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human_male_123 t1_jcw3fhx wrote

I did not expect to get emotionally affected by the sausage-fingers lesbian sidestory.


Wormspike t1_jcwdcs8 wrote

It was days later that I realized how that world would likely have a lot more lesbian relationships....considering every person had 10 cocks on each hand.


Pduke t1_jcyx6uf wrote

Idk, they seemed to ejaculate mustardand I'm not sure that's a great idea


Wormspike t1_jd33x1d wrote

That they can ejaculate at all is what made me wonder if they can reproduce that way.


DinoOnsie t1_jcvn4ig wrote

Visually that's a little more than just 'inspiration'.


justreddis t1_jcvbxok wrote

The incomparable Ms. Deirdre Beaubeirdre, ladies and gentlemen.


Grueaux t1_jcw890a wrote

I read that as Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo...


bluebirdgm t1_jcvcred wrote

I guess that’s the buttplug trophy back there covered in red.


beezneezy t1_jcvubma wrote

I’m watching you, Wazowski. Always watching.


CoolCrab69 t1_jcw3r3l wrote

What the hell is EEAAO??

Google wants me to learn about Extra Virgin Olive Oil but I doubt that's correct.


oh-no-godzilla t1_jcw680e wrote

It's what happens after old macdonald had a sheep


ComputerSavvy t1_jcwni6u wrote

> It's what happens after old macdonald had a sheep

That film is banned almost everywhere!


account312 t1_jcwcsfs wrote

Extra Extremely Absolutely Abstinent Oliveoil is the highest grade of olive oil.


Jicama_Stunning t1_jd4tckj wrote

Everything Everywhere All at Once. Absolutely incredible, funny, emotional, and completely insane movie. It just won Best Picture on top of a bunch of other stuff at the Oscars and it’s the first one in a while that felt genuinely fun and earnest and not Oscar-baity


CoolCrab69 t1_jd591si wrote

I'm terrible with movies, I haven't been to a theatre since 2010 lol.


ISMFOF123 t1_jcvqmxp wrote

So does someone get money for something like this? The inspiration is obvious


SoCalThrowAway7 t1_jcvvhk1 wrote

Idk if this woman could or not but I know Riot Games once lost a lawsuit because a World Cup theme skin they made looked too much like an actual player and copied some iconic part of his look or something. He sued them and won years after having acknowledged and having thanked riot for the tribute. Riot had to disclose how much money the skin had made so they could decide on a percentage cut he’d get. Internet tells me it was a Dutch court though so who knows how it’d go in the US


SongOfChaos t1_jcwio7g wrote

It should not have. The idea that the image for Edgar Davids’ likeness being the inspiration for the Lucian skin helped its sales or otherwise harmed Davids is absurd. He lost no money; I sincerely doubt his popularity affected the sale of the skin. But that’s my humble opinion.

Same mentality is probably why people in this *thread are asking if she’s owed money. Inspiration, homage, and references aren’t plagiarism or copyright infringement.


zamfire t1_jcyavtz wrote

Call of Duty got in trouble with a skin as well.


Lemesplain t1_jcvx8j1 wrote

Legally, no… unless this look is her trademark.

Compare Steve Jobs and his turtlenecks. If someone used that outfit for a character, there might be some money involved. But this lady probably has plenty of other outfits she wears regularly, none of which are tied to her identity.


machado34 t1_jcvzrpn wrote

>Compare Steve Jobs and his turtlenecks. If someone used that outfit for a character, there might be some money involved.

Nah, Glass Onion did it and it's at least covered by parody laws


ComputerSavvy t1_jcwnd6u wrote

> Compare Steve Jobs and his turtlenecks. If someone used that outfit for a character, there might be some money involved.


Steve Jobs would have to have previously applied for and been granted a trademark for his particular look which is not in any way "unique".

The purpose of trademarks is to make a clear distinction between one entity and another so they can be clearly identified as such.

Millions of people wear turtleneck sweaters, not making it unique and distinguishable enough from others to be trademarked.

Now if he dressed in a colorful, striped uniform similar in design to a Vatican guard on a daily basis, that would be very unique and it would probably have been granted trademark protection, bringing a whole new meaning to the word, trade dress.


mptorian t1_jcw3ska wrote

Just sucks to find out you’re the actual basis for a villain in a movie.


SongOfChaos t1_jcwj13f wrote

She’s not really a villain, though. If anything, it humanizes that archetype of person who is often vilified unfairly.


GameboyPATH t1_jcx4om6 wrote

Could be fair to call her an antagonist - she’s more often then not an opposing force who creates conflict for the protagonist, even if she’s not evil or villainous.


