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MikeyPapapacha t1_ixozm0b wrote

I love that his house looks like a normal person's house, not at all "Hollywood." He even has a refrigerator loaded with magnets.


imapiratedammit t1_ixp8wah wrote

It’s not a Trejouse, it’s a Trejome.


DKIPurple t1_ixp4ue7 wrote

Oh this is his “thanksgiving” house, only used for Thanksgiving dinners


KingLatifah t1_ixq35qs wrote

My parents had to sell their Thanksgiving house thanks to inflation. Had to fucking eat dinner in our labor day cabin on the lake like a bunch of jabronis


GhostFour t1_ixq6ga8 wrote

Ewwwww, you used your lake house after Labor Day? Did you cook yourselves too?


KingLatifah t1_ixq98yy wrote

> Did you cook yourselves too?

Is it that obvious? My fingers still smell like lard carcass and i don't have my mani/pedi until next week.


mrsoojay t1_ixp2drw wrote

That was my first reaction too. Seems like a genuine, down to earth dude. So sick of the cribs on display by talentless millionaires.


Imthorsballs t1_ixpaq03 wrote

Even his furniture is from the early 2000s in style he is a famous actor that lives in a middle-class home. I'll try and track down the YouTube video of him interview I believe for his food establishment and films that was done in his house.


Kthulu666 t1_ixplh7r wrote

Usually when you see a home on display it's nothing like it usually looks.


AnonymousPerson4 t1_ixpfro7 wrote

He bought his childhood home according to wikipedia (he has other property as well), this is probably it.


rikafell t1_ixt1a0k wrote

He has a modest house in the San Fernando Valley. I drive by it almost every day while working. I see him on the road all the time driving an old school Chevy. Had a couple interactions with him and he’s such a nice guy.


scarr3g t1_ixqgu9e wrote

The best part is you can tell the front was probably magnet laden, and when he got a new one, he found out they don't stick to the SD surface, and just loved them all to the side.

Same happened to me.


TheDieselTastesFire t1_ixqt6ax wrote

You're telling me they're now making refrigerators on which you can't put magnets? What the fuck is congress even doing these days? It's time for a goddamn revolution. This is the most anti-child anti-family bullshit I've learned all year


mjw217 t1_ixspzld wrote

I know! But need a new fridge and not being able to put magnets on the front is a deal breaker!


arachnoiditis t1_ixppmvh wrote

I mean, that's still a very nice home with what looks like a marble kitchen island. Man's just got taste, other rich fucks make their living spaces look gaudy as hell.


LordRumBottoms t1_ixq3emv wrote

Assuming that's his son. Could have been his house. Either way, everything I read is that Danny is a very humble dude, even though he's got to be swimming in money seeing as how he makes a movie like every other week. And of course he has a badass knife.


tacknosaddle t1_ixr29h7 wrote

I heard an interview with him where he talked about how he feels like he screwed up a bit in how he used his money raising his kids. Basically gave them too much money & freedom for the age they were at. IIRC they're okay now but were a bit of a mess when they were young adults.


itty53 t1_ixp4gq3 wrote

That's my mom's kitchen. Same cabinets. Same fridge. Same can lights.


Tokenvoice t1_ixpmili wrote

Sorry to tell you Itty, but your mum has moved on, she has a new family now, she is now a Trejo. Please don’t make this awkward and just let her go.


rocketwidget t1_ixq4xnn wrote

I have a similar fridge, came with the house. And I'm saddened the trend of stainless steel fronts has relegated magnets to just the sides! :-(


camocondomcommando t1_ixqfrg4 wrote

We have what looks to be the exact same fridge, although ours has an LG badge in the upper right corner, and the doors are magnetic. We were pleasantly surprised when we found out.


NoXion604 t1_ixqyjxy wrote

Wait, stainless steel isn't ferromagnetic? Isn't that material just iron with some carbon and a pinch of other stuff in it? Would that really cause a substance which is still mostly iron to lose its attraction to magnets?

