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2CrazyJackRussels t1_je25k6g wrote

As a British citizen I find that disturbing


tradesman46 t1_je2fn1j wrote

Would it make you feel better that many of our southern states don't require any licensing background checks or open or concealed and carry licenses. .


haberdasherer t1_je2aizt wrote

At some point this guy was a beautiful young hopeful spirit full of promise then something came along and broke him a little bit inside and he never quite climbed back out of the hole it put him in.


xiaolongbaochikkawow t1_je246c5 wrote

America can fully get in the bin. It’s got some of the coolest places in the world but absolutely non of it is worth the slightest chance of seeing that in your lifetime. I’m in my 30s and I’m so fkin happy to say I’ve never seen a civilian with a gun excluding trips to the states.


snotick t1_je26dvg wrote

And yet you're still alive.

With someone like this guy, you see the gun. It's the ones you don't see, but hear, that you should be worried about.


xiaolongbaochikkawow t1_je26ynm wrote

I don’t see them here because there aren’t any. A guy carrying a tool of war into a Starbucks is just fkin psychotic. It’s not a society I’d ever want to be a part of or be stuck trying to justify


Edmund-Dantes t1_je2jbeg wrote

A guy open carrying a gun is nothing short of a dumbass. A true dumbass.

It’s those who carry that you do NOT know about that worry me.

Open carry is like having a sign saying “shoot me first.”


snotick t1_je27c8k wrote

Why is it psychotic? Maybe he came from the gun range and made the responsible choice of not leaving it in his car.

I think it's psychotic that people get so upset over a picture. Or any representation of a gun in today's society.


xiaolongbaochikkawow t1_je28d3d wrote

Yeah maybe! Maybe that’s what every mad fk in America is doing. They’re all just on their way home from the range, being normal.


snotick t1_je28rqk wrote

As I said, if you're worried that he's a mass shooter, I don't recall any other mass shooters that walked into a place with their gun strapped to their back and made an order before shooting.

You'd probably be shocked how many guns you don't see. But they're standing or sitting next to you.


xiaolongbaochikkawow t1_je29tpf wrote

Maybe next to you! Not in my country.

I’m also not strictly worried he’s a mass shooter I’m worried that the overwhelming majority of an entire countries population can easily secure said tools, and end lives trivially, with the effort of changing the tv channel.

I’d guess many/most gun deaths in the states aren’t even strictly premeditated, just an escalation of circumstances.

Nobody is gonna get into an argument and get shot in a heat of the moment confrontation in most western countries outside the US because it’s logistically not possible


snotick t1_je2a10s wrote

You're making a lot of assumptions.


bookybookbook t1_je2cbyl wrote

You can make clever intentionally obtuse arguments all you want, but the essence of his point is that an asshole with an assault rifle in a Starbucks is a totally fucked up thing to see, and it’s totally fucked up that US culture accepts it. Even if that stupid motherfucker was on the way home from the gun range and didn’t want to leave his gun in the car, then common decency and reasonable standards of etiquette should have been enough for him to skip the coffee, go home, and lock up his gun before running errands. This asshat just wants to show off and make people nervous.


snotick t1_je2cojx wrote

Do you feel the same when it's a cop with a gun in a holster, getting coffee?


bookybookbook t1_je2u4l0 wrote

Why would that matter?


snotick t1_je2uypm wrote

Trying to understand if people are just afraid of an object or the person with the object.


bookybookbook t1_je367tg wrote

I think people are upset that our society has reached such a point that these deadly weapons are fetishized by large numbers of people and that those people then feel so self righteous about their identity that they feel the need to make others uncomfortable with no sense of concern for the literal fear they are provoking in people who are otherwise just trying to go about their day.


snotick t1_je36p85 wrote

So both the object and the person? Which is why I asked about a cop getting coffee.


Capable-Cockroach-10 t1_je336np wrote

He has done literally NOTHING to be slightly safe wth this in public. You're dying on this hill justifying it, saying he couldn't leave it in his car etc. Ya, if he had the proper gun case etc, hidden it out of view and locked his car it's 1000x safer in his vehicle. He doesn't even have a trigger lock on this, even if he isn't nuts and there are "guns we can't see" it's about access. Some actual lunatic could rip this off his back and suddenly shoot up this Starbucks, which wouldn't have happened if this loser hadn't walked in with his gun strapped to his back like a GD kids backpack.


xiaolongbaochikkawow t1_je2ajlt wrote

Such as?


snotick t1_je2aqcw wrote

Based on the sheer number of guns relative to the number of shootings, this guy is all show, no go.


xiaolongbaochikkawow t1_je2b39y wrote

Cool I prefer “no show no go”, I also prefer “no shootings” over “statistically low given that there are more guns than people in your country”


snotick t1_je2bfp8 wrote

Fair enough. I grew up around guns. Hunted all my life. The anti gun sentiment is odd. It's gotten to the point that every gun, and even every hunter, is bad now.


xiaolongbaochikkawow t1_je2c52d wrote

Idk what to tell you. I’m not having this argument with a farmer in the butt end of nowhere; I’m having it with people sat in a Starbucks downtown on a Tuesday morning.

You’re not all hunters, you’re not all simple folk who like goin’ bag a deer for the winter.

The societal issue in the states is not country huntsmen in the mountains with their bolt action rifle; it’s people who fetishise instruments of death and value the freedom to own them over the freedom to live without the slightest worry your kid will be executed while learning their ABCs, cunts buying coffee with automatic rifles hanging off them like a fkin tourist with a camera. It’s gross. It’s weird. The rest of the world acknowledges it


Quicksix666 t1_je24awa wrote

Ammosexual in the wild


PlayerTwoEntersYou t1_je27bhe wrote

And an optic ranged at 100m, you know, for self defense.

This is a clueless person trying to get a reaction from people.


Nifinclan t1_je26uz6 wrote

The name on his espresso cup is, Mr. small penis.


wish1977 t1_je2cr1n wrote

The "I refuse to live in fear" uniform. He looks pretty scared to me.


TheMicMic t1_je27rnw wrote

I survived the Starbucks this time


electriceagle t1_je270bt wrote

They have somewhere for this in America it’s Military,Law Enforcement. What a loser.


sirfuzzitoes t1_je2j8uc wrote

Of course he has the shit ass bitchstick with the integral bipod that isn't worth fuckall. This guy needs to be clowned on until he understands just how fucking stupid open carry is.


egrueda t1_je24e7m wrote

Ready for school gif


Yahla t1_je2gn10 wrote

That is one dainty ankle for a stocky fella


Edmund-Dantes t1_je2izjr wrote

And I can almost guarantee you, he would shit his pants if a fire fight broke out more than he would shit his pants from two espresso‘s. And I’ve had a lot of Starbucks espresso‘s (and unfortunately contact) so I know about their shits.


MrOzzard t1_je2nvt8 wrote

What exactly do Americans seem to want to prove? I just don't get it. Why do you need to own a gun. It makes no sense. I mean just why. Maybe a hunting rifle, if you're hunting......but other than that why?


Doomenor t1_je2d4ea wrote

Is there a place where open carrying a loaded fully automatic assault rifle is legal, even in the US??


Arish78 t1_je2ekl3 wrote

VERY easy to steal and to sell


awsqu t1_je3x53b wrote

The obvious response to increased school shootings and shootings targeted at specific groups of people is to be visibly armed with an AR-15 in a small coffee shop at 9:00 am on a Tuesday. That gun doesn’t even really seem ideal for a situation like that anyways. Even if he could maneuver well with it he doesn’t really seem to have the room to.