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1000010100011110 t1_iu8xbic wrote

That could have been hung in the white house a few years ago


Labotomyy t1_iu9cu2b wrote

And then someone will throw sauce on it and glue themselves to it. That’s how you know it’s real art.


PFChangsFryer t1_iuccr25 wrote

Bill Clinton would’ve certainly hung it up. That MF loved Mickey D’s.

Edit: Apparently the downvotes don’t remember the ‘90s lol


TheCouchStream t1_iu936f4 wrote

Came here to make this comment, take my upvote


1000010100011110 t1_iu9d61o wrote

I'm sorry, you're too kind but I can't accept it. I downvoted myself to cancel it out


amiurion t1_iuc8wzn wrote

This get me laugh so hard! 😂😂😂 and it’s a really good painting so it definitely could!


Mobwmwm t1_iua8hdv wrote

Nice try ad agency


fingers t1_iue7u3f wrote

The shit goes on the top.


Mobwmwm t1_iueugsw wrote

Na put it on bottom so some dude has an argument as to why it wasn't posted by an ad agency. Big brained


eldonhughes t1_iu8z456 wrote

Still Life with Fries.

Nice ad.


suzuki_hayabusa t1_iud5qra wrote

No. That's his niche. I follow him on insta


Frozencokeofficial t1_iudb1d5 wrote

What acts as an ad, is an ad, no matter if it was put there sneakily or because someone has become inured to a brand so far that they dont even know they are a walking ad.


suzuki_hayabusa t1_iudv8gd wrote

Dude, this dude creates arts like this. It's his niche. Maybe it was commissioned by McDonald and maybe not. He's just showing his work. He has over 100k followers on insta and makes good art. I like it for what it is.


eldonhughes t1_iueu7bx wrote

For whatever it is worth,

I didn't mean the "Nice ad" as an insult. It would be a nice ad. Heck, if I was a McD franchisee I'd be trying to contact him to purchase, hang it on the wall in my store.


[deleted] t1_iu8wx86 wrote



Snowbank_Lake t1_iu91h4y wrote

Lots of OP’s stuff isn’t of any particular brand. Let people enjoy things.


StillBurningInside t1_iu9e42i wrote

Let people have one second of their life without someone trying to sell them something.

Advertising is a cultural fuc*ing cancer.


Hs39163 t1_iuak2a9 wrote

I’m surprised an ancap is against corporate advertising.


StillBurningInside t1_iuap9dj wrote

My personal view is that it is a violation of the NAP.

I'm not subbed there anymore. And subbing doesn't mean a person believes said stuff. It is a sign of maturity to understand an idea without embracing it.


Hs39163 t1_iuapf2b wrote

Could’ve done without the boorish condescension, but I understand your point.


Guywithquestions88 t1_iuahals wrote

From my own experience, Reddit usually gets really angry with you if you point out blatant ads (like... just a straight up picture of Taco Bell in a food sub, for example).


krudru t1_iu92tod wrote

I find the food at McDonald's to be a little too...oily.


TransposingJons t1_iu9rgw1 wrote

But the wrappers are coated with the forever chemicals, PFAS (known more commonly as Teflon). It keeps the wrappers from falling apart when oils (grease) would normally soak through and make it weak.

Then they wrap it around your HOT food, so you godsdamned know you are literally eating some of those chemicals.

Fast food will fuck you up in soooooooo many ways.


mmmlinux t1_iu9a8h0 wrote

This is an ad.


nobrayn t1_iu91pfr wrote

So.. Filet-O-Fish were my “height of the pandemic cheat food”. I was in a weird situation, living with my soon-to-be ex at their parents place in a suburb. Lockdown in effect. No friends. Forced to eat vegan which I didn’t mind, as I had been eating that way for a couple years anyway… but yeah. I had to get out, man. I’d go on long bike rides but they weren’t that long, as I’d just go to McDonald’s and eat a Filet-O-Fish alone by a pond. Then I found out a they had doubles.. and you could ask for extra tartar sauce. I was getting experimental.

Anyway. I haven’t had one since I got outta there, but uh… nice painting!


JibFromThe6ix t1_iua2bfu wrote

My pandemic guilty pleasure was a filet o fish, mac sauce instead of Tatar sauce and add pickles. The workers give me dirty looks everytime, but it taste great!


bruddahmacnut t1_iuadzli wrote

> Then I found out a they had doubles..

Wait what?? Double filet o fishes? That's a thing? DO WANT!


