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beenburnedbutable t1_ix74ewq wrote

My stone split in two the other day after 12 years, I was depressed for a while after that.


IsDinosaur t1_ix79mdu wrote

Upgrade to a steel, they get hotter, aren’t brittle, and make even better pizza and bread.

And easier to scrape clean if needed.


bozimthecalm t1_ix7r2kk wrote

... scrape... clean? Come again?


IsDinosaur t1_ix82bgf wrote

Sometimes you have to scrape crunchy cheese off


ERRORMONSTER t1_ix95685 wrote

Excuse me? That's part of the seasoning you heathen!


IsDinosaur t1_ix95n5f wrote

Not when it sticks it ain’t


mimdrs t1_ixao5s7 wrote

I don't think you understand.

You Don't wash a pizza stone.

Those of us that use Pizza stones are in horror of your lab sterile solution to art.


IsDinosaur t1_ixbtie0 wrote


Go to a pizzeria, look for the big metal brush, tell them they’re doing it wrong.

I didn’t say wash. I said scrape clean.


mimdrs t1_ixiky74 wrote

I mean, if they have even a half decent should not be using a brush lol

Like of course remove free standing debris.... but scraping ? What kinda cheap ass place uses a stone that has cheese stick lol. Fucking armaturish really.


awhq t1_ix8fhi7 wrote

I just did this after my chicken pot pies leaked butter all over my pizza stone. Yeah, dough wasn't cold enough.


kinezumi89 t1_ixa6q8f wrote

But they don't absorb moisture - one of the benefits of a ceramic pizza stone is the stone absorbs excess moisture so the crust turns out more crunchy


IsDinosaur t1_ixaave5 wrote

Have you tried a steel?

I get better crispy bases from steel than stone.

Don’t think a stone can absorb water at oven temperatures, either material transfers heat and turns moisture to steam.


kinezumi89 t1_ixae180 wrote

Hmmm interesting, I'll have to look into one! I've been using a ceramic one for ages, maybe I've been missing out


Chadrique t1_ixb8iyz wrote

Also I use my steel on the stovetop to make tortillas and pancakes.


robosmrf t1_ixb2d7v wrote

Mine split a couple years ago. I still use it.