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CrimsonToker707 t1_iy4qhb8 wrote

"Helping others is a sign that you're stupid"

And on to the next restaurant.


C-_-Fern t1_iy4vrgw wrote

Helping others that don't need help and that are misleading you, purposely, is what they were shooting for I think.


CrimsonToker707 t1_iy4y4gd wrote

Yeah, I do get that. But if someone asks me for money for food and I'm able to help, I will. If they choose to use it for something else, that's out of my hands.


C-_-Fern t1_iy4yici wrote

Agreed! Also if given the opportunity, I'll buy someone food instead of giving them money for food


CrimsonToker707 t1_iy50i7w wrote

Yeah, same. I've been homeless and hungry. I remember that when I see someone asking for help.


OtterProper t1_iy8zqyg wrote

The simple assumption that "charitable causes" aren't corrupt AF and mismanaging donations (yes, even yours) is childishly naive, but the vitriol in the rest of this signage indicates a shitty mindset altogether.


IHaveSexWithPenguins t1_iy5e4q4 wrote

The first sign does bring up a good point. Your money should be going towards a local pantry or homeless shelter, not towards some beggar who very well might just spend it on cigarettes. Also worth noting that many of these countries have large problems with such beggars, asking money for non-essentials.