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Clarksp2 t1_iy3zxjm wrote

Are we supposed to guess how many beans?!


NoahVerrier OP t1_iy403d3 wrote

Yeah sure winner gets a free autographed print and jar of beans


thegnome54 t1_iy492wg wrote


It's cool to see some of the choices you made in changing the colors of the beans - were you intentionally going for more cool colors to the lower left and more warm to the upper right?

Beautiful work!


NoahVerrier OP t1_iy4oehi wrote

I def adjust colors to fit a certain mood or attention to one area yeah


Eliteknives t1_iy4r03k wrote

Don't think there's that many beans in the world


gorka_la_pork t1_iy67g4e wrote

182! = 6.6^(333)

atoms in the observable universe ~ 10^(82)


DJ2x t1_iy4lbkj wrote

You think you're fooling anyone pretending your aluminum jar lids are actually made of gold?

Jokes aside, this is excellent! You captured the reflection of light on each bean and the jar wonderfully!


Plumhawk t1_iy5w0qd wrote

My gf went to one of those classes where everyone paints the same thing. It was some flowers in a Ball jar. She added an 's' so the jar says Balls. It's subtle but funny.

Here it is


ElaineMae t1_iy62do8 wrote

125 beans. Very cool.


doughnutholio t1_iy7ca1c wrote

Not to sound like an ass, but you might need to get your eyes checked. Things came out a bit blurry.

Not bad, but could use more work 3/10. Semi fail.



dendawg t1_iy4zvry wrote

What model? I don’t see Ric Martel.


OwlsintheWall t1_iy5g6pn wrote

Gotta say, dude, it's cool seeing your skill increase with each painting you post. Great job!


FollowingJealous7490 t1_iy5iw21 wrote

That's actually pretty damn good. I'd hang it on my wall fo sho!


StrayRabbit t1_iy5jkut wrote

Paint me like your french candies


goldensecrets22 t1_iy5kn6k wrote

I just LOVE this - I want this style of art in my future house


worrymon t1_iy5nrtg wrote

NSFW tag. Looks like those jelly beans are wearing nothing at all!


Crabitha-8675309 t1_iy5uq9y wrote

This is great ! Love how you were able to make them look like they are in the jar . I have no artistic ability at all , so love seeing this kind of thing


ajhart86 t1_iy6e9qf wrote

It’s my theory that the Ball jar company commissioned all of these paintings as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign


ChokeMiester t1_iy40dmw wrote

Be sure not to invite any of those "just stop oil" crazies to your place or they'll throw food all over your painting lol.

Looks very good though, 10000% better than anything I could do!