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ihavethebestmarriage t1_iu8klzf wrote

Proof that we're arguing with 8 year olds on reddit


PetrRabbit t1_iu92xc9 wrote

Also if you look at their post history, they're married and have kids of their own. Kids growin up way too fast lately


whatofthis t1_iub052v wrote

So….their kids are part block head and…..I got nothing


YOUNGLOLA t1_iu947hc wrote

My husband plays Horizon Zero Dawn and our 4 year old daughter watches him play. She loves Aloy. I showed her this costume and she says it's the coolest thing ever!


sirsmiley t1_iua8jq8 wrote

You let your four year old watch someone play a game rated 16+?


YOUNGLOLA t1_iua8xq8 wrote

She's 4. She's not intensely Watching it. My husband will set up a situation so that my kid can Aloy doing cool tricks. Go take your fake internet morals somewhere thats gives a fuck


sleepymoose88 t1_iuar9kz wrote

I too let my 7 yr old watch select parts of games that are cool. He’s watched me play parts of Horizon, Fallout, and more. I was playing Resident Evil at his age. I just try to avoid showing him anything overly mature like very gory scenes, bad language, etc.

He himself plays mostly Nintendo games and we play some park sims together.


rabidjellybean t1_iub27y6 wrote

As far as my toddler knows, Spider-Man only swings around the city and jumps on people's cars.


yanonce t1_iuav8tu wrote

When I was around 2, me and my parents where out and they wanted to watch a movie. They weren’t let in because it was a 16+ movie


Dllondamnit t1_iub04nn wrote

Was it because you were with them or because they were only 15 or younger?


Kittuns t1_iuacxcd wrote

I played games rated twice my age as a kid and I turned out ok I guess


kjlwillycoyote t1_iube0wz wrote

Stop lying to yourself, I mean really, you're on reddit ffs.


SpaceLemming t1_iub7o6b wrote

First it’s not rated mature, second they are just guidelines.


dr-dog69 t1_iuba4tr wrote

I played Doom 2 when I was 4 if that makes you feel any better


WheatenAce t1_iuc99g6 wrote

Lego Star Wars games are rated 10+, it’s pretty obvias those ratings are bs


Id0ntunderstandj0kes t1_iuiafb0 wrote

Bro, it's horizon. A game of hope and finding someone's true self

It's not freaking Bloodborne or Doom


Spit_for_spat t1_iu8l8m3 wrote

Well done! But I have to ask, were the legs for the zombie not practical or something?

Also, my best having not played either of these games:

Minecraft and Horizon Zero Dawn


KrakenDesign OP t1_iu8oa1u wrote

We are currently having a heatwave here (Australia) so we decided not to include the legs! EVA foam doesn't allow for much airflow so it was best choice


Trav3lingman t1_iu948aw wrote

Ahloys focus is on the wrong side! (Awesome costume....just got done beating Forbidden west.) As a 40 year old 1.88 meter tall man I couldn't pull off an Ahloy costume.....


dandroid126 t1_iu98u7m wrote

It's Australia though, so the picture is probably reversed so they don't appear upside down to us. That might be why it looks like it's on the wrong side.


Trav3lingman t1_iu9cj8s wrote

True. Everything is upside down and backwards there.


KrakenDesign OP t1_iuamkog wrote

My daughter is left handed so she preferred it on that side


Trav3lingman t1_iuan5di wrote

As a lefty myself I can understand that. I tend to be fairly ambidextrous luckily. That being said.... awesome costume and bet she's looking forward to the DLC like I am!


Ulysseus_47 t1_iua87t5 wrote

Nah dude I bet you’ll rock that alloy costume. Anyone can cosplay as anything they enjoy.


3600MilesAway t1_iu9bhjq wrote

Lol, I was wondering something similar because Halloween costumes around here tend to be worn with winter coats.


pichael288 t1_iu8tx8e wrote

You need to fix that man. Minecraft depends on how creative you are, but horizon is just a good ass video game


Spit_for_spat t1_iu99i38 wrote

I disagree.

I don't engage with pure sandbox games much. I'd rather just use Lego. I appreciate Minecraft for what it is and the influence it's had on the industry.

Regarding HZD, there are a few reasons I never picked it up. On the off chance that my opinion about it is entirely wrong, I still wouldn't buy it because I like other types of games more, and I have lots of those to play still.


JorgeMtzb t1_iubioo1 wrote

It's a Warden! New Minecraft Boss that is essentially super OP and you have to sneak around turning Minecraft gameplay into something akin to a horror game.


DHaas16 t1_iu8qwok wrote

Congrats! Makes me miss being a kid


HardGayMan t1_iu9ovtn wrote

I know what you're saying, but adults can still put way too much effort into a costume and have an amazing time. And we get more days than just Halloween to do it. There's conventions and cons all damn year if you wanna travel a bit haha.


FalconSigma t1_iu9k5jv wrote

Wow great costumes, you should send some pics to Horizon devs, really wholesome


Drewbeede t1_iu8yegb wrote

Both great costumes.


