77 t1_jdfqyvu wrote

I do 400 for about 17mins total, turn them halfway. always use foil.

I also get thick cut bacon, the thin stuff take way less time/heat.


Odin4456 t1_jdfuu8i wrote

No foil, parchment paper. Easier to clean, bacon doesn’t cook to the foil, and the grease can be easily poured into a jar to keep for other uses


mrhorse77 t1_jdg4yqx wrote

I only have issues with bacon sticking to foil if I get crappy bacon, which I dont really buy.


gt4rc t1_jdg6vry wrote

Not an issue with parchment paper


Odin4456 t1_jdjlueo wrote

Exactly. I’ve yet to experiment with wrapping it in foil, but I like cooking by eye. And when I can’t see it I get nervous lol


gt4rc t1_jdkvuqu wrote

Yeah, not all bacon cooks the same. I need to figure out how to do it in the air fryer.


rad0909 t1_jdfuv8f wrote

Oven bacon is very effective and efficient but the best bacon Ive made is super slow cooked in a thick cast iron skillet. Cant be in a rush though.


Odin4456 t1_jdfvdcq wrote

I’m about easy, consistent and as little cleanup/mess as possible. I used to cook 8 sheet trays of bacon a morning for breakfast and oven bacon is the way for me at home now. Lol you can always go the easiest route and microwave the sumbitches. You’d be pleasantly surprised how well it turns out. Only problem is you can only cook a few at a time


tacknosaddle t1_jdfxy3f wrote

>as little cleanup/mess as possible

When the pan cools a bit but the bacon fat is still liquid throw a handful of oatmeal into the pan and get it all coated in that fat to remove most of it. Then throw it out in the yard for the birds and squirrels to get a bit of a high calorie treat. After that the pan cleanup is nothing.


Odin4456 t1_jdg0hnn wrote

Or you save it in a mason jar and make stove top popcorn with it. Or use it to deep fry homemade French fries


philthebrewer t1_jdg4cg2 wrote

I sop it with a paper towel, then put the paper towel in a jar in the fridge. Instant grill greasers.


tacknosaddle t1_jdg4bnu wrote

Yeah, you can also use it to brown meat and vegetables when starting a braising dish. When they said they were looking for as little cleanup/mess as possible I figured they probably weren't the type to save it for stuff like that which is why I made that suggestion.

I'm the type that buys slabs of pork belly and makes my own so am definitely down with saving it for other use. I always get the skin on belly because a few squares of that skin is a great way to add a bit of fat & some smoke flavor to a soup or stew.


Odin4456 t1_jdjkqyx wrote

Lol it was me. I can make good bacon in a cast iron or on a range top as well, but the time/effort/mess of that method isn’t usually something I’ve got time for. I also use it when I make sausage gravy to make my roux in the pot. Brown up the sausage, put some bacon fat in there and mix the flour in to a dough ball. Then I add my cream to proper consistency and taste


the-denver-nugs t1_jdjh53g wrote

or just use aluminum foil and throw it away when your done?


tacknosaddle t1_jdjndfv wrote

You'd just throw perfectly good smoked pork fat in the trash?

For shame...for shame....


the-denver-nugs t1_jdjnzwf wrote

I'm single, not someone holding house parties smoking a whole pig lol.


tacknosaddle t1_jdjvvgm wrote

Bacon is cured smoked pork belly, there's no smoking a whole pig required (though store bought bacon is usually just pork belly injected with smoke flavored salt water).


OptionalFTW t1_jdhhbjy wrote

Just can't make enough. 3-4 slices at a time. Not worth it lol


Odin4456 t1_jdjlopn wrote

Exactly! It is the best most intimate way to make bacon, but takes hours to make enough lol


Zerowantuthri t1_jdg6jim wrote

Try adding some water. Not a lot but enough to just cover the bacon.

As the water boils it renders the fat. You let the water boil off and the bacon fat is left behind which then fries your bacon.


HotSalsaAssFire t1_jdfq9jm wrote

What kind does it make? Crispy or floppy?


Narcotique t1_jdg3we1 wrote

Depends on the bacon and how long you leave it in. I’ve had it come out crispy or kind of in between crispy/pleasantly chewy if it’s a thicker cut.


Odin4456 t1_jdjm5yp wrote

Depends on how long you cook it and that’s why I said 12-15 for perfect bacon. I like mine mid way, not crunchy but not overly chewy


suckercuck t1_jdghb0d wrote

I use the same method of parchment paper and oven tray (365 for 22 minutes in my weird oven). Perfection.


