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QuantumQaos t1_ixyh3j1 wrote


bombmk t1_ixytbjf wrote

One of the few that actually - and fairly even - critiques the cos play, instead of just drooling over the body. And you decide to mock it.


QuantumQaos t1_ixyuacd wrote

Was OP looking for critiques? There's a saying about giving advice when nobody asked for it. The nitpickyness of these unasked for critiques, in combination of the downvotes of the positive comments here, are just as telling as those drooling over the body.


Healyhatman t1_ixyznv7 wrote

They put up a post begging for attention and they're getting it


QuantumQaos t1_ixz47vc wrote

Yes, I'm not saying critiques aren't fair game to anything puts out to the public, but OCs critiques come off as very catty. Miniscule details that obviously OP and the rest of the world realize aren't EXACTLY ALIKE but rather a close and easily recognizable representation of the original character. Like I said, maybe all cosplay "observations" are this ridiculous when it comes to pointing out obvious discrepancies, I have no idea. Just didn't come across well from an outsiders perspective, nor do the downvotes on positive comments from all the seemingly jealous people.


_Blackstar t1_ixyhd89 wrote

The irony of your reply is that more often than not it's the men idolizing women like OP, that look like the cartoon you posted.

My deepest condolences to you if facts hurt your feelings my friend.


QuantumQaos t1_ixyhoa1 wrote

More often than not, yes. This time it's you. At least from a complete outsiders perspective. Maybe the cosplay critiques are always this picky. I have no idea to be honest. Not my thing at all. Just saw this in my feed so wanted to come uhhhh, "idolize" OP.


_Blackstar t1_ixyiazh wrote

It was not a critique, it was an observation.

A critique would have been mentioning that I have zero respect for OP after finding she links this to her Instagram, and Instagram to her OnlyFans as I think she's an attention-seeker and I believe she only got into cosplay after not being able to break into modeling, because there's never an over saturation in the market for horny weebs that want to jerk off to their favorite anime characters in real life. A lot of that is conjecture, and kind of mean so I refrained from saying it before.

As for the attention to detail, it should be taken constructively. The "needs some work" was there to show that the costume could use some refinement.


simojako t1_ixymwpd wrote

>The "needs some work" was there to show that the costume could use some refinement.

Isn't that what critique is?


Welcome_to_Nopeville t1_ixytv5t wrote

It is, but there was no way for him to cry about her only fans and insult her if he just said that


ginga_bread42 t1_ixze34q wrote

Your first comment was a critique, which is fine and true. Not sure why you think it's not since pointing out what needs some work is a critique.

This comment on the other hand is not a critique but an attack on her person and unnecessary.


QuantumQaos t1_ixyj4r8 wrote

Fair enough, you win! Clearly you've looked into it much more than I and I'm over my head here. Have a good one!