Elibomenohp t1_jcw61v6 wrote

Mmm sure she wanted this publicized


Jesterb0T t1_jcx2fpo wrote

ITT: Reddit failing lawschool


usspaceforce t1_jcydbm1 wrote

You know everyone who commented on this thread can sue you now. Source: do your own research!


usspaceforce t1_jcydd38 wrote

You know everyone who commented on this thread can sue you now. Source: do your own research!


IHate2ChooseUserName t1_jcwemx3 wrote

i would not fuck with her. in this universe or any universes as long as she is with IRS.


curious_dead t1_jcy1ay2 wrote

I see some people call her a villain or that the women wouldn't like being associated with the character but in the end she ends up being pretty chill (when she's not possessed) regarding Evelyn's business and everything that happens and she's also the lesbian lover in the sausage fingers universe. Really a cooler character when you think about it, she initially comes off as a stereotype bit she subverts them in the end.


aresef t1_jd4gwib wrote

She wasn't evil. She was just lonely.


Tebasaki t1_jcwhgt4 wrote


Small words like "at" or "the" don't get capitalized.


GurOrnery321 t1_jcx80zh wrote

when I looked at her vest and glasses, I was thinking monsters Inc. That one snail lady receptionist


omega_mog t1_jcxzf5a wrote

Did they pay her royalties?


jsb93 t1_jcyih50 wrote

Tried watching this movie last night but just couldn't get into it. Definitely overhyped


woutomatic OP t1_jcugksw wrote

IRS Facility Processes Tax Returns A Week Before Filing Deadline
COVINGTON, KY - APRIL 8: Kathleen Malone works on tax returns at the Cincinnati Internal Revenue Service Center April 8, 2005 in Covington, Kentucky. The tax filing deadline is a week away. (Photo by Mike Simons/Getty Images)


WeNeedToTalkAboutMe t1_jcvqy1k wrote

I hope she got a nice big check from A24.


pseudocultist t1_jcvthli wrote

Alas. I doubt anyone got a check, not her or Mike Simons or Getty. If they'd have used the photo, they'd have had to pay as it's clearly copyrighted. But they copied her outfit, which itself I doubt she thought to trademark that day. So, they were well within their rights to mimic this down to even the jewelry and hairstyle.

They're all free to ride the movie's publicity tho, using the original outfit or this photo.

IF this lady is still around, and IF that's a well known look for her, and IF this movie causes her problems because they copied her look, then she could claim they slandered her character by making her do all of these things on screen, but that'd be a flimsy lawsuit without obvious damages, and this lady is probably not um, making any claims.


NoKids__3Money t1_jcw2wzz wrote

Every day I trademark my outfit just in case.


TigerHijinks t1_jcyke5m wrote

If I wear the same thing everyday, is that automatic? Dis on the Zuck all you want, having nothing but grey t-shirts in your closet takes all the effort out of deciding what to wear. Leaves more time for figuring out which 10k employees to dump this week.


NoKids__3Money t1_jcykrdb wrote

He has definitely trademarked the creepy reptilian rich guy that’s for sure


AsanoSokato t1_jcw2qz7 wrote

Just because you don't have to doesn't mean you can't.


rabbitwonker t1_jcwkocy wrote

“I don’t have, and have never had, hot dog fingers!“


jaredearle t1_jcy69iq wrote

This isn't entirely accurate. For a start, it's libel, not slander if it's published. Also, you can't trademark an outfit broadly enough to make that work.


ScribblesandPuke t1_jcx5zpo wrote

There's absolutely no reason she would. Inspiring a piece of art doesn't mean you get paid for it. Everything a creator makes gets inspiration from somewhere, if they had to pay every inspiration they wouldn't have any money left. It would completely put a damper on all manner of art.

For example, you wouldn't have all the songs ever written about exes and failed relationships because that would mean having to pay your exes! Taylor Swift would be up shit's creek.


Liefx t1_jcx8gar wrote

Right but if her life turned to shit because people started yelling at her in the streets because of this movie, theres reasonable expectation for the people that caused it to help out in some form.


ScribblesandPuke t1_jcyzacc wrote

That makes no sense in several different ways. First of all, that's unlikely to happen. Secondly, she can solve that problem by just not wearing that outfit. At most she could be due a payment equal to the cost of a couple sweaters.

I had medium length hair and wore round glasses for a time, and during that time someone in a pub once called me Harry Potter. Watch out JK Rowling, my lawyers will be in touch!


Liefx t1_jd22k9c wrote

> At most she could be due a payment equal to the cost of a couple sweaters.

Right, and that's reasonable expectation to help someone you caused trouble. Granted you're still asking someone to change their lifestyle because you ruined their previous one.

>I had medium length hair and wore round glasses for a time, and during that time someone in a pub once called me Harry Potter.

That's not even close to equivalent. That character existed before you dressed like that and Harry was designed to be a hero.

The point is: If you had a direct negative impact on someone's life, you should at least try to help them recover. It's how we get along. No one here is talking American-style $1 million lawsuits.