Youve_been_Loganated t1_iua9a69 wrote

I love their filet o' fishes, they're not too salty like most fast food fried fish sandwiches. Looking at you Burger King. They're so expensive that I'll only buy it if its BOGO (or like 29cents through their app if you buy a second one). It's such a small sandwich and I always talk myself into getting something more filling like a few McDoubles/Chicken Sandwiches instead.


outm t1_iucqtn1 wrote

Why does this post have so much bot upvotes?

Is McDonalds that desperate?


vember_94 t1_iu95er5 wrote

I just typed into Dalle 2 "Oil painting of a McDonalds meal" and it generated an image exactly the same quality as this.


HOLDGMEBROTHERS t1_iu98lje wrote

It will still not outlast the actual burger


chris_some_2240 t1_iubl25a wrote

The first time I ate a filet o fish I threw up needless to say I hate it with passion.


pompcaldor t1_iu96ib9 wrote

So how long was this food sitting out while you painted?


beebeereebozo t1_iuas4pg wrote

The cheese and fish are never perfectly aligned lack that on the bun.


CPUsports t1_iucyyvv wrote

Nice juxtaposition of the beautiful and the mundane.

Up to the viewer to determine which is which.


brusssucks t1_iu9oai5 wrote

Since the cheese is only visible coming out of one side I think you have nailed the half piece of cheese detail beautifully


Ledeberg t1_iua7y68 wrote

does anyone actually eat filet o fish ?


[deleted] t1_iuaben3 wrote



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bruddahmacnut t1_iuaddk4 wrote

When u were done, did u eat the model?


AgentParkman t1_iubg78x wrote

🙋🏼‍♀️ One billion dollars!


ChrisMess t1_iubhzx0 wrote

Totally unrealistic: the painting implies that the ice cream machine worked.


robsensei39 t1_iubk3f6 wrote

The vast sandwich at McDonald’s


Easypeck t1_iubrdeu wrote

This is totally the same person that did the peanut butter and jelly with a glass of milk


Trewarin t1_iucrhvx wrote

Yo can I buy this?


deviantelf t1_iuctb3l wrote

Thanks... now I want the sandwich and fries. :/

Awesome work tho!


Trips-Over-Tail t1_iu95yy8 wrote

You can gild a turd with genuine talent and sweeping grace, but it's still a turd.


Rubyboat1207 t1_iu9cndp wrote

this looks like the same style that old watermelon painting was in


Murkus t1_iu9i2e8 wrote

Man... The amount of shite art posted on Reddit that doesn't inspire me personally to think.... anything.

This, though. Loved it. Sparks some very interesting thoughts in my brain. Thanks for sharing it!

Edit: bahahahaha the people who downvoted my comment before... Actually reading the entirety of it. Hilarious.


Korbas t1_iu9rbuy wrote

Are you a dragon master?


cratertooth27 t1_iu9sqci wrote

Give me back that fillet of fish, give me that fish


rookie-number t1_iu9vhtg wrote

"Do not forget to finish your Filet of Fish... Dragon Master"


PartyMasterMD t1_iua2v3k wrote

Very good job, and fairly accurate as a strawberry shake is one of the most popular drink choices when someone orders the filet-o-fish.

Hi-C orange is #1, in case you were wondering


bryan_pieces t1_iua308i wrote

Was this commissioned by Donald Trump?


MountainDrew42 t1_iua4310 wrote

Very unrealistic. The cheese should be half hanging out of one side, and the fish hanging out the other side. Yours is far too symmetrical.

Edit: if it's not obvious, I'm kidding. It's an excellent painting, just happens to look way better than the real thing.


the1999person t1_iuagz8o wrote

Now this should be hanging in a museum where people throw soup on it.


neversinkatsea t1_iuai0le wrote

Really beautiful and an interesting perspective of modern times.

How can you get downvoted for complimenting a person’s art? Sincerely, fuck you.


red_kull t1_iuaj093 wrote

Great work I love it 😍


invisiblette t1_iuan0zu wrote

In all seriousness, this is beautiful beyond words, and executed with consummate skill. I delight in the shine on that bun, the rich gleam of that milkshake, the velvety luster of those roses in their simple yet quietly dazzling jar. It transcends time and is absolutely museumworthy. I envy your skills so much!!


crazycakes329 t1_iub0s72 wrote

I am a fast food worker, and yet, I still like this somehow. Well done :)


QubitBob t1_iub22p2 wrote

I look forward to seeing this in the Louvre someday.


