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thasnazgul t1_je9f2wn wrote

Highly artistic. The pose really draws the eye to the penis. It draws you in. You don't wanna look, but you gotta.


seztomabel t1_jeafc69 wrote

You do want to look.


Technical_Ad1991 t1_jeb4f79 wrote

Go ahead and look man, nothing wrong with it. That sculptor put in hours just so you could!


PMmeNudesForCharity t1_je9cz44 wrote

This man has 3 big toes.


themeatbridge t1_je9f0qy wrote

Lol I spent too much time looking at his foot trying to see the third one.


LupusDeusMagnus t1_je9sayv wrote

Are people really terrified of a tiny stone dick?


MacAttacknChz t1_jea7exg wrote

A school principal got fired in Florida for having a Michael Angelo statue in the school's curriculum.


Shinagami091 t1_jeanu14 wrote

I believe he resigned. Not sure if it was by choice or not. If I were a principle and started getting complaints about what has been considered art for centuries being called pornographic, I’d probably resign too and move to a state not run by a republican governor


hyperfication t1_jebfxid wrote

So wait, let me get this straight... Statue Of David, one of the most influential and historical pieces of art in the history of mankind is bad....

But dragqueen storytime is good?

You Americans are a funny bunch


Shinagami091 t1_jebt3fr wrote

Both are good, to me at least. Republican conservatives think they’re bad


YesplzMm t1_jeazj9u wrote

Yeah I don't understand what that means, "in the curriculum"? Like is it the first thing you see walking into the school and the junk is right at face height, or you can't enter the building without brushing up against specifically the groin region?? Or just studying it from a book or hands on mini statues for all students?? I really assume no. But context is important and typically ignored in these polarized arguments.


the_other_jc t1_jebf3m9 wrote

About what you'd expect, e.g., not a life-size statue sticking its junk in your face when you walk into the school. It was an art lesson, probably a picture in a text or video presentation. "A school principal in Tallahassee, Florida was forced to resign after parents complained about a Renaissance art lesson that showed students Michelangelo's sculpture of the Bible's David." Three parents complained, one of those called it pornographic, and bye-bye principal.
Parents who considered it educational and great art didn't get a voice. Which highlights the question; WHICH parent's rights? The most conservative, with no regard for anyone else's rights.
Which is directly on brand for conservatives.


YesplzMm t1_jebhpxd wrote

I have no idea the age of these students either. But whether it was conservatives or liberals. Whichever has the most shock appeal behind their policy is usually the one that is adheard to. Usually the zero tolerance thing is what fucks anyone within public schools. So yeah parents offended and are the minority over rules reason and practically all legitimate explanations. Its just a red vs. blue thing because thats so hot ever since everyone's getting on and enjoying ripping America apart at the seams.


abdhjops t1_jeavyxf wrote

> tiny stone dick

That's Mr. Governor to you


KanadainKanada t1_jebbwbg wrote

Well Catholics aren't - they are used to dick since their time as altar boys.


NarcanPusher t1_je9o3di wrote

Been visiting San Diego and Irvine lately to meet the wife’s relatives. As a Florida native I’m starting to realize that my state is a low budget, Golan-Globus, straight-to-video ripoff of California.


Grande-Pinga t1_je9v5sr wrote

Hows the homeless situation?


One-Pain1214 t1_jea10ag wrote

It’s better in Florida. If you live in a nice enough an area the cops drive them ten towns away and give them $50.


Btetier t1_jea707o wrote

Yeah, I guess that is cheaper than actually helping them for real


drdavidjacobs t1_jeak19c wrote

Whoa, real talk


Russian_Bear t1_jeaopb8 wrote

Real talk, did you know the homeless shelter costs money in Florida? You gotta beg for money just to sleep somewhere overnight.


drdavidjacobs t1_jearjs5 wrote

Easy there Putin bear - I was homeless, I know the struggle


bigsoupsteve t1_jeawbs3 wrote

They do that in california too. Irvine is notorious for it.


[deleted] t1_jeawzkl wrote

Not as good. So homeless folks leave ( or are run out) and become someone else's problem, thus making Florida look a bit better, and the problem being foisted on other states, making them look worse.

Once states like California are overwhelmed (because they are housing the homeless from all over the country) their systems fall over, the bureaucratic shortcomings become glaring, and politicians don't know how to respond. Then whole neighborhoods fall apart because these states don't do what the red states do: box up the homeless and shoo them away.


drdavidjacobs t1_jeajxoa wrote

Wow, I always thought that but I have family there, you are brave.


mytrickytrick t1_je9fj9x wrote

Rock out with your cock out


xf2xf t1_jeb1mrh wrote

Jam out with your clam out.


PillNeckLizard11 t1_je9tgla wrote

NSFW please, my boss just walked past now i have to explain why i was looking at porn



craybest t1_je9nei2 wrote

Reminds me of the sexy Lucifer sculpture


AdamLikesBeer t1_je9pkco wrote

Pretty sure this statue is illegal in Florida


UnironicGoblin t1_je9tty5 wrote

I left California because of the costs, taxes, and traffic. I moved to Florida....I went from the Frying pan straight into the Fire. Florida is "DeSantisizing" everything :(


BRAX7ON t1_jea00xx wrote

You went from a liberal paradise to literal hell. Not sure what you expected


Captain_Kustaa t1_jeayw8c wrote

I’m out of the loop, can someone explain wtf this means for me?


Zakluor t1_jeblt8e wrote

In Florida, the statue of David -- also a naked man -- was called "pornography".


Heavy_Contribution18 t1_jebyoun wrote

Why but why is it on an iv? How does this relate to the state of affairs in Florida at all?


ozzie510 t1_jeafcez wrote

Closer to real Florida if you add 200 lbs to the statue.


Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_je9o5oc wrote

I'm gonna flatter myself and pretend that look on his face is him thinking of me. 😈💜


drdavidjacobs t1_jeakjsc wrote

Maybe it is?


Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_jecnmm7 wrote

Alls I'm saying is I'd move mountains for a guy like that. I think my boyfriend understands I'd invite him to threesome with us and not ever leave him for any Adonis who I happen to meet up with.


RandomChance t1_jeaaaf2 wrote


drdavidjacobs t1_jeakyar wrote

It’s a nice work of art, any dude ever feel bad for having a penis?


RandomChance t1_jeawgmf wrote

I'm pretty happy with having my penis. It's not an amazing specimen but does fine by me.

I was posting this because in terms of summing up Florida in classical statues...

It seems like the people of Florida are being non-consensually fucked recently.


steven-daniels t1_jeau3vh wrote

Post blowjob David. It wasn't all throwing rocks.


series_hybrid t1_jeavxbp wrote

Same pose as my dog in the middle of the couch..."look at my balls...LOOK AT THEM!"


Wyo_Okie t1_je9i30k wrote

Who put the half eaten Vienna sausage on there


chibrosov t1_je9jvvn wrote

I would love to see "Florida Editions" of classical nude artwork with the "offensive" bits replaced with renderings of right-wing crackpots. Like David but his junk is just DeSantis' face looking confused, or the Venus de Milo but the nips are identical renditions in marble of MTG mid-apoplectic scream (bonus points if pink-tinged)


tyler1128 t1_je9sgg8 wrote

I personally think the real solution in Florida is to just spay and neuter everyone at birth, and restructure down there so no child has to ever see a penis or vagina again.


drdavidjacobs t1_jeakhod wrote

I was out there a few years back, not all of them are right wing pinko nutz, I saw a blue wave or cares honking with Biden stickers on there hands, I was so proud of Florida.


floaty73 t1_je9sf82 wrote

Intravenous De Milo


TobiasMasonPark t1_je9tua2 wrote

Careful. They may claim you’re sharing porn.


welfaremofo t1_jeaux7e wrote

When you have a political movement which uses it’s own failures as justification for being in power through deceptive messaging you get a positive feedback loop. That incentivizes politicians to grief the public into giving them more power. Florida.


Half-DrunkPhilosophy t1_jebmatx wrote

Funny, cause the reason many of the ancient Greek statues even have those fig leaves, or the genitals removed entirely was from another wave of 'decency' sorts who were shocked at the whole idea of anything nude being around.
So much history literally hacked away at cause there might be some penis or labia showing.


Schemen123 t1_je9ri8m wrote

somebody should place a little pad in front of his feet...


pwalkz t1_jea2nq9 wrote

What? Lol


Sid15666 t1_jea52nz wrote

No that would be pornography and banned in the state!


silverob t1_jeajvyk wrote

I want this as my headstone monument except with my face in my twenties, no epitaph just name and dates. For no other reasons than for future generations to ponder upon when out for a walk 🤣


valhon99 t1_jeavo1z wrote

David takes a nap


HarryHacker42 t1_jeax9qn wrote

I just have to question if we walked around would there be Mickey Mouse biting him in the ass?


_DigitalHunk_ t1_jeaxqhb wrote

Add a rainbow 🌈 colored Mickey Hat on this.

If someone with PS skills can make it happen. 🙏🏼


Original-String525 t1_jebxdob wrote

Might be a stupid question, but imma ask anyway. I’ve seen a lot of statues like these in museums and the Louvre. Why do y’all think they all made the peckers so small? Was it for modesty?


rogless t1_jec1lhs wrote

Depending on the era, a small penis was seen as more civilized / refined. A generously endowed statue might have been regarded as bestial. That’s the long and the short of it, at least according to my Intro to Art History class from many years ago.


sev45day t1_jec60xk wrote

I don't think I've ever been that relaxed in my entire life.


Shewhotriesherbest t1_jeca18t wrote

Take off on the Barberini Faun. The original is not actually a dude but a drunken faun follower of Bacchus so it has a sort of a tail on the back. The sprawling quality of the pose may be a restorers exaggeration. Someone threw it in a moat.


enigma002 t1_jecbabf wrote

Is this AI art?


aswissguy OP t1_jedm87j wrote

Haha, no it's real. I took this picture in Spain at an art museum.


Bootsand_pants t1_jee1cwg wrote

Man, the way a state can get you all so hot n bothered us truly impressive. FL over here just being their state. You all wake up everyday in a rage against them, as they sit and chill on beaches with nice weather not taking one second to think of your insignificant lives. Keep it up tho, it’s really working it looks like.


maximfabulosum t1_je9d6u6 wrote

Pass out with your cock out. Same as it ever was. I’ll see myself out.


KungFuChimp t1_jeaaaz9 wrote

This is untrue. In Florida we recently banned statue art that contains penises, you know for the kids or something.


CaseyAnthonysMouth t1_jeau2gr wrote

“All balls and no shaft! What happened to your shaft, Robert?!” Stinkmeaner


WolfOnHigh t1_jeaarqb wrote

What is so offensive about that tiny little dicklet? It doesn't even look real!


Crackerzot t1_jeagw26 wrote

You must be from California. Projecting again...


guitarist4hire t1_je9s4up wrote

all balls, and no cock.

he's got the heart for it, but no feasible way to accomplish his task.


whatsitworth101 t1_jeadcuw wrote

Why did these guys all have such small dicks?


bilateralunsymetry t1_jeaywcw wrote

Small dick was a sign of intelligence during the Renaissance. It depicts that you were strong against beastly urges or something like that