I am going to assume she was fine and most people in her world haven't even heard of the movie, the discussion was: what if.


gaybillcosby t1_jcvwacp wrote

Oh damn. They recently tore down that IRS building but I live like a 5 minute walk from it.


breakingveil t1_jcw7prf wrote

Only thing missing are the hot dog fingers.


Jiffletta t1_jd59jo1 wrote

She doesn't look like a hot dog fingered lesbian at all!


HazYerBak t1_jcwbsu0 wrote

EEAAO=another acronym that doesn't need to exist


RubiMent t1_jcxz8sk wrote

All of reddit deciding how someone feels:


J_Double_You t1_jcx5lds wrote

Fuck this picture. I want to see the inspiration behind the hotdog fingers.


RaisonGardons t1_jcwjnqa wrote

Stop taking pictures of strangers you creeps


Lvl99Cheerio t1_jcxeubv wrote

Just say the fucking moving title


woutomatic OP t1_jcxhxp3 wrote

As mentioned before. It was too long for a reddit title. Y'all need to chill.


Puzzleheaded-Drag197 t1_jcwwf2s wrote

The worst movie I have seen in a long time.


ScribblesandPuke t1_jcx66o2 wrote

Yeah it won like half the Oscar categories it must suck and you're the only one who noticed


DiegoMurtagh t1_jcvs3za wrote

How did anyone watch this insufferable movie?


WockItOut t1_jcw3xqw wrote

If you need to open up about something, Diego, now is the time


1200____1200 t1_jcvz1a6 wrote

It took a while for me to get into it, but when it all kicked in, I enjoyed it


denny31415926 t1_jcwyksv wrote

I mean you phrased that pretty poorly for online discussion, but I agree wholeheartedly. I walked out of that theatre feeling like I'd been shouted at for two hours, and the 'comedy' was about as unfunny as it comes. It's almost an achievement how alienated I felt, considering I'm an Asian guy who grew up in similar circumstances of family stress


raezefie t1_jcxa9bs wrote

The movie is doused in absurdist humor which is not for everyone. I personally loved it. I thought the “you’re still hung up on me liking girls” to be super relatable about the oldies having hard time adjusting to their kids adopting western social norms. Plus the whole establishing a 2nd generation immigrant identity by gleaning from two different cultures.


CharlieTeller t1_jcy613o wrote

See that's why I hate the movie. It's a movie with incredible heart doused in so much shit that it ruins it for me.


themagicbong t1_jcus85q wrote

Ah yes, that super common acronym, EEAAO. Just the other day I was using it. I was singing old macdonald had a farm. Good times.


woutomatic OP t1_jcuvbgt wrote

Whole title wouldn't fit within 100 characters for a reddit title.


the_colonelclink t1_jcvicnq wrote

Even though I knew exactly what you meant, anyone who’s seen the movie would realise what you meant, after seeing the photo.


Yung_Corneliois t1_jcvzw02 wrote

Yea either people already knew the reference or they wouldn’t so the entire title isn’t even necessary.


themagicbong t1_jcuvv72 wrote

The whole title? I genuinely have no clue what that acronym is supposed to be. Wasn't trying to be snarky or something. Just a lil joke cause I'm lost on what it stands for.


DeltaBearlines t1_jcuw6pi wrote

Everything Everywhere All At Once, which won almost every Oscar last week and is very well known and features Jamie Lee Curtis as a character that looks like this.


themagicbong t1_jcux3kv wrote

Oh yeah, so very well known that I didn't know what the acronym for it was. Clearly that's something that's SUPER well-known. Lol. But word, I hear ya. Makes more sense now.


Step-Father_of_Lies t1_jcuxrnh wrote

I mean you literally have to have been living under a rock to not know of this movie right now.


FellatiUhOh t1_jcvucvd wrote

Well, crap. I honestly had no idea this movie existed until just now.


Couldbehuman t1_jcw5boq wrote

Came to the comments to figure out what this bullshit initialism was about too. There is more to the world than some trivial movie, not everyone cares about this crap.


themagicbong t1_jcuy57u wrote

The movie, maybe. The acronym for it? Nah, doubt it. Not everyone uses "EEAAO" all the time, and I've literally only come across it today. Why's that a big deal? lol. I never told anyone they're doing anything wrong.


Step-Father_of_Lies t1_jcuye51 wrote

Yeah you were a bit of a prick about it.


themagicbong t1_jcuyh69 wrote

In what way? Was it how I said "makes sense, now." or maybe it was the way in which I admitted I was the one out of the loop. Yeah totally I was being a massive prick for sure. I think its a bit rude to tell someone "Literally everyone knows this" when they're just asking what it is. But even then, not like I said anything rude in response to that.