Are you sure it's not because the front is made of aluminium rather than steel?


rentedlife t1_ixsxp26 wrote

I’ve been looking for a new fridge and the salespeople can’t believe I don’t want ss. It’s more expensive for one of the cheapest metals too. Haha


virginiawolfsbane t1_ixr2a9h wrote

He lives in Pacoima, the neighborhood he grew up in. He seems like an all around awesome guy.


EmployeeRadiant t1_ixqekii wrote

a lot of celebrities like to live as normal a life as possible outside of Hollywood.

I'll bet he has a few nice. little vacation homes, though.


SoundOfRage t1_ixqk9s5 wrote

Dude is so humble and never forgot where he came from. He lives in a normal looking suburban house in Mission Hills, Ca. It’s even on a some what of major street. He is super nice and cool!


Electrical-Pie-8192 t1_ixs2rdi wrote

I looked, was positive there were no magnets. Scrolled farther and someone said on the side of the fridge. Looked again, plain as day no zooming needed. I even have a fridge like that with all the magnets on the side. I don't even know how I managed to miss them.


wyverndarkblood t1_ixoz7qu wrote

I’m very disappointed to learn he doesn’t carve his Turkey with a Machete.

Also, immediately after this picture was taken, he was killed.


chiree t1_ixpqbhs wrote

That knife of his is pretty serious, though.


AyoSummy t1_ixqv9iv wrote

I liked learning that if he plays a bad guy in a movie, he says he will only do it if he’s killed in the movie.


Fellhuhn t1_ixq9z3r wrote

That's not a turkey. That is Rancor meat.


90dayfiancecomments t1_ixpjaon wrote



PandaClaus94 t1_ixprqjr wrote

Trejo purposely takes roles where he, almost always the bad guy, gets killed in movies.

He says it’s to show impressionable young Latinos watching his movies that growing up being the “bad” guy never leads to anything good.

I believe it’s his way of atoning for the past.


BrooksMania t1_ixpcq89 wrote

So, I work in behavioral health. I really got into it after a few years of being a psych tech. Moved to a new facility, and my boss was a 6'2 guy with dark-ish skin, built like a brick shit house. He wore a small leather pouch on a necklace, and had bunned up black hair.

Guy became my mentor. I saw him handle scary shit with ease, and NEVER crack, while treating every person he met, from the CEO to the most violent client. He inspired me. I honestly believe that he deserves credit for some of the work I've done in the many years since.

Turns out, Trejo is a relative. My guy only met him a few times at family events. But... The testimony is that Danny is a hard guy with a huge heart, who's a pleasure to be around. Sounded like the guy is a bright light in the world. Really hard life, and a gnarly face, but he seems to have come through successful and kept his good heart.


friarielli_con_tonno t1_ixpqk2h wrote

I believe that. Was in the same place as him once and said hello. Judging by his entourage he's very much an ambassador of the chicano\cholo culture, but other than the appearance, everything else about him radiated this chill but welcoming kindness. Everyone was happy to see him and he just seemed happy and grateful for the treatment. Cool dude, 10/10 would admire again


Electro-Onix t1_ixpel0l wrote

It’s hard to believe Danny Trejo is 78 years old, dude looks amazing.


Syd_Vicious3375 t1_ixqfu0q wrote

He does. He looks more like 65 to me. Whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right.


Ticem4n t1_ixqt8bs wrote

The 2 actors I know of that age is Danny Trejo and Danny Davito. Both 78, active and some may say reached the height of their career near or around their 60s (Machete, Always Sunny).

Davitos age really only started showing because he grew his hair and had the wacky mad scientist look. Trejo I've thought was approaching 50 my whole life.


ann0yed t1_ixs0c48 wrote

I wouldn't say Danny DeVito reached the height of his career in his 60s, maybe from your perspective if you're younger. He had a resurgence in popularity with Always Sunny but he rose to prominence when he was on Taxi.

I'm only in my mid 30s but I already knew Danny DeVito from Twins and Matilda among other things. I'd argue the reason why Always Sunny was able to grow in popularity was after they added him to the show. Since he was already an established actor and director who brought even more fans to Always Sunny as it started to rise in popularity.


