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equalhandful t1_ixy0kzq wrote

‟Hey I was just a skinny lad Never knew no good from bad But I knew life before I left my nursery Left alone with big fat Fanny She was such a naughty nanny Heap big woman you made a bad boy out of me Hey hey!”


dickshark420 t1_ixyrlvf wrote

He's just a poor boy


bakirelopove t1_ixysfjh wrote

Obviously not, his parents can afford a nanny.


swanqueen109 t1_ixzdk85 wrote

He's very small there. If his father lost his fortune shortly after he could have grown up poor and would have had no memory of ever being rich.


N0T_SURE t1_iy114jw wrote

Left alone with big fat Fanny

She was such a naughty nanny


h4rd0666 t1_ixxzx2d wrote

Maybe the greatest frontman who ever lived.Better than Jagger?


DynoMiteDoodle t1_ixy0pw2 wrote

Obviously, Jagger was good, but Mercury was on a different level altogether. Proof is live aid.


AllDarkWater t1_ixy3mtl wrote

I wonder if she has her own kids she would rather be watching.


Moody_GenX t1_ixy3afa wrote

She does not look happy.


Only_Cupcake_3150 t1_iy2efhg wrote

Of course not. She has to stop taking care of her own children to take care of someone else’s. Tough life but it pays the bills I hope


fhrblig t1_ixysozk wrote

He looks like he wants to break free


DynoMiteDoodle t1_ixy0k2r wrote

From humble beginnings he became the best male vocalist and performer of all time. Legend!


omnia5-9 t1_ixy17lp wrote

Humble? They had a nanny


DynoMiteDoodle t1_ixy6myf wrote

They fled to Britain taking only their lives through religious persecution shortly after this. Privilege in the third world is still third world in a Privileged society like Britain where they ended up. Having a nanny in Zanzibar wasn't the essence of high society that you might think


omnia5-9 t1_ixy9p1h wrote

My man no one is trying to compare to a different country if your privileged in your community your simply privileged..and you just said it they fled that's how privileged they where able to buy a plane ticket to Britain during a revolution... I mean??? Also, wasn't he in boarding school in another country? My man don't paint a portrait that doesn't coincide with fact others wise it's a just a fantasy piece.


DynoMiteDoodle t1_ixye82x wrote

Yes I'm sure it was very easy for him as a homosexual, brown skin African immigrant Zoroastrian with buck teeth in the 70s.


omnia5-9 t1_ixyk2oa wrote

Dude you keep pulling other shit that doesn't stick to the argument. He comes from a wealthy family so that humble beginnings bs doesn't apply to him. I'm not denying your statement nor did I say anything to get you to this conclusion your stupid ass just can't accept that you lost your argument.


bakirelopove t1_ixytc7h wrote

No you don't understand, he has that song were he says that he's just a poor boy.


omnia5-9 t1_ixytp35 wrote

I need no sympathy because... But nah you believe ever lyric they say as factual? You heard these gangster rappers shit 2 Chainz saying he will clip a bitch but got robbed at gunpoint by a teenager lmao


DynoMiteDoodle t1_iy288hp wrote

I said he came from humble beginnings, everything I have said infers a humble start in life. You're the one who interpreted that as me comparing him to Gandhi or jesus or some shit, 'my dude', pull your head in


omnia5-9 t1_iy2dwhl wrote

Your oblivious to your own statements this the actual meaning to your own statement,social%20status%20or%20much%20money. Where the fuck are you going don't lose yourself no one mentioned any prophets. My man and my dude are different and I never used the later. Pull my head in? What? How about you pull your head out? Is English your second language?


DynoMiteDoodle t1_iy2fppw wrote

You're a condescending prick, all I said was his background was humble because he had a rough childhood and had to work hard just to be accepted and now you're dragging out the Merriam Webster dictionary? The fuck is wrong with you?


omnia5-9 t1_iy2go0l wrote

Hahaha your not that much of an idiot. Nothing is wrong with me but seems like you came to realize what your saying isn't what you are really trying to imply. Yes, he had it rough because he realized quickly that he was gay, but he sure as hell never had to worry about not having food on the table or anything else. So the phrase humble beginnings doesn't fit when he literally is photographed in a crib next to a nana in a "third world" country.


neradplatim t1_ixzhysa wrote

he looks like little Stalin