Step-Father_of_Lies t1_jcuz2hj wrote

You were being sarcastic. Just acknowledge that and move on.


themagicbong t1_jcuzbht wrote

Lol sure. I wasn't being sarcastic. I made a joke and said i was out of the loop on this one. You couldn't even give me an example of said "sarcasm" Nothing to acknowledge, but yeah good idea on moving on.


BookDumb-StreetDumb t1_jcv57g7 wrote

>You couldn't even give me an example of said "sarcasm"


>Ah yes, that super common acronym, EEAAO. Just the other day I was using it. I was singing old macdonald had a farm. Good times.
>Clearly that's something that's SUPER well-known.
>Yeah totally I was being a massive prick for sure.

3 examples of you being sarcastic.


Gnomeboi t1_jcvpe88 wrote

Lol gottem.

This dude is demonstrating Olympic levels of mental gymnastics to not smell his own shit


WerewolfCircus t1_jcv0qcn wrote

Your first comment is complete sarcasm. You're the type of person who can never admit they're wrong, will argue until the other person gives up only cuz it's pointless but then you consider yourself the "winner" and I bet a lot of people around you are tired of it. Be better.


themagicbong t1_jcv14v1 wrote

My first comment is literally a fuckin joke. What are you smoking? You just assumed you know me, who I am, my whole life story and everything based off basically fucking nothing. YOU be better, dude. Stop being so damn judgemental. Its reddit ffs lol. Of course someone is gonna make a joke. Not like it was at ANYONE's expense. Except my own, by showing how I didn't even know what the initials stood for.


WerewolfCircus t1_jcv1kuf wrote

Just because you said you're joking doesn't remove the sarcasm of your comment you pedantic child. They're not mutually exclusive. you attempted humor, and used sarcasm to do so. It is what it is.


themagicbong t1_jcv4gut wrote

You can use sarcasm in a joke without your overall point being sarcastic in nature. I dunno why you're incapable of understanding that, but its true. My comment wasn't sarcastic in nature towards anyone. The joke may have featured sarcasm, but that was not the overall point of the comment. Stop trying to act like you're above me, dude. Its sad. Especially with your bullshit "be better" stuff. That shit is beyond pathetic.


WerewolfCircus t1_jcv7h7s wrote

Yes you are pathetic I agree. Don't hit your wife!


themagicbong t1_jcv7s64 wrote

Says the guy doing the pathetic behavior and attempting to psychoanalyze someone online over a single comment/interaction with them. Lmfao.


WerewolfCircus t1_jcvcc6g wrote

Woof. Try not to take everything on the internet personally, and try to talk less sarcastically. It'll get you somewhere.


themagicbong t1_jcx9xn2 wrote

Yep, I'd surely take advice from you. And its just reddit, man. Nothing to take seriously. Especially some bullshit like this, haha. I do find it funny the crazy reactions from people like you deciding you know all about me and all that. Its always fuckin hilarious when people try to do some insane shit like that based on just about zero. And the response in general is pretty insane to say to someone over some innocuous joke they made.

Imagine passing someone at work, they tell a joke, and you come at them with "you're the type to never admit fault in an argument and must make everyone around you miserable," lmfao.


theDart t1_jcvajf8 wrote

This guy has been explaining from the beginning what he meant by the "sarcastic" comment, y'know the little diddy about old mcdonald that apparently drove you to your core?

Give it a rest, child. He made one joke and outwardly admitted to not knowing anything of the acronym, when your reply was so pithy to begin with, "Well I know it, so...!"

Now you tell him to "not beat his wife?" LMAO goodness gracious take a step back and breathe a moment will ya.


BookDumb-StreetDumb t1_jcv5jiu wrote


This is the crux of it. I wouldn't waste your time here. This person is clearly a minor with a family member that speaks to them almost exclusively in sarcasm, and they haven't had enough exposure to other people to understand that conversing in this way is offputting and annoying.


themagicbong t1_jcxc5jh wrote

Lmfao. As if the way these people have been speaking to me HASN'T been offputting and annoying? Dude what kinda bullshit double standard are you applying, over there, and why should anyone take it seriously? Look at the crazy stuff this guy, the other guy, and yourself, are saying.

I made a joke, the joke featured sarcasm, but the comment itself was not sarcastic towards anyone. I wasn't acting disrespectful towards anyone until I was being disrespected and talked down to myself. Not sure where or why you guys are getting this high and mighty attitude from, but its way worse than anything anyone got from me in this thread.

Lmfao thats so god damn hilarious "they don't know its offputting and annoying." "haven't had enough exposure to other people" like dude you don't see this crazy ass shit you're doing here? Who the fuck does that? You legitimately think you know something about what you're talking about, thats so fucking hilarious and classic reddit, right here.

Really, you have no fucking clue what you're talking about. And its clear. Stop trying to pretend like you're better than others and be a normal fuckin person. That shit is beyond fuckin weird to assume you know all this shit about other people who you don't even know, and then deciding that this knowledge grants you permission to put yourself above me and act like you have superiority over me. Thats the most pathetic fucking thing I've ever heard.


