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Ken_from_Barbie t1_jea7t16 wrote

That's too much. You should complain


Redrise1 t1_jea76ck wrote

Shhh don’t tell people about the first row before first class. They already sell out right away


FJWagg t1_jeb40dz wrote

I just got off a delta 737 flight with more space than that between business and comfort+. Why not space out the business seats?


Redrise1 t1_jebcnyx wrote

Yeah but that’s delta… i don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t fly delta exclusively if they could


Life_Roll8667 t1_jecgaf5 wrote

I flew delta this morning and was surprisingly comfortable


soccerwolfp t1_jebootn wrote

Eh these seats aren't that great. May have more legroom but the screens are awkward since it goes from a 2 to a 3 so middle person gets a fold up and everyone else looks at theirs at an angle, theres only 2 seats to put things under for 3 people, and the person in the aisle gets hit every. single. time. someone walks by.


itsaconspiraci t1_jecilv0 wrote

Can't let us common folk too close, because, you know, the smell......


TheRealOneTwo t1_jea7236 wrote

Looks like the first row behind 1st class


mgd09292007 t1_jea5us1 wrote

Exit row or plane from the 1970s?


TheRealOneTwo t1_jea6ygk wrote

If it was an exit row there would be an exit not a wall


justabill71 t1_jea7o0i wrote

Anything's an exit row if you're brave enough.


mgd09292007 t1_jea8o7u wrote

Exactly. Break the window and you can just get sucked out of the plane mid flight


Mrs_Magooo t1_jea9aoc wrote

SkyWest E175s are also pretty small planes in general, seating only 70-76 passengers


NewsandPorn1191 t1_jea6gpv wrote

Guessing either row 7 or row 10. 🤔


tehtris t1_jeae69v wrote

Are you 4 foot 6?


Snaab OP t1_jecbc2h wrote

Haha 6 foot 4, actually…if I’m wearing 4 inch heals


oso4oso t1_jecalip wrote

SkyWest e175. Right behind 1st class


Snaab OP t1_jecbl02 wrote

Exactly (plane was Alaska, but idk, the flight attendants were SkyWest?)


oso4oso t1_jecc6bp wrote

Yeah SkyWest (regional carrier in the US) has agreements to operate under Alaska.


avi8tor t1_jeau5x8 wrote

Thought it was from a train at first.


DarkEmblem5736 t1_jeaw5gh wrote

That looks like a peasant prevention curtain. So you are probably behind business/first class... I also know this because TWO arm rests!?... Such luxury.


mason13875 t1_jeax5tx wrote

Looks like an exit row. Me and my wife had to move from one once because they were afraid in an emergency we would help our teenage children get out of the plane before others. They were sitting right behind us


tmpAccount0013 t1_jecpfcp wrote

If you're not at the emergency exit it becomes twice as much of a problem that you're going to let your children out before others


thegretscher t1_jeatrmt wrote

What row is this?


stanman237 t1_jeaxz2q wrote

Looks to be an Embraer 175 seat 7C/7D right behind the first class section of the regional plane. Usually sold as Economy plus/comfort plus/main cabin extra for united/delta/American respectively.


WarthogOsl t1_jeb3ucr wrote

Sitting just behind first class in an E175? I see the partial curtain. I got this sorta upgrade before and it was nice (even if it was a short flight).


ICouldEvenBeYou t1_jebn7xf wrote

I don't think I've experienced this in my life.


markthe t1_jebvy93 wrote

And you're not even using it!


BigBud16v747 t1_jecha6i wrote

You’re not 6’5” with a 38” inseam are you?!?!?


curtaincaller20 t1_jeak4t9 wrote

Tell us you’re rich without telling us you’re rich.


Chris22533 t1_jear61f wrote

This is the first row behind first class and it looks like it might be a regional jet. This is economy plus pricing at best.


Xeibra t1_jeb8v4q wrote

The safety card that you can see in the picture says its an E175 which is a regional jet that carries about 70 passengers, so definitely a smaller commercial aircraft.


Snaab OP t1_jecdbi4 wrote

Not to mention the fact that my brother paid for my ticket to help him move into his new house. I am not even close to rich lol