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ffelix916 t1_je481yl wrote

For driving in snow at night. They're not needed 99% of the time, but they're a total lifesaver in that other 1%. (Former Volvo 240DL/V70/V40 owner here, and they're seriously some of the best cars for snow, besides the Subaru Outback/Legacy AWD wagons.


Grind-and-Click t1_je7iyv2 wrote

Really? In the 2010 freeze id be walking down main roadways helping push mostly rear wheel drive estates, i get the wipers though good call


ffelix916 t1_je8p40n wrote

I'll never understand why people would own rwd cars in snowy/icy areas. AWD or nothing.


Cricket-Horror t1_je45sa4 wrote

Yep, I think all Swedish cars from the late 70s through to fairly recently had them. A lot of German cars too and probably others. With the current narrow lights, they don't seem to be needed.


NitWhittler t1_je46i1n wrote

My Range Rover had headlight wipers. It's not that uncommon.


doterobcn t1_je47if7 wrote

As far as I know, in Spain, all cars with Xenon headlights were or are required to include wipers


milambermonntanman t1_je45p2f wrote

it's a common thing for European cars to have on however not every European car has it on as it is considered as a optional extra