CaeciliasFeet t1_iub2cw5 wrote

someone actually made an still life of mcdonalds, damn it's good tho


AliasNefertiti t1_iuc61y9 wrote

I had occasion to stay at McDonalds training center for an event. All the hotel art lining the hallways had McDonalds in it. I recall one abstract that you had to study but there were the arches, cleverly worked in. In all different styles. You name the style, an artist worked it in.


AlaskaDude14 t1_iub3sbj wrote

If that was a big Mac and Oreo mcflurry I'd hang that on my wall


DEchilly t1_iub5peq wrote

it's gorgeous! my goodness that's sweet. way to go, artist.


Fishpiggy t1_iub8t0v wrote

I love the ketchup packets on the side


Kills-to-Die t1_iubd3iy wrote

And I know it stayed fresh through the time it took you to paint this. Beautiful work by the way.


Tanagrabelle t1_iubr1j0 wrote

You are GOOD! Also, now I want one. Mac should hire you.


sleebus_jones t1_iubsu6c wrote

I love that sandwich. Don't even care if I get undooted to death.


Tracylpn t1_iubumct wrote

My favorite!! I love the Filet-O-Fish


Tracylpn t1_iubupei wrote

What a beautiful rendition


SanjiWanji t1_iucdoh2 wrote

My fav Macca's meal. Beautiful artwork.


Incognito409 t1_iu8y33o wrote

Perfect! I've been eating Filet o Fish since they were 35 cents .... and all my flower vases are Ball jars. It's like you painted this just for me 😊


MyVoiceIsElevating t1_iu95a9o wrote

Oil is the correct medium for this type of content.


BwanaBanana t1_iu9ed29 wrote

I love this!! Hopefully you make good money from your paintings!


Choppergold t1_iu9rmh6 wrote

Fantastic gift for Lent for a Catholic


soopadog t1_iu9s3sb wrote

Could i get one with a chocolate shake and mcrib pls


Slave35 t1_iu9ubme wrote

These things are going for like $5.99 now. I'm not sure how it can survive.


wongtonfui t1_iu9ui2y wrote

Strawberry a man of culture


iTwango t1_iu9vyqb wrote

I want a print of this


cinemachick t1_iua1sj9 wrote

Do you sell your paintings? I really love the satirical nature of this piece


Fallom_TO t1_iuaimku wrote

It’s not satire. It’s straight up paid advertising. Op has a Taco Bell one too, they post sandwiches in between paid posts.


toonafish69 t1_iu8y299 wrote

Burger king should make these to show their menu items


Unofficial_Officer t1_iu92aa4 wrote

Have you gotten a call from the Donald? This looks like something Mr. Trump would want in his home. He loves the filet o fish. /s kinda


RedYourDead t1_iu99nyg wrote

I would like to request an oil painting if a McRib meal.


theWebHawk t1_iu9iw18 wrote

Amazing! I would love to have a print of this in my house!


KAROWD t1_iu9llux wrote

i love the filet o fish


jklantern t1_iu9n1pe wrote

This painting speaks to me. It's almost like a commentary on how much we rush to get food, and don't take the time to appreciate it.


Comprehensive_Bid t1_iu9qzrn wrote

Filet-O-Fish, strawberry shake and fries are the three things I know I would dig into at McDonalds. A contemporary take on the traditional still life; beautifully done.


Dr-Retz t1_iu9rlo0 wrote

500 years from now,this will be categorized as a Renaissance example 😂


sybiriya t1_iu8vlcy wrote

Ooo now do some spicy mcnuggies and a twirl mcflurry


bts_jkl t1_iu8vpbl wrote

this should be at Met


mkfandpj t1_iu8xkxm wrote

A gorgeous moment in time! ♡♡♡


k_flours t1_iu8xqu4 wrote

New (Take Out) Order


Highlandcoo t1_iu94zdq wrote

This looks amazing. Can I get a print from somewhere??


SlasherZet t1_iu8wlkk wrote

Man I miss fish filet burger, it was the best


SenorMeepbeep t1_iu8va09 wrote

Amazing, you made the filet-o-fish look appetising!


u9Nails t1_iu92trz wrote

I wish it was like that. They're a fish nugget now in a dinner roll. (At twice the cost.)


wufnu t1_iu9eckd wrote

> They're a fish nugget now in a dinner roll.

Bummer. Obviously haven't had one in awhile but I always thought it was a tasty fish sandwich.


DurtyKurty t1_iu8yg9d wrote

I just hung one of your paintings in my new kitchen, thanks again!