BookDumb-StreetDumb t1_jcxdnae wrote

>Everything Everywhere All At Once, which won almost every Oscar last week and is very well known and features Jamie Lee Curtis as a character that looks like this.


>Oh yeah, so very well known that I didn't know what the acronym for it was. Clearly that's something that's SUPER well-known.


In case you were wondering, this is where you fucked up. This person gave you the answer to your previous question, informed you that the source is in fact well known, and gave context as to why it linked back to the OP. In response, you implied that your own ignorance of the source has any bearing on whether the movie is well known, and did so with sarcasm and snark.

You're exactly right when you say that nobody here knows anything about you. But do yourself a favor and realize that we do know how you have presented yourself in these comments, and that literally dozens of people agree that you're being insufferable. Either be grateful that you're getting detailed feedback like this at all, or ignore it and stay annoying. Nobody in this thread will remember you exist tomorrow, but you're going to have to live with the repercussions of being intolerable for the rest of your life. It's your choice, do whatever you want. Nobody here cares what you do.


themagicbong t1_jcyknht wrote

Actually. Theres all of fucking 3 or 4 of you fuckin weirdos that said anything like that. There were just as many that voiced an opinion similar to my own. You're absolutely fuckin ridiculous, and I hope you have a great day. Take care, dickhead. You were FAR more insufferable, and I hardly said anything more than a fuckin joke before you judgemental pricks went off the deep end with your absolute JOKE of comments towards me.

Also since I can't reply to the bullshit comment underneath this one, u/step-father_of_lies

Look who's fucking talking dude. Wtf is wrong with you? Someone needs to smack the shit outta you, probably just havent had that happen yet in your life, but you will.


BookDumb-StreetDumb t1_jcys025 wrote

Woof. Good luck out there. Have a good one.


themagicbong t1_jcysavy wrote

I like the woofs, not gonna lie. What kinda dog are you? But hey, no hard feelings, pal. Take care, hope you have a good one, as well.

lol you really blocked me? you guys are even more lame than I was giving you credit for.


Step-Father_of_Lies t1_jczosq1 wrote

Holy fuck you are in denial. You should have shut your fucking mouth long long ago but you just kept digging. It's truly amazing how you weren't able to step back and say, "Maybe I was wrong a bit" but no, you just push on.


Otterman2006 t1_jcuyt47 wrote

If you know the movie how can you not put it together that the acronym stands for the title?


jodobrowo t1_jcvr36o wrote

Dude you have to realize 90% of redditors have zero critical thinking skills.


DrPootytang t1_jcvevw3 wrote

Wonderful argument: “If it’s so well known then how come I haven’t heard of it?” Even has its own wiki entry


hawkinsst7 t1_jcwcje1 wrote

Heh. I once trolled an old boss with this. He was very much into fashion. Me, not so much.

So I was looking for shoes to go with a tux when I was in Rome, and I wandered into some store near the Spanish steps. Looked at their shoes, too fancy and expensive and I left.

Day or two later I was chatting with him, and I described to him where I went. "I think it was something like Feragami or something."

"salvadore Ferragamo?! That place is super famous?"

"nah, if they were that famous, I'd have heard of it. You want famous, look at Dockers."

I knew what he meant, but it was totally worth it to hear him have a stroke when I compared dockers to high Italian fashion.

It may be high quality. It may be well known in an industry. But to me, super famous means the layperson who isn't involved in the industry is aware of it. It'sgotten so much air time, that it's percolate out of the enthusiast realm.


themagicbong t1_jcxb4iy wrote

Its literally not the same. I'm not a politician trying to decide on some policy that affects everyone, or anything like that. In this instance, someone is saying something is so popular, everyone knows what it is. Saying I don't isnt just arguing from anecdote, its actually relevant. Because I was only asking a damn question. I never made an argument about whether this media is the most popular in the world. its the reverse, if anything. You should be saying this to the other guy, who claimed that the media was so well known, because even they knew what it was. The burden isn't exactly on ME to prove that I haven't heard of it, as is the case in this instance. I already declared that, openly. I was only asking what the media was, and they told me essentially "everyone knows about this." Which makes "I don't know about this" perfectly reasonable as a response. I'm not exactly debating this person. I'm responding to what they just said to me. Its not a statement meant to prove anything other than their bar for what "everyone has seen this" means is clearly too high, and I'm saying at the same time that I haven't/didn't know what it was. Thats it. I'm not speaking for anyone else. As well, that person saying "everyone does know about this" is just as much of a generalization as ME saying "not everyone does."


stonerwithaboner1 t1_jcuyxj8 wrote

'Tis pretty well known, haven't seen the movie but have seen a lot about it on ye Ole Reddit.


themagicbong t1_jcuzjs9 wrote

I haven't seen that used to describe that, but I definitely get it, now. People get mad touchy over other people asking a lil question these days, don't they?