Morning_Song t1_iuas56l wrote

I wouldn’t post my kids on Reddit


yearofthebows24 t1_iuaxqyq wrote

These are both so detailed and great! I love the Aloy outfit since Im a bigger fan of Horizon, but theyre both still great


baconblackhole t1_iu8pjyu wrote

I am assuming you mean the cloud/fog costume. Clearly the best.


TheBrownCouchOfJoy t1_iu8ks2v wrote

What am I looking at? A Minecraft something and Yuna from FFX? You look great though, whatever you’re supposed to be!


KrakenDesign OP t1_iu8ojxb wrote

Yep, a Minecraft warden and Aloy from the a horizon zero dawn and forbidden west series


voxyvoxy t1_iu8zp5w wrote

Kids put so much effort into things these days.


jordana309 t1_iu9d0v8 wrote

Those are amazing costumes! I'm super impressed!


AkemiDryzz t1_iu9wl0m wrote

Is this a younger Aloy ? :O nice


SgtMurf77 t1_iuaviax wrote

Hope your doing cosplays all year round and not just costumes once a year for Halloween. Yall got some serious skill.


KrakenDesign OP t1_iuf8fgv wrote

Thanks so much! This was my first 2 proper costumes ever but it's certainly something I would love to keep doing.


J33f t1_iub3tl9 wrote


That’s badass.


J1--1J t1_iuc6j4g wrote

That horizon costume is boss


Vantablack_Lotus t1_iu9cb4y wrote

I like to imagine the warden with photorealistic people legs. It’s funny


A1phaAstroX t1_iu9iaru wrote

Really nice

I love the warden one


Kaiju_Ryu t1_iu9z41i wrote

WOW this is great! super alive and fleshed out for both


jedisalamander t1_iua5qmp wrote

Little Aloy is adorable! Excellent costumes!


neonpinata t1_iuabuen wrote

That warden costume is awesome! I would love some kind of tutorial or progress pics if you ever have the time!


KrakenDesign OP t1_iuanbmi wrote

I'll try my best to put a tutorial together, this was my first ever attempt using EVA foam! YouTube tutorials helped me a lot


RedStar9117 t1_iuamref wrote

Excellent costumes for both of them


Mr_Coa t1_iuamsqz wrote

Congrats awesome costumes


SignGuy77 t1_iuaokb9 wrote

It’s Aloy, the Saviour of Meridian, and that cube zombie looking thing from Mein Kräft.


dyshuy t1_iuaqv55 wrote

Kiddo Aloy 👍


Disney_Plus_Axolotls t1_iuazcbc wrote

This looks fantastic!!

But why do you look like you’re 9 years old…?


1itai t1_iub0kts wrote

"Hello young lady..."


ladyriven t1_iubyh4d wrote

Aloy is the heroine I wish existed when I was this girl’s age. I’m so happy for her!


amiurion t1_iuc8mnh wrote



u9Nails t1_iu8o3zd wrote

Cute monsters. Would tempt them with candy to ward off bad jujube.


WastefulWatcher t1_iu94f0p wrote

Wow, especially the minecraft(?) character’s head design.


S0M3_1 t1_iu94xxt wrote

Did you prepare that costume all by yourself and how old are you?


jeremysbrain t1_iu9h6pu wrote

Wait! Now I have to ask do they actually zones areas in Australia where "strict behavior codes don't apply"?


xnago_tyr_sires t1_iua61rp wrote

After the last few years, seeing a white cloud billowing in the streets is giving some anxiety.


darkangel657 t1_iuaq8ny wrote

Bet tons of people thought she was Pocahontas. And that the other kid a robot.


MisterEMan81 t1_iuarcyo wrote

Goddamn, The Warden skipped the fuck out of leg day.


cyrixlord t1_iuarwne wrote

both costumes look great, but I'm smitten to The Warden. Great Job!


xeddit1 t1_iuch3r9 wrote

You shouldn't even be on this site


nikdahl t1_iu9hns7 wrote

"City of Townsville" is just hilarious. That's a name straight out of a Simpsons episode.


KrakenDesign OP t1_iuan15h wrote

Straight from Powerpuff Girls! Mojo JoJo is the Mayor now


Sherbear1993 t1_iuas5c0 wrote

She never played horizon. It’s rated T for teen


AnExpertInThisField t1_iu8ky3y wrote

So I'm assuming the one on the right is a Forsworn, but I'm not getting the left costume. Anyone?


KrakenDesign OP t1_iu8oc54 wrote

Minecraft warden and Aloy from the Horizon game series


007JustinSane t1_iuas3nx wrote

They gotta stop selling native American attire as costumes for little Caucas girls to run around in...I mean damn, it's almost 2023...


4LF_0N53 t1_iub4jaj wrote

It's not Native American. It's from Horizon Zero Dawn and the outfit is from a FICTIONAL tribe called the Nora


DBnofear t1_iuc9r5b wrote

Yeah it's almost 2023, stop being a racist loser. Liking a certain culture or character from that culture should be flattering, not another reason to cry about something.


007JustinSane t1_iucc47w wrote

Go away neanderthal!


TrumanCian t1_iudal6e wrote

Please tell me you're just trolling.


Rednaxella_ t1_iu8q77v wrote

If it were adults having the same costumes, they wouldn't win