Odin4456 t1_jdjllnb wrote

Exactly! Much like cooking you gotta find what your oven likes. I’ve used some that say they’re 375 but they’re way hotter than that and the recommended times turn my food into hockey pucks. Also had some that say they’re 375 and I need to add another 15 minutes to it to complete. Once you find the sweet spot it is heaven on earth


Odin4456 t1_jdjmc2x wrote

Lmao have you ever tried cooking the bacon in the microwave?


suckercuck t1_jdjmrp0 wrote

No, about the only thing I use the microwave for is the timer ⏲️ when I’m cooking multiple dishes on the stove and in the oven/bbq😆

Does it work? I picture rubbery bacon


Odin4456 t1_jdjne1i wrote

It does work, it is either super crispy or super rubbery. Haven’t taken the time to find the sweet spot. Doesn’t make as much as the oven so I don’t mess with it too much lol. You can cook steak and baked potatoes in the microwave as well

Edit: and by steak I mean cook just enough to finish with a sear in the cast iron when it’s done. I don’t hardly use this method unless it’s freeze your balls off cold in the winter and I really want a steak

Edit 2: freeze your balls off cold for me is -10F and colder with a 10-20 mph wind


suckercuck t1_jdjs6ku wrote

My brother, get yourself a decent cast iron pan and never look back. I only cook steak in a cast iron pan, on the grill outside, (or sometimes in a cast iron pan on the grill outside)😆

I joined the steak subreddit and the cast iron subreddit and enjoy the pictures and the tips and tricks given there.

Cast iron steak!🤌 🥩 😋


Odin4456 t1_jdk2lkh wrote

I do have a pretty good cast-iron pan. But I’m not a huge fan of using it to cook my steaks mainly for the cleanup factor involved lol


suckercuck t1_jdk33tm wrote

I hear you. I usually wipe it out after with a paper towel then I use dish soap and a nylon brush after a little soak.

Re-season with heat and oil and viola!

It was nice chatting with you today. Cheers 🍻


salted_sclera t1_jdghrft wrote

How to prevent grease popping and splattering all over the oven though? Please advise!


Odin4456 t1_jdjlcsc wrote

I don’t usually have too much of an issue with it, but I like messy ovens lol. You could move a rack above the center one and put another sheet tray above, but that’s more cleaning. Could lay a sheet of saran wrap over top of the bacon but then you would have to worry about it potentially sticking to the bacon.

But honestly I don’t notice a ton of grease popping when it cooks on the sheet tray with the parchment paper.


Treehaus_user t1_jdjlxnd wrote

Firstly, start with a cold oven and adjust the timing based off the thickness of the bacon. Secondly parchement is great but a good bacon rack is amazing for saving the bacon grease.


Odin4456 t1_jdjn7nm wrote

I agree. I should edit the comment to say put it in a cold oven then cook it while preheating. Lol I ain’t got the time for a bacon rack and cleaning corners


Gloomheart t1_jdfn3ap wrote

How can something be called "perfect" with a 3 minute variable?


jayleetx t1_jdfo4cm wrote

The result, not the prep. Everyone’s oven is different.


Odin4456 t1_jdfupq4 wrote

Your perfect in your oven might be 12 minutes. My perfect in your oven might be 14. I don’t know your preference but that’s a good range to be in


AskMeForADadJoke t1_jdfiabu wrote

The thing people forget about bacon is that it continues to cook after you take it out. So many people burn it because of this.

Beautiful work.


Ween_ween t1_jdfjfum wrote

I like it burnt. Out of a rasher I like to have several different degrees of cookedness but this is nice uniformity


Connectikatie t1_jdfkpb9 wrote

Same. There’s something amazing about bacon that’s just a little black.


the-denver-nugs t1_jdjhbel wrote

it really depends what your using the bacon for. hard slightly burnt bacon is better for sandwiches or biscuits. softer bacon for eating with eggs.


Milly_man t1_jdh1xvn wrote

I wish Americans were more exposed to back bacon. Real, thick, chunky bacon. None of this 95% fat strips.


Funksultan t1_jdhlbj6 wrote

We've been exposed. We've made our choice. Nobody is forming a line for back bacon.


I_Eat_Mom_Dick t1_jdjetz0 wrote

Motherfucker speak for yourself, I'd buy that shit if my grocery store ever had it.


wbbigdave t1_jdhpi4d wrote

Classic American bacon, could be used as a tactical shrapnel replacement in a pinch.


