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LorenaBobbedIt t1_jecknzd wrote

This is the second-stupidest thing I ever saw in my life.

The first was Trump actually giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh.


Salarian_American t1_jecnzcf wrote

At least this one is fake.


Deja-Vuz t1_jeekto7 wrote

Sadly, some people will think it's real and put it on fox news.


Photon_Pharmer t1_jeg04pf wrote

It’s clearly fake. Biden’s nose isn’t buried in her hair.


NearPeerAdversary t1_jecxul1 wrote

And Tiger Woods. I mean, it was an impressive comeback...but c'mon. The highest civilian medal for...being great at a sport?


Klarthy t1_jed8hdo wrote

Jackie Robinson also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously during Reagan's presidency. Granted, a much bigger impact than Tiger's, but Mr. Robinson would have never had the opportunity without first being great at a sport.

But yeah, we could have waited a bit on Tiger's. I'm going to make a terribly risky gamble and insinuate that maybe Trump awarded the medal to entice Tiger to play at events on his golf courses in the future instead of being based on outstanding meritorious service to the American people.


[deleted] t1_jede0er wrote

Reagan only gave him that and passed MLK day because he was a racist and people of color didn't like Reagan. He started is 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi


Dryasapopcornfart t1_jeelvcv wrote

after Rush getting it, any decent tax paying citizen should be in the running. T.... really did a presidential job of degrading the presidency


heatlesssun t1_jed26bs wrote

>This is the second-stupidest thing I ever saw in my life.

Exactly, that's why it's called humor.


Moody_GenX t1_jecmita wrote

While Biden sniffs her hair with an awkward hug.


Exodiafinder687 t1_jeco9jm wrote

Now lets be fair. She's at least a few decades too old for Biden to be interested.


Photon_Pharmer t1_jeg1bq1 wrote


“I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. The kids used to come up and reach in the pool & rub my leg down so it was straight & watch the hair come back up again. So I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap. I love kids jumping on my lap.”


Bending_toast t1_jeco4ll wrote

He seriously looks like he’s thinking to himself: “don’t sniff her hair don’t sniff her hair”.. over and over again with his eyes closed


dancingmeadow t1_jedd401 wrote

Meanwhile, in the real world, Trump paid a hooker with campaign funds and lied about it.

Make sure to deflect with more idiocies in the comments below.


Ismokecr4k t1_jedgso9 wrote

Could it be possible that they both did whack shit? Or are you only capable of seeing the world in only two colors?


Timbershoe t1_jedovp7 wrote

One is the first to be impeached twice, and the first to be arrested.

The other is just a guy who’s sometimes awkward.

They are not the same.

I get you’re Trump 2024 or whatever, but time to wake up to reality.


Bending_toast t1_jedj8uo wrote

Yup trump sucks too. feel free to keep crying while I bash on Biden though


Aristogeiton6589 t1_jeds7z7 wrote

It's not that you're bashing on him, it's that you're resorting to making things up. Trump just got indicted, and all you have is 4chan stuff?

Not to mention it's a photoshop. I guess you can't determine that, which makes sense since you are a Trump supporter. Let me explain. It's not a real photograph, someone made it look real. So Biden was not in any proximity to sniff her hair. Look closely at the pixels and maybe you will see that they do not align


Bending_toast t1_jedsrqz wrote

You echo chamber cretins are hilarious. You’ve got more in common with those mega morons than you know. I’m gonna keep ripping on both those senile sorry excuses for leaders and you can keep crying princess


zyglack t1_jecx9lw wrote

If Rush got one anyone can.


[deleted] t1_jeddtrr wrote

That was a disgrace that he got one Rush is basically the reason the Right wing is FUBAR


bulboustadpole t1_jecxz3k wrote

This sub is garbage.


amalgaman t1_jeday2z wrote

A clearly edited image of a dumb scenario isn’t what you want to see?


karsh36 t1_jecxrla wrote

Ha! She has the first indictment to her name - she'll probably be in history books now


random-comment-drop t1_jecesfd wrote

Probably deserves government funded PTSD treatment from having to touch the cheeto mushroom.


kaiswil2 t1_jecffb5 wrote

Well maybe she got the Presidential Pearl necklace...


sirfuzzitoes t1_jech5mg wrote

If rush Limbaugh can get one, anyone can get one. At least Stormy isn't a pill popping right wing extremist espousing hateful rhetoric. At least, not to my knowledge.


