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drstu3000 t1_itla3dy wrote

Cure covid with this one weird trick!


diesSaturni t1_itlanuc wrote

Well, eating 2 garlib bulbs a day will keep Covid carriers at a respectful distance.

So it act more like a substitute for a vacine, rather than a cure.


Bkwrzdub t1_itlp7mn wrote you're saying its better than ivermectin


lostalaska t1_itn5mtt wrote

You'a feed'a the cold to get rid of it. Awww crap, this is why people say I'm racist, apostrophe'd "A's" on all muh words'as.


yttikat OP t1_itn917s wrote

What in the hillbilly heckers.


EvilRedRobot t1_itl6d0y wrote

Well, if it's spicy enough, it can open up your sinuses.


fingers t1_itnaufc wrote

It was like the first food I could taste after I had covid.


errol_timo_malcom t1_itl7x3k wrote

I’d like a large one topping pizza - let’s go with Zyrtec.

Can I use my HSA card for that?


Matren2 t1_itmatiy wrote

Italian Breathe Right strips.


zenfrodo t1_itlh3xi wrote

Can't be any worse than all the other bs flu "remedies". At least with pepperoni, you're getting protein and good pepperoni.


lochlainn t1_itm0vl4 wrote

When you take your placebo it's tasty and gratifying instead of a total waste of money scam.


zenfrodo t1_itplugf wrote

Especially when it's on top of a fresh, hot pizza. 😉


Tractorhash t1_itlfnrv wrote

This probably has to do with supply chain issues. Stores wil place other products on shelves that they are not able to fill up. Why did they choose pepperoni? I don't know, but as a father the wife is always sending me for kids medicine so I appreciate the thought.


kamilman t1_itljhek wrote

u/SrGrafo, this is where you can get Chloe's cheeks! We found the pepperoni stock!


SteveBennett7g t1_itl3vbt wrote

Republican healthcare?


yttikat OP t1_itl5lje wrote

Hahhahaha I’m afraid to ask what that means


dcivili t1_itl76as wrote

Hopes and prayers only


DetroitEv t1_itlhozj wrote

Lick a Carolina reaper. You'll be drained and cleared out. Works Everytime


yttikat OP t1_itlioch wrote

But how long does that last?


DetroitEv t1_itlk7q7 wrote

The severe pain/hot is about 20-30 minutes. First wave is a shock but 10-15 min later it's twice as bad lol never use water. It spreads worse.

Basically it drain all the stuffy-ness. Makes me feel much better for a few hours. Whenever I get colds and sick. Chew hot peppers and vitamin c drinks heavy first thing in morning and at night. Flushes all that crap out of your body. Oddly enough it seems to work for me. Zinc tabs too. I forget name but they lay under tongue and dissolve.


yttikat OP t1_itlkgr8 wrote

The diarrhea is an added bonus, flush the system of toxins. This is sounding more and more promising


DetroitEv t1_itlkoto wrote

I don't get diarrehea cause I don't eat them, I mostly chew or even just a lick does the work. Rub a finger across it's broken skin and then touch your lip for one moment, that will be enough to hurt.


Also, amusing trick at the bar. Rub one against a straw or rim of a friends drink. It's amusing.


yttikat OP t1_itlkvyv wrote

What are you Dr.Eville?!


DetroitEv t1_itll42u wrote

Usually bring them to bar because there is always a tough guy with a few drinks in their belly who thinks they aren't shit and eats it whole, the spends next hour or two dying and crying and puking and going around looking like they're balling their eyes out


DetroitEv t1_itlkevp wrote

Wear gloves. Accidently touching penis or vagina will make you regret being alive. Just touching skin can cause severe burn pain on certain aress of the body. Even after washing hands. It's dangerous for a bit


yttikat OP t1_itlq6ma wrote

I remember one time I was administering steroids IV too fast & the patient jumped up and grabbed her pubic area and screamed that her “crotch was on fucking fire!!!”. Will never forget that and will never not do it verrrrrrry slow again.


DetroitEv t1_itlqdkq wrote

I've experienced that burn from an IV. It's hard to explain but def feels like fire inside


javier052 t1_itmrws8 wrote

If there's no pseudoephedrine, it's not worth it


yttikat OP t1_itmu2l8 wrote

Lucky for us, that can be found right below!


A_Boojum_Snark t1_itnvltu wrote

Nah, pseudoephedrine, the good stuff and clears your sinus like magic, is behind the counter. Non-prescription but regulated. The sinus meds on the shelf are phenylephrine wannabe crap.


yttikat OP t1_itobeaz wrote

Isn’t Sudafed the common brand for Pseudoephedrine?


