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CoolMoo5e OP t1_ixwbkar wrote

Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, cream of mushroom, and gravey.

Add seasonings to your liking I added crispy bacon and tons of pepper.

425 (220c) for 45 min with meted butter on top to brown the crust.


Tr0user t1_ixwitbv wrote

Fuck you I'm trying to lose weight. It looks delicious.


CoolMoo5e OP t1_ixwj4ph wrote

The worst part is probably the cream cheese I put in the mashed potatoes everytjing else should be fine.


mayathemenace t1_iy4fh77 wrote

I’m totally doing this. This looks amazing. Thank you for sharing the photo & recipe!


textc t1_ixwgzce wrote

I made my leftovers into a turkey version of KFC Chicken bowls. Mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing and corn in a big bowl, covered with gravy. Only thing missing was the cheese.


Bear_buh_dare t1_ixwn9nq wrote

put mashed potatoes on top and bake until there is a slight crust!


CoolMoo5e OP t1_ixwo403 wrote

I mixed mashed potatoes into the pot pie and had a pie crust


Bear_buh_dare t1_ixwolyb wrote

mmm yes thats how i do mine, the frozen pie crusts for the bottom, mix some gravey and stuffing in as well with the turkey then top with a layer of mash. those crispy bits of the roasted mash potato topping are to die for


prey4villains t1_ixwbkbs wrote

You need to fill those voids w some mashed taters or cream of mushroom. Looks good tho, great idea!


Pudding_Hero t1_ixwp0n9 wrote

Just dump gravy on that bitch and pop it in the oven for a couple minutes


CoolMoo5e OP t1_ixwboe0 wrote

This is literally everything we had left over and I did level ot out before topping it.


Alvaracorr t1_ixwhxab wrote

We used to do Thanksgiving pizza. Pizza crust gravy as sauce then everything on top. Sounds weird but so good


CoolMoo5e OP t1_ixwi3ea wrote

Hey I will not judge, I am writing it down for next year.


vayloo10 t1_ixwkoae wrote

God damn that looks BUSTING


CoolMoo5e OP t1_ixwlvbb wrote

I'm old had to look that one up on urban dictionary LMAO


vayloo10 t1_ixwm2ez wrote

Haha I use it as a joke, but it definitely looks really good!


Wuntoothrie t1_ixwtmtr wrote

Genius ...

I do grilled burritos ...

Thinking about empanadas.


schroedoe-baggins t1_ixwwl02 wrote

That looks amazing. Got another one for ya. My fiancée makes pastelillos with our leftovers, super good. Fancy ass hot pockets give it a try. ☮️


tehmlem t1_ixxgh9p wrote

How much pot did you put in it?


AuntiKrist t1_ixwgd8p wrote

We make Thanksgiving a la king.


Say_Hay t1_ixwjo2t wrote

There should be more pictures of this