OneEyedKobold t1_jeclkzm wrote

No. The only one I know of would be Brandi Love, though not sure about the pill popping.


DemonKyoto t1_jedupwe wrote

You're getting downvoted, but you're 100% right. Brandi Love openly spouted her support for Trump numerous times in interviews and on Twitter, and has supported DeSantis running if Trump doesn't this time around.


Murse_1 t1_jecv4tb wrote

Well, she did take one for the team.


amalgaman t1_jedauun wrote

I figured she’d get a pearl necklace instead


Swamy10 t1_jee2ene wrote

Not entirely accurate. Biden isn’t sniffing her or her hair


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kuddlybuddly t1_jecz6t5 wrote

That would go great with her pearl necklace 😂


Matisaro t1_jeda2dz wrote

If Rush Limbaugh can win one why the hell not her?


swami78 t1_jeddn4j wrote

Imagine if she really had "taken one for the team"!


onedef1 t1_jedg1wi wrote

Sniffer gonna sniff


LovesMeSomeKitties t1_jedhqqv wrote

I'm curious what she would have done in this other universe to deserve her second presidential neck decoration. Although she made money off the first one, she would probably actually enjoy the second one.


thatcreepyolddude t1_jedn2ej wrote

with all these ai tools at your disposal, this is the best you got.


FearlessXProphet t1_jeee1ez wrote

That is excellent! Do one with Angela White next!


cejmp t1_jeegx4c wrote

I'd like to thank her for her cervix.


Paul-273 t1_jeg31q9 wrote

I don't know who this photo is supposed to piss off Liberals or Conservatives. Maybe it's universal.


wish1977 t1_jechjvu wrote

I've seen her in much better poses they could have used.


Landar15 t1_jecnu7b wrote

Shit, she already got the gold…


DirtyDevin t1_jecoo7g wrote

Medal of Freedom = Civilian

Medal of Honor = Military

Sorry for being that guy - thumbs up Meme


Ragnarotico t1_jectzci wrote

Anyone who's had to even look at Trump's pee pee has seen combat. I don't make the rules.


OrionJ71 t1_jeczptg wrote

And despite all advice, he proceeded to sniff her hair.


SlackerKey t1_jed2ecg wrote

I’ll bet her hair smells fantastic!


moufette1 t1_jed4yqe wrote

You owe my cat an apology. She was startled when I lol'ed very, very loudly.


sandysea420 t1_jedcy4c wrote

One can wish, this is funny as hell.


Albstein t1_jedm3vi wrote

She may have done more to save the US democracy than all of the Republican party since Clinton.


HarshR-18 t1_jeejxe8 wrote

of course even in this reality she gets it!! she is the pillar on which the murder of democracy in America is being laid on


KanataSlim t1_jecpoa4 wrote

Could still happen....


Mormegil_Agarwaen t1_jed1hbk wrote

It changed from Congressional to Presidential in this alternate reality?


Sofarbeyondfucked t1_jedghnr wrote

She’s done a great service to the nation

Also, Rule 34


DilaShip t1_jeds4e0 wrote

can someone explain to me what is this medal for and who is this pretty young woman? ..Thank you.


mikeD707 t1_jed0h4z wrote

OMG this is great!


dancingmeadow t1_jedczec wrote

Trump slept with a hooker and then paid her off using campaign funds and now it's about Biden because of course it is.


GreatGoatsInHistory t1_jed27zh wrote

So dumb on the surface, but insulting just below that.

The CONGRESSIONAL Medal of Honor or The Presidential Medal of FREEDOM.

The CMH is the highest military honor in the nation, and the PMF is the highest civilian honor in the nation. The men and women that earn the CMH do so posthumously with such frequency that it has been nicked named the "Coffin Medal with Handles." And the stories of how one are earned define what it means to sacrifice and risk everything in defense of your country, and the men and women serving next to you.

To suggest that it should be awarded to a civilian who tried to renege on a hush money scheme to defraud the American Voter because it rebounds to the President's benefit, shows that you have no clue about what it stands for, let alone the name of it.


[deleted] t1_jech5x4 wrote



djb25 t1_jecmwje wrote

We don’t know that they have photoshop in that reality.