Boozdeuvash t1_jdlnwdt wrote

Bro there's different parts and grades of the belly bacon, and the good ones are less than 20% fat. Get better bacon!


DaClems t1_jdfnv0b wrote

Nice. But also it's not that difficult, what have you BEEN doing before this?


the-denver-nugs t1_jdjhj7v wrote

honestly why the fuck is this upvoted? it's fucking bacon which is great but can nobody here cook? honestly it looks too crisp.


DaClems t1_jdji0mw wrote

The bar of mediocrity that slips lower every day on social media is an open challenge of God's love.


BeenThruIt t1_jdh6gk0 wrote

I like mine still oinking.


gofatwya t1_jdfjhct wrote

Yes. Yes you did.


spunkenhimer t1_jdh5yqd wrote

All bacon is perfect. We don't discriminate here.


MrCat_fancier t1_jdfisfu wrote

I can practically taste it, sooo yummy


Abby_the_dragon t1_jdfrlzp wrote

I have this weird thing where if I focus on a kind of food after focusing on what my mouth currently tastes like I can taste that specific food SWEET MELTY MEATY BACONI CRUNCH


MrCat_fancier t1_jdi6mia wrote

Food memory is weird and long lasting, if I concentrate, I can remember the taste of a particular flavor of ice cream I had 40+ years ago. Chestnut, I think.


Otherwise_Carob_4057 t1_jdfj3nt wrote

I try to do slightly less done than this since I’m usually recooking my bacon but superb job.


mysteriouscrater t1_jdfk2ek wrote

This is the kind of bacon that only comes along once in a generation (week), cherish it!!!


DWright_5 t1_jdflovz wrote

Wish I ate breakfast at your house. That’s 14 slices of bacon. Is there any left?


HeyJoe459 t1_jdflspo wrote

Fucking nailed it. How, you tease?!


I_Want_In_Too t1_jdfm62c wrote

Is the perfect bacon, eaten or uneaten?


Penguinase t1_jdfmgvw wrote

well OP how the fuck did you cook it?


dfreinc t1_jdfmh19 wrote

pretty solid bacon 🙌


Lavatis t1_jdfpuoj wrote

that's just bacon man. all bacon is perfect.


waysafe t1_jdfrj75 wrote

Oven method definitely works, I do preheat 400 degrees and 10 to 12 minutes depending on the bacon; different cuts in same brand cook differently. I look for bacon with long straight lines, don't care about fat, I just want to see lean and fat in a straight line.


charlie2135 t1_jdfv0mb wrote

Just learned to add a couple of tablespoons of water to the pan when making it on the stovetop.


EventArgs t1_jdg11ft wrote

I read about putting it in a frying pan with boiling water, first before the oven.


TuxRug t1_jdg33cx wrote

I have never wanted anything more...


coded_artist t1_jdg3tsd wrote

Nice. An easy trick is to cover the pan. This causes the bacon to cook from all sides causing it to be crispy but not brittle.


naturallin t1_jdg8uj9 wrote

That looks really delicious


ramriot t1_jdga769 wrote

Great, you should put up a picture of it, to replace that plate of cremated half rashers.


StanFitch t1_jdgn9il wrote


It is not in my belly.

Thus, it is nowhere near perfect.


ooolongt t1_jdgrfv5 wrote

Can…. I have sum?


pv505 t1_jdh25t4 wrote

S l u r p


Left-Star2240 t1_jdh6zre wrote

The real question is where are you and are you offering to share? I’ll be right over


black_sky t1_jdhrfn1 wrote

That's a dog right? Barkon?


typhoidtimmy t1_jdi2rqm wrote

Somewhere out there with no access to anything electronic to view this, Ron Swanson begins to involuntarily salivate.


RalTasha t1_jdi3nlw wrote

I put them between 2 pieces of paper like op has in the picture, 600w microwave for like 3-4minutes and they end up just like this. Why waste 15 minutes in the oven ?


PlayedUOonBaja t1_jdi5s7y wrote

Am I the only person whose bacon produces grease? I tried both the microwave and oven methods and they're swimming in grease, even with paper towels. I tried grilling bacon wrapped jalapenos and the grease kept starting fires, so I had to stop. I tried to cook them in an oven and the grease just coated everything. I can't figure out how you people all seem to have greaseless bacon.


rossarron t1_jdieabi wrote

Bacon in Britain is soft, not crisp, or as we call it burnt to a crisp.


bridge1999 t1_jdk0bc6 wrote

Pellet grill set at 225 for 45 mins and then 250 for 30 mins


SgtBaxter t1_jdkbrqk wrote

And you didn't invite any of us over.


bhillen83 t1_jdfkc3w wrote

Idk, I’d have to taste some of it to determine the quality.


enoughimoverit t1_jdfmmfh wrote

All bacon is perfect...