Stealthy_Facka t1_ixra70s wrote

I was about to say, the motherfucker looks the same as 20 years ago


TheIncredibleWalrus t1_ixsdaso wrote

Wait really? How tf does he not what gray hair? He surely isn't dying his moustache, right?


taimychoo t1_ixp6l40 wrote

Visited California over the summer and noticed Trejo's Tacos nearby to my Airbnb. I thought, "ehhh celebrity taco shop, below average at best, overpriced, but doing well because of his name". Anyways, we checked in, started getting hungry, and decided to give this a try. They were some good fucking tacos.


Wiki_pedo t1_ixq4fr6 wrote

I learned about it from watching Bosch.


Morningxafter t1_ixqy6kg wrote

Loved that show. One of the best police procedurals of the past decade.


Just_Observational t1_ixs03py wrote

Rule of thumb, if a food place is open in California and is Mexican, even a chain, it's going to be damn good food. Except Del Taco.


Tricky-Trick1132 t1_ixpa6gl wrote

Danny Trejo!!❤️

Edit: he's 78 and just learned that he's 5' 6" - would never have guessed - on screen he has a giant presence!


deij t1_ixpby43 wrote

Short people with big heads.

The Hollywood special.


My_bones_are_itchy t1_ixpxrt0 wrote

Hugh Jackman talked about having a small head after Van Helsing, something about having a special small hat made for close ups.

At least his ackman is huge


fgmenth t1_ixpzjo4 wrote

> having a small head after Van Helsing

What happened during Van Helsing that shrunk his head?


We_Are_The_Romans t1_ixqdho1 wrote

Nobody knows, but it seems to be progressive and irreversible. Doctors say he might have another five years until his head become so small that he gets smothered by his own chest hair


BauerHaus t1_ixq3zg7 wrote

I was listening to the Always Sunny podcast, I'm not a super fan or anything, but I do love learning how the sausage is made so to speak.

At one point they were talking about a talent agent who sat down across from one of them and after a long awkward stare says to them "...BHB."

I forget who it was but after they kept saying they had no idea what BHB means the guy lets out "...Big Heads Book"


ermacia t1_ixozcl1 wrote

bacon wrapped turkey, yum!


monty_kurns t1_ixp3t0t wrote

That’s the way to do it! My family always used bacon as the basting agent when we cooked a turkey. We’d cook the turkey for about 2 hours and then we’d start applying the bacon. The best part is, you can snack on the bacon through the cooking as you take the crispy stuff off and apply a new batch of bacon!


OMGBeckyStahp t1_ixp53n0 wrote

I have a plan for next year, and that plan includes bacon.


monty_kurns t1_ixp6k4k wrote

You won’t regret it! My mom and I decided to skip the turkey this year and made sauerbraten instead, but when we got back to turkey I know we’ll be sticking with the bacon!


Uisce-beatha t1_ixpwt5d wrote

It will be the simplest, juiciest and tastiest bird you've ever had. Rub it down with seasoning and oil/butter before applying the bacon.


muhaski t1_ixqed7i wrote

It doesn't do anything. You end up with shitty skin too.


pittipat t1_ixqqsuy wrote

Here I am wondering why he mummy-wrapped his turkey.


john_wb t1_ixq7f0c wrote

I used to use bacon but I switched to jamon serrano. Less fat and preservatives and it crisps nicely.


metaljunkie17 t1_ixp0liy wrote

He is truly a man of the people.


ParkingLotLizard t1_ixp297d wrote

I read his book. Excellent autobiography. It kinda dragged a bit, but overall pretty good. I gotta meet him one day and get it signed


DinoRoman OP t1_ixp2kyv wrote

I was actually in a movie with him. He set me up to die a horrible death but since he catered that day of shooting I’ll forgive him lol.


