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phthophth t1_iub0x1f wrote

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If you have never seen the Roger Corman film, do yourself a favor and watch it. I love the Frank Oz musical, and that film is loaded with talent. However, in my opinion, Corman's film is both funnier and more interesting.

No discredit to Frank Oz, who his a brilliant polymath!


NecroJoe t1_iubl7gp wrote

I never gave that version a fair shot, because when I was much younger, I bought it on VHS because the cover said Jack Nicholson was in it. He got top-billing. I got a short time into it, and either he wasn't in it yet, or played a mostly bit part, and I lost my patience with it. Seems like I need to give it another shot with my more more open mind, and with realistic expectations.


phthophth t1_iubmxeu wrote

:) You get my upvote! It's an underrated movie.


Happyberger t1_iubnmvt wrote

Jack plays a delivery boy or something like that very early in the movie, he's in it for all of about 8 seconds. I bought the same copy with his name and picture plastered on the front. He also looks like he's about 15 years old, but definitely still very much looks like him.


carriegood t1_iuc1t49 wrote

He's a masochist who goes to Audrey's dentist boyfriend.


Jedimasteryony t1_iuc6ir3 wrote

He plays the same character as Bill Murray in the musical version. Weirdo that likes teeth being worked on.


ginga_bread42 t1_iub3dxx wrote

Lol I think you're the only person to say that a Roger Corman film is funnier and more interesting than a real movie. Though I did notice you didn't say it was better.


phthophth t1_iub8zt2 wrote

I would not rate either movie is better. From your comment, it sounds like you may not have seen the original. It is a really good movie! It is darker, funnier, and more thought provoking. However, it does not have the production polish of the Frank Oz film for obvious reasons. The comedy in the original is quite dry, so do not watch it with any expectations.

In my opinion, one thing that makes the Frank Oz film great is that it is so very different. Please just give the Corman film a chance.


ginga_bread42 t1_iub9d3j wrote

I haven't seen the original in its entirety honestly. It wasn't exactly the easiest thing to find when I was looking for it. I do however know how Roger Corman movies tend to work lol. Even when they're terrible its kind of fun to watch.


phthophth t1_iubf2ee wrote

It's actually a very intelligent movie. Some of the acting could be better, but most of the acting is great.