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Moody_GenX t1_jecmita wrote

While Biden sniffs her hair with an awkward hug.


Exodiafinder687 t1_jeco9jm wrote

Now lets be fair. She's at least a few decades too old for Biden to be interested.


Photon_Pharmer t1_jeg1bq1 wrote


“I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. The kids used to come up and reach in the pool & rub my leg down so it was straight & watch the hair come back up again. So I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap. I love kids jumping on my lap.”


Bending_toast t1_jeco4ll wrote

He seriously looks like he’s thinking to himself: “don’t sniff her hair don’t sniff her hair”.. over and over again with his eyes closed


dancingmeadow t1_jedd401 wrote

Meanwhile, in the real world, Trump paid a hooker with campaign funds and lied about it.

Make sure to deflect with more idiocies in the comments below.


Ismokecr4k t1_jedgso9 wrote

Could it be possible that they both did whack shit? Or are you only capable of seeing the world in only two colors?


Timbershoe t1_jedovp7 wrote

One is the first to be impeached twice, and the first to be arrested.

The other is just a guy who’s sometimes awkward.

They are not the same.

I get you’re Trump 2024 or whatever, but time to wake up to reality.


Bending_toast t1_jedj8uo wrote

Yup trump sucks too. feel free to keep crying while I bash on Biden though


Aristogeiton6589 t1_jeds7z7 wrote

It's not that you're bashing on him, it's that you're resorting to making things up. Trump just got indicted, and all you have is 4chan stuff?

Not to mention it's a photoshop. I guess you can't determine that, which makes sense since you are a Trump supporter. Let me explain. It's not a real photograph, someone made it look real. So Biden was not in any proximity to sniff her hair. Look closely at the pixels and maybe you will see that they do not align


Bending_toast t1_jedsrqz wrote

You echo chamber cretins are hilarious. You’ve got more in common with those mega morons than you know. I’m gonna keep ripping on both those senile sorry excuses for leaders and you can keep crying princess