DeltaBearlines t1_jcv04rr wrote

You were talking like the person who posted this, specifically, owed it to you, specifically, to explain the obvious. Not everything that everybody has ever said or done is for you.


Step-Father_of_Lies t1_jcvhu1m wrote

>Not everything that everybody has ever said or done is for you.

But in another timeline...


themagicbong t1_jcv0uu0 wrote

no, actually, that's just an assumption you made. I didn't say or act like anyone owed anyone anything. I made a joke using just the initialism right there, which I've been referring to as an acronym incorrectly lol, and then they said they couldnt fit the full title. I didnt know what "the full title" meant, in this instance, and I said as much. They told me what it meant, and I said "I gotcha, makes sense." forgot to include "thanks." but other than that, nothing I said was acting like any kinda way.


mynameisbone t1_jcvn5gi wrote

I can’t believe all the bullshit backlash and downvotes from your original post. Like, WTF??? I also had no idea what the movie was. And apparently I’m supposed to know because it won awards at the Oscars? I couldn’t give a fuck about the Oscars! I never watch them. Well, other than clips of Will Smith being a complete fuck-up. So thanks for taking one for the team


themagicbong t1_jcx9k5s wrote

Its a little odd, to say the least, the overall reaction to these couple comments I made. It's hardly even close to the most controversial thing I've ever spoken about/said on reddit, and I don't think I was really being too disrespectful until I was being disrespected myself. These comments are now up there with the most downvoted comments I have ever made on reddit in the decade (nearly) that I've had this account, lmfao.

Its a bit strange, but I suppose my comments responding to this thread made up a good portion of the comments at one point, so it was pretty visible for a while. No idea what was so controversial about a lame ass joke, though. Its like they decided anything I said wasn't genuine, period. And further, went ahead and gave me this crazy backstory lmao. Its not just this guy, right here, saying I'm trying to tell others what to do, or that I'm a dickhead or something, but even had another person give me another evaluation on how they know for sure I'm the type to never admit fault and all this other crazy shit. Based off a whole three or four comments at that point, lmao.


GreenNatureR t1_jcuzdh7 wrote

clearly, you seem to have no self awareness, yeah?

To put it straight with you, this comment makes you sound like a sarcastic condescending prick. Makes more sense now?

But a word, if someone tells you something you don't know, don't be a dick about it.


woutomatic OP t1_jcuw7ti wrote

Everything everywhere all at once. Because of this long title the acronym EEAAO is pretty common.


themagicbong t1_jcuxei4 wrote

I hear ya. Haven't heard or seen that used in place of the title myself, but I understand, now. Makes sense, though.


Floating0821 t1_jcvavp1 wrote

Interesting. Kudos to to you for a lil joke without any knowledge of the subject. Takes balls


themagicbong t1_jcxa8pr wrote

Evidently so, nowadays lol. Even just making a comment NOT talking down to me, in response to me, is enough to warrant catching some flak, apparently. Persona non grata over here. Not sure exactly who's cheerios I shit in with my incredibly hot take on being a bit behind popular media, but apparently it was a lot of people. I do think its interesting how many different ways people tried to frame my words/portray me to make me look bad. I even said multiple times over I know I'm out of the loop. But its like people just decided nah fuck this guy, lol. Nothing I said was even disrespectful or anything until I myself started being disrespected outta nowhere. Pretty fuckin bizzare, to say the least.


WeTheAwesome t1_jcuw1z3 wrote

For people wondering, it’s the movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”


No-Wonder1139 t1_jcv5or8 wrote

Yeah I can't do movie titles changed to acronyms either, the other day I saw someone refer to star wars as ANH and I was lost.


KRD2 t1_jcv7qi7 wrote

It's actually quite common to refer to Star Wars films by acronyms because saying "Star Wars 1" could mean A New Hope (the first film) or The Phantom Menace (episode 1). It's a clarity thing to avoid having to type the full subtitle everytime you refer to the film.


CrizpyBusiness t1_jcvqp4y wrote

That's not an acronym. You said it yourself, it's the subtitle.

Edit: I can't read good


KRD2 t1_jcvqzzb wrote

W...what? It's an acronym OF the subtitle? What the fuck are you talking about?

Edit: just to be clear, I mean referring to "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" as "TPM".




themagicbong t1_jcv67hl wrote

People are very angry at the idea someone may not understand a given initialism/acronym for a title, in this thread. I'd be careful voicing that. Lol. I haven't seen the movie itself, mostly just have seen people talking about it very occasionally. Just didnt feature much in the circles I frequent, I guess. So the whole "EEAAO" thing was pretty much brand new for me, today. And my ADD ass brain was thinking of a million other things at the same time, didnt make the connection between Jamie Lee Curtis and the full title "Everything Everywhere All At Once."


dannyisyoda t1_jcvtqh2 wrote

Nobody is angry about the fact that you didn't understand what EEAAO stands for. It's the fact that you had to be a complete dick about it.


