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radiantwave t1_je55n4p wrote

There was a lot of dysentery in that lab...


curlicue t1_je5vkz0 wrote

Mice apparently weren't as useful back then.


ouachiski t1_je6odo9 wrote

They were very new. We had one of these computers and it came with a game to teach you how to use the mouse. Apple IIGs was one of the first consumer marketed GUI based computers.


eyecomeanon t1_je5it69 wrote

I have sensory memories of the feel of the plastic of those keyboards.


Zombiron-Odamai t1_je63e58 wrote

This is giving me grade school nostalgia.


xSlippyFistx t1_je6rvik wrote

Yeah me too. We had the same macs with true floppy disks. I remember some math game and Oregon trail for sure.

In high school the computer labs were obviously updated, but if you were to snap a picture similar to this you’d still have like 90% of the computers playing a game, it was just CS 1.6 or unreal tournament haha. Those were the days.


Zombiron-Odamai t1_je6std8 wrote

I feel like I'm the only 90s kid that never played Oregon Trail.

Kid Pix was my jam back in the day.


xSlippyFistx t1_je6wiks wrote

Lol I never heard of that one. I never actually enjoyed Oregon trail, but I just remember our computer teacher just making us play it one day. Cross the river lose half your supplies, maybe an oxen dies, you die of dysentery and the game ends. It’s not my idea of a fun one so you didn’t miss out on anything, like at all haha.


Zombiron-Odamai t1_je76stl wrote

The unfortunate thing is that nowadays the Oregon Trail would seem too much like real life. Lol


Dr_Gomer_Piles t1_je94lkm wrote

Going to be kind of pedantic here, but those aren't Macs. Apple IIgs


Gizmorum t1_je59dbz wrote

What were these games from my past?


MrMasterMize t1_je8qldw wrote

I was born in 83. I literally could have been in this pic