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smoothrocker1122 t1_iujw8hv wrote

Are you handing out shot for the big kids too? You are the cool house.


Sozin91 OP t1_iujx7ad wrote

Yea we got mini fireballs on ice for the adults and treats for the dogs!


smoothrocker1122 t1_iujxnys wrote

Nice. The neighbors are definitely going to have to step it up next year.


kalel1980 t1_iuk1x30 wrote

Are the dog treats for kids who don't dress up?


evilsir t1_iujw5h5 wrote

legit just watched my mom remove alllll the good candies from the bowl. all the kit kats, caramilks, rolos, crispy crunches.

straight told her we'll be lucky we have a lawn left after that horseshit.

her response?

they're kids, they'll be happy for free chocolate.


Johnisfaster t1_iuk25q5 wrote

Im pretty sure theres some candy companies trying to make full size bars a thing.


co3078 t1_iuk65e2 wrote

The dream is to be financially well off enough to be able to do that, we get approximately 150 kids a year that come to the door so it's just too much. Last year I did buy about 25 full size bars though and the kids with the best costumes got those.