No-Wonder1139 t1_jcv6p80 wrote

Yes I see that. Evidently we just call movies by their acronyms now and we should know what they mean.


themagicbong t1_jcv8v0x wrote

Of course. Like how as a kid we all used to love watching SP on CC. Cartman calling kyle's mom a bitch, a classic.

Nah, Im joking, of course. I guess it can work for SOME titles, like LOTR for lord of the rings, WoW for world of warcraft, but its just not always universal. Or if its a newer one, maybe still include the full name for a bit.

Course, you don't HAVE to. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do, like some other guy in this thread was suggesting. Just might help people understand. Anyways gonna probably stop commenting in this thread now lmao. Wasn't trying to be rude w/ the joke, though.


No-Wonder1139 t1_jcvagat wrote

I'm thinking LOTR and T2 were the only were the only commonly acronymed movie titles. If I was like hey you ever see PTA? The chances of you guessing I meant Phil the Alien, an award winning film, would be pretty low.


Downvote_me_dumbass t1_jcuwe4c wrote

You actually pronounce that as an acronym? What other noises do you make?


themagicbong t1_jcuxw2h wrote

I dunno, was the first time I've seen "EEAAO." Wasn't sure WHAT to do with it, in my head. Lol. But I can make ALL KINDS of noises. Should hear the tunes I can belt out from the shower. I'm sometimes mistaken for a Hyena in heat, but, yknow, to each their own.


LevelStudent t1_jcva9sj wrote

It sounds like when Elmer Fud drops a hammer on his toe.


MrPapis t1_jcvd4ot wrote

Who are these people to suggest that one should just know the acronyms of movies that isnt long time fan favorites/known series of movies. Its super uncommon to refer to a movie by an acronym. Especially on a sub dedicated to photos, not movies, double especially when the photo is not even from the movie.
I mean no hate to OP its a cool photo with a nice backstory. But this was a lighthearted joke and anyone down voting should feel bad.


themagicbong t1_jcxavr9 wrote

I appreciate it, though I think people have pretty much just decided they don't like me, and sorta gave their own undertones and backstory to everything I've said so they can act like I'm the bad guy, or something. Dunno if you saw any of the characterizations made about me, but they are all over the place, and obviously pretty derogatory in nature. Pretty wild reaction over a statement like this, I think.

I genuinely was joking, and yes, the joke used sarcasm, but I wasn't being sarcastic towards OP with the joke or the followup statement. In my mind, everyone was in on the bad joke. If anything, I was even sorta joking on myself saying I didn't know what this evidently popular media was. And at the time I made the comment, there was around two comments total in the thread, and the post was at +50 votes. Pretty innocuous in my mind. Wild as fuck to log back on 12 hrs later or whatever and now multiple of my comments are in the negative hundreds lmfao.

In the nearly decade I've had this account, these comments are now among the most if not the most controversial I have ever made, apparently. This site is becoming pretty awful with the negativity these days. I guess that's just what the assumption was that was made about me, that I was being negative. But this whole thing is fuckin weird to me. Don't think I even really said anything too egregious, lol.


MrPapis t1_jczfjfu wrote

I totally agree and ive had similar experiences to feel what you are. Im just gonna say it how i feel, its that fucking woke culture. I understand the basis of it and can agree. The problem is that the arguments made are rarely true.
So their path or direction i find good(inclusion, letting people be who they are etc.) but the way they attack reality as if it can be attacked is ridicules.

And its basically whats happening here. A lighthearted joke is being vilyfied to mean "haha you stupid for saying something that doesnt make sense" When in reality its like. Yeah no, people arent just gonna know what the fuck EEAAO means. And it should only be assumed that people in cinema subs(which is eve na stretch) knows, not in a general sub as r/pics. Only reason its disliked so much is because people who dont know just wont interact with it so its only bandwagon people and people who knows the movie by its acronym.

Which is just not a normal way to talk about a movie unless you start the text with the movie name to use the acronym through the rest of it. But no screw logic/grammar because you were trying to be evil so now feel the evil of hundreds of people, as if that's fair in any way.
Honestly I'm disgusted by this behavior and none of them would say it like that to your face. Its the new keyboard warriors, all talk no walk(or even footpath to walk on), its just pure ignorant malice.


themagicbong t1_jczxeld wrote

Absolutely agree. Its pretty wild how they go full circle basically with that type of thing. Trying to act high and mighty and end up doing the exact same thing they are claiming to be against. One of those keyboard warriors even just now told me I need to "shut the fuck up," oh no! We got a tough guy over here! Yeah its pretty ridiculous overall. We can speak to each other like decent people even if we don't agree, there is literally no need for all the above and beyond crazy shit these guys were doing, and trying to psychoanalyze me and all that, give me their own backstories. Just weird as fuck, especially with that superiority angle that literally every single one of them was using in their arguments.


