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dasshue t1_je2nh8k wrote

I wonder if she found the candle supply store.

WTF I’m talking about


The_Coil t1_je3ekn6 wrote

I’m pretty sure a comment on the original post said it already, but that lady sounded just like Tree Trunks from Adventure Time.


surle t1_je3x4gc wrote

Hahaha. I love how calm she sounds on the initial "what was that?"


johnandahalf13 t1_je2nuk1 wrote

It’s a silver Buick. The only people who drive those are old ladies and people who inherited them from dead old ladies.


MindfulBT t1_je3rr8n wrote

I used to have a white 2005 buick century I drove for a few years that I bought from an ex military guy who said it used to belong to his Mother who passed away. That car drove great and it wasn’t slow!


KlooShanko t1_je4wahs wrote

I don’t appreciate your stereotyping. My grandmother drives a champagne Buick 😤


weather_watchman t1_je5xfdw wrote

mechanics buy them a lot, because if what you pointed out. 15 year old car, barely driven, well maintained, garaged.


Volcano_Dweller t1_je43jx8 wrote

Not all….I owned a number of Buicks, three I set up as sleepers:

— 1996 Buick Roadmaster with whitewalls and LT-1 engine…installed 3.42 rear gears, intake, custom dyno tune, opened up the exhaust a bit…it ran 14.0 and I used it to tow the family camping trailer.

1987 Buick Turbo Regal Limited…the stealth Grand National in chestnut blue paint and blue overstuffed couch interior. Installed 14” wheels with Buick wire wheel covers, whitewalls, and all the leftover upgrade parts that came off my Grand National when I went all out on the GN. Hidden alcohol injection system, all gauges hidden by a Kleenex dispenser, two spoke steering wheel, swapped in a hollow front sway bar from a Camaro to cut some weight, used three mufflers on a custom single 3” exhaust to keep it quiet, fuel system upgrades, big injectors, stretch intercooler, bigger turbo, LT-1 valvesprings, stock longblock…Raced it in the Silver State Rally where it took 3rd in its class and ran 12.40s at 110 at the track.

— 2001 supercharged Buick Regal…custom 3” downpipe and exhaust, dyno tune, shift kit, intake and a much smaller pulley on the supercharger. Installed F&R sway bars from a FWD 9C1 Impala Police Package, front and rear strut tower braces from a Pontiac GTP and the front brakes from a ‘99 Camaro SS. Used to transport my newborn son home from the hospital and beat up on BMWs.


short_sells_poo t1_je4lur7 wrote

So you are saying that if you swap out the entire car under the paintwork, a Buick can perform pretty good :D


Baeelin t1_je4uz0c wrote

Pretty much. (Not op btw) even the Grand Nationals, touted as best Buick ever, were slow until modified. They just took modifications well and was one of the first US factory supercharged vehicles produced.


Volcano_Dweller t1_je5nh7x wrote

Regals were available turbocharged (not supercharged) beginning in 1979 with the non-intercooled models A 14.4 at 95 was a good number stock back in ‘86; the GNX was a little better.


Volcano_Dweller t1_je5n9it wrote

1.035 Turbo Regal Limiteds were factory produced in 1987 in Flint, MI with the intercooled turbo drivetrain (including transmission and 8.5” rear end) and suspension from the Grand National. The less opulent Turbo Regals were called T-Types in ‘86. No swapping required.

Buick Roadmasters from 1994-1996 had the same LT-1 motor as the 94-96 Impala SS. The 94-96 Cadillac Fleetwood did as well.

Late 90’s-early 2000’s FWD Park Avenues and Regals were available with a normally aspirated 3800 V6 or a supercharged 3800 V6; these engines were also used in the FWD Chevy Impala and Pontiac GTP which were also built on the W-body chassis. The GTP got the better 3.29 axle ratio though (darn).


seldomlyright t1_je5m2o4 wrote

Believe it or not, I know a guy with an actual literal warehouse full of restored vehicles and him and his wife each daily their own early 2000s silver Buicks. Never made sense to me but I figured they must be better cars than I realized.


old_righty t1_je2is04 wrote

I feel like a guard rail or signs would be useful here


eaglescout1984 t1_je2komd wrote

I feel like that existing at a place of work without so much as a railing is an OSHA violation.


cmde44 t1_je4r611 wrote

You're correct. Even if she was trespassing she could file a lawsuit if there was an injury. This is an insane safety violation not having wheel stops, rails, etc.


mrjosemeehan t1_je52o4w wrote

Also do I see massive illegal dumping in a drainage canal?


-_-_-__-_-_-__-_- t1_je5rf9w wrote

Even if that puddle was somehow a drainage canal, there's nothing in it, so no you don't see that.


mrjosemeehan t1_je6fldf wrote

That puddle is in the middle of what appears to be a large drainage canal along with what appears to be a large amount of rubble, a pile of sand, and a big pile of wire reels and pallets. The thing about drainage canals is that they aren't always full of water.


BananaBeanie t1_je6whjp wrote

Seems like normal walled section of the lot, I think it extends up to the building in the background.


