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Ok_Task_4135 t1_ixmsu8h wrote

I'm an asshole and I approve of this message


structuremonkey t1_ixmro4j wrote

I might vote for this guy over what we have to choose least he is "self aware"


Cattleist t1_ixmvq3p wrote

That one star being different is bugging me


just57572 t1_ixmjjw4 wrote

This is the message I get from a lot of political signs.


witchyanne t1_ixohiv2 wrote

The star just right of mid has got me pissed off.


FordMan100 OP t1_ixmicbr wrote

The only thing missing is signed Donald J. Trump


Platinag t1_ixmqq3d wrote

Two assholes im staying far away from


edman3d t1_ixqj9ie wrote

my dipshit neighbor has one of these as well. imagine being in your 40s and doing some middle school shit like this.


Umm_khakis t1_ixnbps5 wrote

There’s a guy who has this exact sign in his yard close to where I live, too. I really want to stop and explain that it’s obvious you aren’t running for anything because the top doesn’t have a name on it and the sign only makes him look like a moron, which he probably is if he has this in his front yard, super classy.