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Benwagonhoff t1_iy501tx wrote

I’m surprised that is the style of glasses he wore


elcabeza79 t1_iy5gptq wrote

Marshall's not wearing glasses, he's the one with the mullet.


Santos_L_Halper_II t1_iy60ns5 wrote

These people are only around 10 years older than me but why did high schoolers look 40 in the late 80s and like children in the late 90s?


kjpmi t1_iy6r41w wrote

I don’t know. I think the hair styles made kids look a lot older back then.
Mullets and perms just weren’t that flattering.


MightUnusual4329 t1_iy80an5 wrote

Back the , everyone tried to look older. Needed access to cigarettes and alcohol.


yorker95 t1_iy5pl1y wrote

A nice reminder that no one is ugly. Just poor.


Jayayewhy t1_iy6zf0k wrote

He looks malnourished. Around his eyes are like sunk in, I don't think healthy 17 year Olds looked like that even in 1989. I think his shitty childhood origin story is mostly true, dude was not getting 3 square meals a day.


superiorhumanz t1_iy6kbwo wrote

It doesn't take that much money to improve looks. Just effort.


Omnimpotent t1_iy6lncs wrote

uses effort to put on own braces and perform self-rhinoplasty


Tarrolis t1_iy6qp63 wrote

Pretty people are like 10% or fewer, what are you on about? Even desirable people there's always something that usually knocks them down under pretty.


yorker95 t1_iy6u2v7 wrote

Look at before/after pictures of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Tom Brady. . . A big bankroll along with some time and effort does wonders.


cenatutu t1_iy72r4p wrote

The best example is Rinaldo. His glow up is unreal.


DrDragun t1_iy5fx42 wrote

There is 1 barber in town and he knows how to make 1 type of haircut


quickasawick t1_iy5q11b wrote

Such is the nature of fashion. What I get a laugh about is when fashions that have reach "never again; what was wrong with those people!" status come back around as "the hottest new thing."

A touch of historical perspective is maybe the one true gift of old age.


iskin t1_iy55tkn wrote

It figures that the dorkiest looking guy in that group is the one that goes onto to be one of the biggest celebrities in modern times.


renothedog t1_iy58npb wrote

Which one is he?


mksavage1138 t1_iy5ie49 wrote

TIL Eminem is related to Shelley Duvall


darkisright t1_iy69mvl wrote

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


stokie2000 t1_iy6g1c5 wrote

Gotcha! Tammy started spelling her name Tammi with a heart over the I, in grade 10


wish1977 t1_iy51siv wrote

I'm sure we'd all like to burn our yearbooks.


fixfoxfax t1_iy6o37m wrote

It almost seems like the photographer intentionally used their knowledge of light, shadows and angles to take horrible photos of each student.


m0fugga t1_iy6s6y1 wrote

I wonder if he voted for Pedro?


applebutta t1_iy6uigt wrote

How did he manage to look like nine different kids?


PatientHeart8115 t1_iy51578 wrote

Why it seems to me guy next to Eminem look like Tom Cruise


GobanToba t1_iy6gbwf wrote

To the bottom left looks like Judge Reinhold


Mounta1nK1ng t1_iy5ighr wrote

This looks like a page from my high school yearbook. Made me double take.


HawkingTomorToday t1_iy5w1xx wrote

It took me awhile but he is in the center square.


added_chaos t1_iy64i3z wrote

So many mullets, so little time


rakman t1_iy6g08c wrote

That explains...a lot


Coolrunning39 t1_iy6t9lm wrote

Didn’t realize he went to school with Pedro.. VOTE FOR PEDRO 🙌


Leemage t1_iy6y419 wrote

I didn’t know he was so old! My mom graduated high school in 1986!


urbisOrbis t1_iy56osl wrote

I didn’t know that he wore glasses and sported a shag cut.


YouCanDoItHot t1_iy5d3h9 wrote

Wow, if you told me this was from my year book I'd believe you.


siren5 t1_iy6zs8p wrote

It’s actually from my yearbook! Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It also wasn’t 1989, like the picture says. Closer to 1986


axepower t1_iy609q9 wrote

he looked like a young neal brennan


Helicase1975 t1_iy68ziw wrote

Didn't realize he went to school with Dave Grohl.


brianlb98 t1_iy6fqpf wrote

No wonder why he used to get peed on, beat up and was on free lunch


chumchees t1_iy6i0q6 wrote

I was just listening to my Will Smith CD


imapassenger1 t1_iy6vukc wrote

Funny how that hairstyle was the thing back in 1983 and still going on 1989.


siren5 t1_iy6zj25 wrote

Imagine recognizing this photo as the very same one from your grade 9 year book. Eminem my ass. This is a picture from a junior high in northern Alberta, Canada.


ScoopyBaker t1_iy78st2 wrote

He looks like a young Joyce Beyers


ElonMuskIsANoob t1_iy7hyrl wrote

So he used to be Kid Rock... interesting.


P47HF1ND3R t1_iy7kor6 wrote

Bottom left is the guy from police academy, right? Right?


kjpmi t1_iy6p8dz wrote

I also went to Lincoln (Warren, Michigan). Graduated 2002.


Old_Argument_6376 t1_iy6rtij wrote

I live a few miles from his HS and worked on a video crew for an episode of Behind The Music. We went to Lincoln to interview the Principal for the show and he was selling these Yearbooks for $200 each. This was maybe 2001. If I remember correctly the yearbook has a picture of him on stage at a talent show.


Colonelfudgenustard t1_iy6zplk wrote

I think he might be smiling a bit. This was before he started actin' all hard an' shit.


danj1962 t1_iy56tef wrote

never judge a book by it's cover cuz M & M looks like dumb and dumber


mrsnow432 t1_iy57urv wrote

Nine kids? We where like 28


marilea610 t1_iy5h1jo wrote

Not sure you have a complete understanding of the yearbook and its multi-page approach to photo display.