ParkingLotLizard t1_ixp2s8b wrote

He seems like a very down to earth / no nonsense guy. He’s seen some shit to say the least, caught his break in a big way and ran with it. Hopefully his son is still on the right road


Simpme_minded t1_ixp0meq wrote

From the podcast I listen to, Trejo's tacos are kicking ass so I hope to try them someday 🤘🏽

Edit: words for context


DinoRoman OP t1_ixp0p0q wrote

Used to eat them all the time when I lived in LA. They’re banging.


DoorFrame t1_ixpeogb wrote

They’re great. His donuts are also great.


Kthulu666 t1_ixplvfb wrote

They're good but overpriced. There are lots of spots in LA where you can get excellent tacos for pretty cheap.


almar7 t1_ixpnh8x wrote

Yup $5-6 per taco is pretty insane, i hit up a few local spots that have “Tijuana style” with guac on top and they are only $1.50.


ConfusedInTN t1_ixpikpu wrote

I'm recovering from surgery and then emergency surgery and all I'm seeing lately is people enjoying thanksgiving and I have almost no appetite and just want to shove my face into some turkey. Thankful to be alive and still have functional kidneys at least so Happy Thanksgiving all. At least my husband made some chocolate balls. I always can find room in my tummy for that.


_tweedie t1_ixpepjt wrote

I see Turkey, but can't stop thinking about what Trejo's Tacos must taste like.


Sinicalkush t1_ixpkcpa wrote

I wish I could be at his house for dinner. Danny really knows how to throw down in the kitchen. I bet even the animals he cares for get some of the best tasting food.


hugewacko t1_ixplcdk wrote

I met him not too long ago he is such an amazing and wonderful person.


Curious_Armadillo_74 t1_ixqzx2k wrote

I knew him a long time ago and he's truly a humble and wise man. And kind, very kind.


ImTheGuyWithTheGun t1_ixq5f7n wrote

Dude on the right looks like a Hispanic Nirvana-era Dave Grohl


Deraj2004 t1_ixpdu9r wrote

Still waiting on Machete Kills in Space.


JJisTheDarkOne t1_ixpn49k wrote

Does that man know how many people I killed for his delicious tacos?


dfektiv t1_ixr13hb wrote

I'd say a Far Cry from a few....


cashonlyplz t1_ixqhvuz wrote

Daaang, is that his son? Hottie.


jonny45k t1_ixr3u64 wrote

The more time passes, the more I appreciate Danny Trejo


Writer10 t1_ixpfby5 wrote

Danny Trejo makes everything better.

Source: Me, an American alone in London on Thanksgiving who had sushi for dinner. Thank you, Danny Trejo 🥰.


Evanecent_Lightt t1_ixpnto4 wrote

The fact that he's not carving the Turkey with a Machete makes me sad..


boom2112 t1_ixptk48 wrote

Bacon strips are the jam.


Jadedsantos t1_ixpuony wrote

He needs a MACHETE for that turkey.....


tjockalinnea t1_ixpy6u8 wrote

For a moment I legit thought he was dead cuz he got his head cut off and then I remembered that was just breaking bad


CptnShadoo t1_ixqo8rw wrote

Such a small knife for Machete


jbsinger t1_ixrgzid wrote

Is he holding a mini-machete?


livingwellish t1_ixp660e wrote

Happy Thanksgiving hermano! 👊🏼


Unusual_Client t1_ixp6v1v wrote

Maybe he's testing a new cooking show "how to cook for your enemies"


dpruitt87 t1_ixp8kom wrote

That’s kind of a small machete for such a big bird


ArmadilloDays t1_ixp8wv6 wrote

Clearly, I’m not at the right house today.


642739mrh1970 t1_ixpae0u wrote

Watching From Dusk Till Dawn as this popped up. Love these type of coincidences.


Separate-Print4493 t1_ixpm5de wrote

Trejo is so bad ass his son looks cool with red hair.


Love his movies


I_GENERATE_PICTURES t1_ixptghu wrote

Dang, this made me raid the fridge for leftovers. Tomorrow will be a disaster.