DogmaJones OP t1_je2jaj4 wrote

Maybe. It isn’t a public thoroughfare, so this was trespassing. Also, behind where the photo was taken there is a small hill/grade to get down there.


Mellopiex t1_je2qqfd wrote

Could she have mistaken it for a landscaping company where you peruse through the yard to get an idea of what you want?


DogmaJones OP t1_je2rgdh wrote

I can’t see it. All of this is a few hundred feet behind a dense wall of trees. It’s literally the backyard of a golf course.


Benjiiints t1_je46kc1 wrote

old people get lost


Neitzi t1_je48k5v wrote

Old people steal shit too

Welcome to the real world


Benjiiints t1_je4gthl wrote

automatically assuming the worst of people makes the world a terrible place to live; enjoy


Neitzi t1_je4hoi8 wrote

I'm not assuming either - I'm just going by what OP has said in relation to how you access the area.

They are trespassing but either way this drop is dangerous.


Coupon_Ninja t1_je2k3eu wrote

Does one have to post “NO TRESPASSING” signs, so it is explicitly known, and then you have the legal right to remove them, point a gun at them, and/or call the cops?

Similar for “Beware of Dog”. If it’s not posted I think the proprietor can be charge with endangerment or something. Like you cannot booby trap your own home, which I think is ridiculous.


RJFerret t1_je2ppe6 wrote

Different laws in different states, mine, sign or fence.

Booby traps aren't allowed because different categories of entrants, guests expect safety, so do emergency personnel like paramedics/firemen, then postal workers have property access rights too. Trespassers have least, but still can't indiscriminately kill them for no reason.


upvoatsforall t1_je304uk wrote

Can you kill them for trespassing? That’s a reason.


RJFerret t1_je31v0v wrote

Of course not, since no threat to your life or property based on trespass alone.

Some states do have the "Castle Doctrine" though.

If someone trespasses, the legal procedure is simply inform them and request they leave (either the way they came, or shortest direction off your property). On municipal property or some reservoir property it may be a misdemeanor for which you may be ticketed if found in violation by an officer.


upvoatsforall t1_je33z4j wrote

What am I allowed to do if the officer is trespassing to investigate?


bruthaman t1_je43uq0 wrote

Ask them to leave or provide a warrant. Ask for sergeant to assist. If nothing, report to 911 for more officer support and tell them your civil rights are being violated. Record everything.


dandroid126 t1_je4ae8s wrote

I remember a case from decades ago where someone was trespassing and intending on robbing an old woman, and then slipped on ice on her property and ended up in the hospital. They successfully sued the old woman for not maintaining her property.

Obligatory IANAL, so I don't know the intricacies here or of the situations are comparable. I also don't remember the details of this case. Would love to hear from someone more knowledgeable than me on this.


cmde44 t1_je4s9us wrote

Useful, legally required, same thing.


derpyourmom t1_je2hdav wrote

Looks like a Buick Lesabre….it’ll be fine


D3cepti0ns t1_je2pt8d wrote

Man, my first car was a Buick Lesabre, I loved that car.

It was way faster than anyone expected, beat many people in highschool, and had all the bells and whistles but of a 10+ year-old car. Also, it had bench seating in the front, and the whole car had so much space.

My only gripe was all the girls thought of it as a grandpa car, although I did get it after my great great uncle (? not sure of the correct title) died unfortunately.


derpyourmom t1_je2qeur wrote

Absolutely. Reliable v6 engine, comfy ride, cheap parts. I’m a dad who got this for my son as a first car!


D3cepti0ns t1_je38lp7 wrote

I was not sure at first but I wasn't going to be picky about my first car, but damn, it was way better than all my friends' cars, except that one who got a brand new bmw.

That V6 engine was great, that thing had power, and yeah it was super comfy, and the speakers weren't half bad. Safe as well and didn't need any work besides normal the whole time I had it.

I hope your son liked it as much as I did!


AltairsBlade t1_je2wxfo wrote

Reliableish the 3.8l in those years had shit intakes. But it’s not a super difficult fix and the parts are plentiful.


usinjin t1_je41yci wrote

My dad had a taxi fleet and some of them were Lesabres and Centuries. Basically one became my first car too.


Buffyoh t1_je36au6 wrote

My first car at sixteen was a 1949 Buick Roadmaster. Rode as good as any car built today. I felt like Persian king driving that old Buick. Had it for two years and the timing chain went. :(


southpark t1_je382v4 wrote

Most girls love the bench seating too..


D3cepti0ns t1_je39otk wrote

I was going to say, that made up a lot for the "grandpa" type thinking. Maybe our grandpas had the right idea haha.


LilMeatBigYeet t1_je2q2uv wrote

Same my first car was buick lesabre, damn comfortable car. I miss it


Soup0rMan t1_je2tnh6 wrote

They could drive right off and barely feel a bump.


Drusgar t1_je3g367 wrote

That's probably why she didn't accidentally go over the edge. I've never seen a Buick going faster than 5 mph.


pandoras_boxy t1_je2r45z wrote

To be fair, I can barely make out the drop. Might be time to paint a yellow line along the edge lol


MarcusXL t1_je45dzv wrote

Too much fun not to.

