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intheshad0wz t1_iufpzuw wrote

I wish we had more people like her when I was growing up. People round here just gave you a handful of money nuts.


spooniemclovin OP t1_iufl82m wrote

120+ full size chocolate bar variety, the Skittles/Starburst box, Ring Pops, Pop Rocks, Bottle Pops, Push Pops, Capri Suns, Kool-Aid Jammers, different sizes of glow sticks.

We maybe have 30 trick or treaters... So they'll be getting a friggin gift basket.


alwaysinebriated t1_iug90f3 wrote

30 or so until Word gets out and kids from blocks over come for those good houses the following years... well that was the 90s lol


ellienation t1_iufm41d wrote

Aw man, your wife is living the dream!


ashleighnikkola t1_iufpwnr wrote

I salute your wife for doing the lord’s work.


kittykels420 t1_iugjase wrote

My sister and I used to scope out these places, then run home, change costumes, and hit up all the good places, over and over...


thefartsock t1_iugsjv0 wrote

pm me your address im dropping by tomorrow night


drow t1_iugvb22 wrote

Grab the wife and kids and prepare for the best halloween movie nite ever!!! Just try to not eat it all watching all those wonderful shows.