__Severus__Snape__ t1_ixpzbrt wrote

I'm guessing the other guy is his son? His son looks like he could be Rosa Diaz's brother. Good casting from B99 to make Trejo Rosa's dad in this case.


vampiremoth t1_ixq52gv wrote

Someone needs to photoshop in a machete.


sorry_ t1_ixq6np2 wrote

Where's Rosa?


Time4aPennyCartoon t1_ixqd3lv wrote

My dad owns his own business and wears his own t-shirts all the time, even on days when he’s not working. I love to see that Danny Trejo is just a regular dad like mine.


Nukitandog t1_ixqdpp7 wrote

Remember when Trejo was the biggest badest Mexican in A Tarentino movie?


TheBossOfBigBoss t1_ixqeq05 wrote

Danny Trejo is awesome! Also that Turkey looks dope!


b3ar17 t1_ixqgt90 wrote

His cookbook is absolutely fantastic. Friday night has become Mexican night for dinner at our house and we alternate between his carne asada and tikka chicken (?) recipes, with Spanish rice, beans, and pico de gallo. Thanks Danny!


juxley t1_ixqhk7x wrote

Looking good gents!


1320Fastback t1_ixqinrc wrote

I really want a pic of the side of the fridge.


zacksaphone-007 t1_ixqmt9u wrote

It don’t matter what house Trejo is in, you are in the Trejhouse. Idk about San Quentin though, that’s nobody’s house.


WankerBott t1_ixqs4rz wrote

That's a pretty weak machete :P


DryChip4 t1_ixqswq8 wrote

looks like bacon strips on top to keep the skin moist. My man!


lurker-1969 t1_ixr388t wrote

Best bad guy ever aside he is an amazing guy. He is an example of giving back.


xXGaboFihi007Xx t1_ixs3ht4 wrote

He should have cut the turkey with a machete


DiceyDM t1_ixsbz4m wrote

I recently spotted Danny Trejo at an airport about 3 weeks ago. He was super kind and patient with everyone he was stopped by. He was signing things, taking pictures, all the while with a big smile on his face.

I didn’t stop to join the crowd that gathered around him but he looked incredibly kind. While getting across the terminals, I saw him get stopped by fans at least 4 times. Classy and kind the entire time.

Nice travel Fedora, Mr Trejo, you rock!


mfarends t1_ixsdkoy wrote

Where the machete? Got to do the bird with the machete.


MengFeiPuerh t1_ixp51fb wrote

Is that kids shirt missing a number or am I just seeing shit?


OfCourseIKnowHim t1_ixp5wr0 wrote

I see it, too. That shirt has seen better days.


MengFeiPuerh t1_ixp64ue wrote

Must be a favorite shirt haha. I get it. I have one that makes that look fancy. My washer destroyed it lol


caucasoidape t1_ixql4t9 wrote

That relative looks cute, and soft. lol


cwg1983 t1_ixrosgz wrote

Looks delicious. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.


Sosa3OO t1_ixrwv0t wrote

Who is the other guy? His son? He looks VERY familiar like I’ve seen him before in something


oj_mudbone t1_ixs1avn wrote



zubaz69 t1_ixs93c3 wrote

He knows what's up.


donat3ll0 t1_ixs94dj wrote

Pro tip: put the bacon under the turkey skin with mounted butter instead of on the outside. Then, frost the entire outside like a cupcake with the rest of the mounted butter.


Br4veSirRobin t1_ixsai97 wrote

Turkey and bacon?! That's a big nom-nom-nom!


RedBaron180 t1_ixsavgi wrote

Someone needs to tell MTG that’s how a bird should look.


Spookyy422 t1_ixsf64t wrote

Hope his head doesn’t end up on a thanksgiving turkey


HotShotMedic t1_ixsms4b wrote

Bacon wrapped turkey!! Wtg Danny!


Adi_2000 t1_ixsseeu wrote

I thought he's vegan?


holden_mcg t1_ixt1u77 wrote

Damn...that's a righteous-looking bird!!


boneguru t1_ixucxwy wrote

I just came to read the Machete comments...


pwpig t1_ixpm9gy wrote

Who's the chick?