A_Boojum_Snark t1_itpylnb wrote

It is, but there are two versions of Sudafed. Pseudoephedrine became regulated after the increase in it's usage for meth production. You can freely purchase it (as "Sudafed" and generic) but it is sold directly from behind the pharmacy counter and they scan your driver's license barcode to track how many milligrams you're purchasing regardless of where you buy it.

The variant on the shelf is labeled as "Sudafed PE" for the PhenylEphrine formulation (kinda dumb since the other drug can also be abbreviated PE, maybe that was on purpose). I'm assuming they brought this to market because they didn't want to lose brand presence by not having a product on the shelf most (uninformed) consumers would be looking at.


yttikat OP t1_itpzbob wrote

That’s extremely good to know


SilentStrikerTH t1_itlbp9c wrote

CrOsS mErChAnDiZiNg


yttikat OP t1_itlkpqy wrote

Next time it’s going to be eggplants in the KY jelly section


Asgeras t1_itln87u wrote

Geesh. It works well and is so simple. You put them over your eyes and up your...


Hi_its_me_Kris t1_itmi56f wrote

You Americans always surprise me, I was expecting sacs of dried peperonici, which kind of makes sense in a funny way with the topic, but then I zoomed in and saw the salami. I know you call it that, but what is the reason for it? Honest question.


howlingfrog t1_itmn9gp wrote

Pepperoni is not an alternate name for salami, it's arguably either a specific kind of salami or an entirely distinct food, invented in America by Italian immigrants. Salami is made from cured pork, pepperoni can be either all pork or a blend of pork and beef. It's made with a different blend of spices from salami, most prominently the paprika that gives it a bright red color (and its name, that's the connection to the peperonici you were expecting). It's an extremely popular pizza topping and also used as a sandwich filling, usually in combination with other varieties of salami.


MrBully74 t1_itmzdgy wrote

Pepperoni is the ducttape of the food aisle


yttikat OP t1_itn1s33 wrote

I get it now! It’s to wrap the pills in !


nine_cans t1_itn3qrc wrote

If Ricky from Trailer Park Boys ran a pharmacy.


yttikat OP t1_itn9et4 wrote

I now need to watch Trailer Park boys


tangcameo t1_itnbbe8 wrote

When the Italian deli gets a pharmacist in the family


tommy0guns t1_itlcj9o wrote

That random Gluten Free in the middle right


zoqfotpik t1_itlctp4 wrote

No no, he's got a point.


vibrant_crab t1_itmn99g wrote

When you run out of shelf space lol


KOxSOMEONE t1_itmze8d wrote

I’d sign up for this drug trial


williams_ruth t1_itnbfjy wrote

The nitrites could be anti-viral?


Xerxes42424242 t1_itncgbw wrote

This is weird, did the store previously have a pharmacy and no longer does? That’s the only way this makes sense


yttikat OP t1_itngujy wrote

They never do this! But maybe they realized that pepperoni has healing properties so here we are!


Runaround46 t1_itndany wrote

Someone left a full pack of smokes and pepperoni on the ground


malesack t1_itnjhx8 wrote

Chinese mustard clears the sinuses.


kemosabe19 t1_itnn5ky wrote

The spiciness will at least clear up your sinuses.


NerdsRopeMaster t1_itnosk2 wrote

There's a weird drug store chain in Ohio called Drug Mart, and they only seem to exist up around Lake Erie, and I always loved going there whenever we'd travel to see my grandma growing up because they had the most random stuff imaginable all over the store. Nothing was really successfully sorted by aisle, and there was always something crazy that didn't belong with the rest of the aisle.

I went back a few years ago before heading back to grad school and it was still the craziest stuff you've ever seen. They still had freaking VHS tapes you could rent, AND they had a display of hair dryers set up in the produce section next to all the heads of fresh lettuce.


yttikat OP t1_itnq8dw wrote

My dream would be to randomly need all the exact mixed up crap while shopping


erichw23 t1_itnpaoy wrote

Lol prolly a Menards


BisquickNinja t1_ito7x4r wrote

It may not work... But ima gonna try!


BraceThis t1_itokknf wrote

The meat sweats work just as well as a sauna. Obviously.


valomorn t1_itp661f wrote

I've never once eaten a pizza that didn't involve pepperoni and I eat frankly far too many peperamis, I've also never had the flu. CHECKMATE VACCINES (that I've also had)!