Also, I could make out the drop and I didn't even fullscreen it.


greengrayclouds t1_je4a4x0 wrote

>Also, I could make out the drop and I didn't even fullscreen it.

Fuck me, check out Mr Good Eyes over here


xmsxms t1_je4f04s wrote

And luckily your point of view while driving is a static image of your car taken from 10 metres away outside your vehicle.


WardenWolf t1_je2xtay wrote

You really need to mark that. You could be held liable for an unmarked hazard. Had that happen to me in a parking lot. It looked like the parking lot continued down towards the adjacent building. There were no pavement edge markers or anything, and due to the slope of it you couldn't see it. My vehicle dropped 1 foot off the edge (fortunately an SUV with good ground clearance, and was able to keep driving forwards).


bad_motivator t1_je38n9w wrote

Looks like the kind of place that might have forklifts or other heavy machinery running around. Ownership and management need to wake up, this is obviously a hazard.


lefthandedrighty t1_je2nb4k wrote

Slowly drag that baby back it will drive away like nothing happened. If it’s the 3400 it will smoke the tires on the way out too.


McChinga2madre t1_je2uodj wrote

She's lucky this is a FWD. Otherwise she probably would've kept going until she ended down in the ditch.


meamgrothbf t1_je2xot0 wrote

Lol. Place a railing there next time.


NCC74656 t1_je3c5q3 wrote

i had this once. a guy came into my work. asking if he could call a tow truck. he was driving down an alley way that was actually a loading dock road. he made a right hand turn and weld down teh stairs......

i offered to go winch him out with my truck. didnt take much but saved him the 200.00 hookup cost of the tow


Jerryz05 t1_je26vsk wrote

Oh that poor oil pan 😂


calpal348 t1_je2f09q wrote

The oil pan is usually in front of the front axle, or even with it at most.

The drive shaft and exhaust might be damaged


Ventrian t1_je2hedv wrote

Most likely both fine. This is FWD and the exhaust is recessed into the car bottom. Now the break lines on the other hand....


Jerryz05 t1_je2lm4i wrote

When they pull that shit off the edge… yea gonna be wrecked


Few-School-3869 t1_je29wan wrote

Car-ma got her


DogmaJones OP t1_je2abvj wrote

Ha. Nice.

She was basically stealing bags and bags of practice golf balls, so yeah.


PhasmaFelis t1_je2eryn wrote

"Basically" stealing?


DogmaJones OP t1_je2g6vl wrote

She obviously wasn’t able to make off with them just yet.

Before we even noticed the golf balls, we tried to see if we could actually get her unstuck. Our skid steer could have done it, but it would have damaged the car more.


cmde44 t1_je4s233 wrote

Tell your boss to install wheel stops before they lose their business to a lawsuit / OSHA violation. Trespassing laws won't blanket a business from safety regulations.


quickasawick t1_je3eyx1 wrote

This will be one of those fun court cases where the property owners will claim no liability because the driver was trespassing, but the jury will still probably hand down a judgment of a few million dollars against them because of their negligence.

You see, sometimes in America, crime does pay because the victims (if you can call the victim of trespassing a victim) are dumb (OK, negligent).

Put up a rail or at least mark the hidden drop, FFS.


curtaincaller20 t1_je2t8uz wrote

A proportionate amount of find out was delivered for her fucking around.


ktElwood t1_je466i6 wrote

This woman looks like a car.


Foreign-Gap-1242 t1_je4mim2 wrote

plot twist: its really the OP's car they were on break and bang'n in the back seat when the shifter got shoved and they rolled to the edge


Temporary-Dot6500 t1_je503nx wrote

I dream of inheriting a Grand Marquis then going on a road trip


bafta t1_je5546d wrote

That sort of feature is called a Ha Ha


Kdizzle725 t1_je5dasf wrote

Info: Did you ever find out why she was snooping?


indieRuckus t1_je5v5c5 wrote

Surprised it didn't keep moving forward


BuckyDuster t1_je5vorp wrote

Probably made a wrong turn and was looking for the exit


OmegaOmerta t1_je5vslr wrote

Get the forklift and set it back right


joecampbell79 t1_je3bd6z wrote

you should be sued and lose.


Emergency_Paperclip t1_je3s9r0 wrote

From what OP described she was trespassing.

If, while I am asleep, my cat knocks over a glass of water onto a hardwood floor, and then a burglar breaks into my house and slips on the puddle of water, should they sue me because I didn't have a wet floor sign?


PM_me_your_arse_ t1_je4a55r wrote

>If, while I am asleep, my cat knocks over a glass of water onto a hardwood floor, and then a burglar breaks into my house and slips on the puddle of water, should they sue me because I didn't have a wet floor sign?

I'm not sure why you think that's in any way comparable.


Emergency_Paperclip t1_je57or4 wrote

Well for starters, the lady was trespassing on private property, and she was stealing stuff.

You don't have to make sure your private property is safe for burglars to use.