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eldonhughes t1_iu8z456 wrote

Still Life with Fries.

Nice ad.


suzuki_hayabusa t1_iud5qra wrote

No. That's his niche. I follow him on insta


Frozencokeofficial t1_iudb1d5 wrote

What acts as an ad, is an ad, no matter if it was put there sneakily or because someone has become inured to a brand so far that they dont even know they are a walking ad.


suzuki_hayabusa t1_iudv8gd wrote

Dude, this dude creates arts like this. It's his niche. Maybe it was commissioned by McDonald and maybe not. He's just showing his work. He has over 100k followers on insta and makes good art. I like it for what it is.


eldonhughes t1_iueu7bx wrote

For whatever it is worth,

I didn't mean the "Nice ad" as an insult. It would be a nice ad. Heck, if I was a McD franchisee I'd be trying to contact him to purchase, hang it on the wall in my store.