MrPapis t1_jczzzak wrote

The hard part for the rational people is to not let anger get the best of them so it turns into the mud fight, they want, because that's how you loose. But not getting angry when people disregard reality is really difficult. It will be an interesting shift of modern society if what we can agree collectively is true compared to the truth actually being true. At least in these echochambers it doesn't seem like rationality is winning.


themagicbong t1_jd013dk wrote

Absolutely. Unfortunately, I did end up falling into that, a bit, and it never helps or makes you look good, thats for sure. And yeah it's kinda shocking, at times, the degree to which people will willing separate from reality to push certain narratives/to win arguments. Honestly, this type of stuff is definitely worrying. Can't even have a simple convo about an initialism without there having to be a "good" and a "bad" side. And yknow, the whole thing where its okay to not agree 100%. That doesn't have to mean the person you're speaking with is a literal child, or something like that. This new hardline attitude for everything is just not the way, imo. Sure, feel strongly about whatever you want, but that does not suddenly make your cause important, nor does it make you superior to others. Picking a side shouldn't be thought of in a way that invokes superiority. Yet nowadays everyone and their moms seemingly thinks they are better than everyone else, simply because they believe in "the correct side." Anyway, I hope some of these things can be reverted, maybe with people realizing these extreme caricatures are not representative of anyone, really. But I'm not holding my breath.


MrPapis t1_jd0uqwh wrote

Honestly if we really poke at it it seems we are hitting the limitations of human nature against the modern world. Where people used to burn witches and ridiculing people that they couldn't understand it's so sad to see the same "looked down upon" people(atleast in their mind) continue immoral and virtue signaling instead of trying to see a truth. But that's the thing, accepting our own narrow mindedness and actively expanding it when met with true adversity/differing opinion is gonna be the strength to garner. I personally see autistic people as some sort of a development as they seem to have a much more rigid and firm understanding of truth and knows better than to delve into arguments they cannot succesfully relate to ie. Understanding the actual truth instead of a limited or broken understanding. Note I do understand this is not all autism is and there is definitely severe consequences to the condition. But I hope that part of it can be forced on what is basically a broken mind with a computer brain interface. So that instead of acting out of ignorance and human limitation, we can reach beyond and speak real truths based on data and evidence. Much like many autistic people do. But will it enforce truth or will we still ignore a truth that isn't beneficial to us? How strong will our subjective mind be against the hard structured data of which the internet comprises. I choose to believe that most people are good and what we are seeing is a vocal minority faltering. And I also believe that the way to win is by giving the other cheek. I don't look down upon you for speaking against it, i have done so myself. All I can say is that the only way to truly align with people is with acceptance and understanding. And we can only start with out selves. Giving them something to fight and group against will not make them succumb to reason. But a kind heart might.


themagicbong t1_jd1kaah wrote

You've got a nice way of putting to words ideas that I sometimes struggle to communicate, but I definitely would have to agree that coming together is vastly superior to basically any alternative. We're at a point where you have entire nations with people living next door to one another seeing each other as enemies. It almost sounds laughable to even consider that we COULD tackle some of the crazy issues we now face, given how little unity there ever seems to be on anything.

I'm someone who had a bit of a rough go of it, early in life. I had ADD/ADHD combined (not sure what it is nowadays, but thats what I WAS diagnosed with, in the 90s.) and always struggled with school. Then struggled with addiction for a while right out of highschool. These hardships, I feel, gave me far better perspective on the human psyche. And a bit of insight into just how similar we all are to one another. I really hate the idea nowadays of just throwing the whole person away, and I definitely think positive change is possible. I'll have to try and remember to always be civil, as you mention, as it really is the only way to cut through the bullshit a lot of the time.

Your final thoughts on the matter, there, echo my own quite nicely. I think that usually if you can get far enough along with any given person, that you can find SOME kind of common ground or understanding. Most of the time. I do hope that we (the collective we, lol) can learn to put aside our differences to a much greater degree than we do today. It almost seems like we've taken a few steps back in that area, though, in the last decade or so. One thing is for sure, to me, though, and its that extreme views really don't promote much positive change, even if you personally believe your cause to be righteous.


CrizpyBusiness t1_jcvqxkf wrote

The people downvoting this benign-ass comment:



themagicbong t1_jcx99rc wrote

Haha, yeah its a bit odd to say the least. Would you believe these comments are now the most downvoted I've ever made, pretty much, in all the nearly 10 years I've been on the platform? I'm not sure how/why people decided I was a douche from the start, but it sure is strange. Even had people deciding my whole life story and everything lol.