___FUCKING_PEG_ME___ t1_jdfnx4o wrote

Have you seen the atrocity of British bacon?


Obmars t1_jdg0r9f wrote

You know all bacon is British...right?


___FUCKING_PEG_ME___ t1_jdg2d4i wrote

You know that I am talking about cooking styles...right?


Obmars t1_jdg7y16 wrote

Cooking styles? Each cut of bacon (chops, joints, back, streaky and middle) is cooked and used differently. We cook streaky bacon the same way as op. Saying that the "British style of cooking bacon is atrocious" just sounds ignorant and is frankly offensive.


Bazooka33 t1_jdg9d4n wrote

British bacon and American Bacon are 2 different things. yes cut styles, but both Bacons hit different.


tuppertom t1_jdfqydm wrote

That's some mighty fine bacon you got there buddy!


canuckcowgirl t1_jdg67up wrote

My dad always said bacon is one of life's little pleasures.


tamarockstar t1_jdg7q10 wrote

Slightly more cooked than that is perfect to me. Crispy but not burnt.


Denaljo13 t1_jdg8l6f wrote

Damn near perfect?! Just needed MORE bacon!!!


cakeschmammert t1_jdge3a3 wrote

bacon should always come from the oven. just the best way to cook it by far.


EpikNyan t1_jdgh25m wrote

what if I told you I was a slightly crispy but still chewy kind of guy...


TasteCicles t1_jdgj3cp wrote

Once a girl asked me how I made the bacon in her breakfast so crunchy...

I literally asked her back, how do you NOT make it crunchy?? It basically cooks itself..


danishduckling t1_jdhqjej wrote

Looks a bit overcooked, some of the edges nearly burning.


RooneytheWaster t1_jdic0ny wrote

Why are you cooking and eating the fat from my bacon? What is this travesty?


webhick t1_jdid1cx wrote

I wish I could taste this photo.


ninjastuff t1_jdj2kgx wrote

You should put it in pancakes


Skulldo t1_jdj3ozy wrote

Is it behind that super crispy stuff?


Scoobywagon t1_jdfycgx wrote

Factually incorrect. All bacon is inherently perfect.


Cpt_Woody420 t1_jdgyolz wrote

Streaky American crap cooked to a crisp? You haven't even seen real bacon if you think this is perfect. 1/10.


ChimeraMistake t1_jdfgvpr wrote

Microwave? Broiler? Fryer?


JCP5887 OP t1_jdfh37b wrote

Cast iron skillet! However, I’m a big believer that bacon should go in a cold over set to 400°, that’s great bacon!


crippledgimp88 t1_jdfln4c wrote

375 - 400 in the oven 100%

Find a wide parchment paper and use that as a liner for your baking tray.

After transferring the bacon to paper towels, leave the leftover grease as is in the parchment paper. When it solidifies after a few hours, fold the parchment paper and toss in the trash.

No mess clean up.


ChronoDrifter t1_jdfq5aj wrote

I've been using an Insta-pot Air Fryer oven. Air Fry at 350 for 6-7 minutes. But I put it in before it warms up since I always get busy cooking something else. It might actually be another couple minutes. Also, I can only do 4-5 pieces at a time.


Zierlyn t1_jdg36ej wrote

Being able to only do 4-5 pieces of bacon at a time is what is SAVING YOUR LIFE. It's bad enough that I can think "man, I would love some bacon" and literally have some freshly cooked and in my mouth in under 10 minutes, 15 if you need to run out and buy some first.

If you could do that AND make massive quantities of it? That's just asking for trouble.


ChronoDrifter t1_jdg7xxs wrote

It's been really convenient to be able to make a few quick pieces of bacon in the morning. Especially with 3 young kids. Meanwhile, we can use the stovetop uninterrupted for eggs, corned beef hash, grits, or whatever else we got going.


garlic_b t1_jdfkyht wrote

All bacon is perfect…


sketchahedron t1_jdfqqki wrote

Wow, you cooked bacon! Is your name Gordon Ramsey? What’s next, people posting photos of the bowl of cereal they expertly poured?