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unclebird77 OP t1_iybjmb8 wrote

Nnnnnyep! Relax it’s just a common steam cloud. It’s nothing to be alarmed over it just looked really cool in the middle of a wide open blue sky. This can only happen during certain atmospheric pressure systems. If it’s not interesting, sue me 🤷🏻‍♂️


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I Literally came here to say this take my upvote


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*Actually eight hundred and twelfth.


EleanorRigbysGhost t1_iycqqn6 wrote

I came here to read comments about how somebody had the same idea as somebody else. I find them to be insightful and informative and they just make my day.


BigJuci t1_iybmox8 wrote

I'm from phoneix and that is in fact steam from Palo-verde nuclear power plant


unclebird77 OP t1_iybn2wf wrote

That’s what I was guessing so far but just a trip to see the cloud forming that high in the sky. That shit was about 1500 feet. I’ve seen them lower than that and somewhat connected before but the inversion layer this time of year made for a cool little show today


BigJuci t1_iybnsaj wrote

In real cold clear mornings you can see the steam from Phoenix. If you ever get the chance you should drive by close enough to see the reactors, they are massive!


unclebird77 OP t1_iybod4a wrote

Right on thank you. I will check that out next time I can! Do you know how many there are? I could just look it up myself but I’m a little high so I’m trying to get by with a little help from my friends I’ve never met before 🤣✋🏼


BigJuci t1_iyboyo4 wrote

There's 3 reactors lol now I'm not sure about steam or evaporation and all that but I do know its pretty cool lol. Have fun my friend 🤣🤣


ForgotTheBogusName t1_iydnc4o wrote

Where does a plant like that get water?


BigJuci t1_iydo4bc wrote

I'm not 100% sure. I know they have big ponds/lakes out there but I'm not sure how they fill them


braize6 t1_iye90fa wrote

They use wastewater

Edit cause fatfingered send- Nuke plants use massive amounts of water. Hence why they are typically built near rivers. However, obviously, desert areas don't have this luxury. So they use treated wastewater as a water source. That said, there technically is water almost anywhere. The issue with most areas like these, is that water has high mineral and salt content. Then there's also the issue with local landowners, who the power companies would have to cooperate with in order to drill for it. Arizona does have waterlogged areas where water can be found, but as with all drilling, those permits need to be issued by the State and the locals


OysterTongs t1_iyet9gi wrote

"Steam? Probably radioactive. I would rather inhale fossil fuel emissions"

-Reddit on Nuclear energy


QuantumR t1_iybof2c wrote

Nuclear power plants in the US don’t reject steam into the atmosphere. The white clouds coming off the cooling towers is evaporated water.


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This is where all my games are saved.


Passwordsdontwork t1_iybmw10 wrote

You gotta watch “Nope”. That’s an alien


unclebird77 OP t1_iybniwk wrote

Oh shit🤣🤙🏼 Now I understand why I saw that reply on another sub. Long story short, they deleted it because it wasn’t dope enough I guess or whatever


max_if_ t1_iyc10rx wrote

Thats map of Ukraine yo


QueenBaby97 t1_iybw3qr wrote

No it's just a group of Subaru owners and their vapes


unclebird77 OP t1_iybyt8c wrote

The ones that actually need a Subaru or the posers?? I bet it’s the posers. They all use those aftermarket vapes that make you blow cotton balls just to look extra dope


1320Fastback t1_iybk8wi wrote

Is this off I40? I think I've driven by it years ago if so.


unclebird77 OP t1_iybkr0s wrote

No this is on the 10 about an hour west of Phoenix. Somebody told me it’s probably the steam from the power plant but I’m not certain. But it looked super cool in the middle of a wide open sky with no other clouds. It was like simple science was telling me a story but it took me a minute to figure it out. The inversion layer is pretty sharp this time of year so the vapor hits a “ceiling“ and re-condenses


1320Fastback t1_iyblcxn wrote

I would think it is most definitely recondensed vapor from the plant and maybe I got the wrong freeway. I know I've seen this before heading East out of Arizona.


unclebird77 OP t1_iybmrye wrote

Yeah it’s a trip. I’ve never seen one reforming quite so high above the source with complete transparency between. I know the inversion layers do some wacky stuff this time of year. Definitely cool


twoinvenice t1_iydk8ng wrote

It is 100% the Palo Verde plant - I’ve driven past it more times than I know how to count. Sometimes the steam cloud gets quite large

Fun fact:

> As of 2013, the Palo Verde Generating Station is the largest power plant in the United States by net generation. Its average electric power production is about 3.3 gigawatts (GW)


Waldo_007 t1_iydnoc8 wrote

I saw plant as planet.

I thought, "What other planet could this be than ours? I feel like this is on Earth."


JeffSergeant t1_iyeu7l3 wrote

This is called a homogenitus or anthropogenic (man made) cloud, it’s not a ‘steam cloud’ it’s just a cloud.

The hot air from the plant causes air above to rise, as air rises the pressure and temperature drops and the water vapour in the air turns to cloud when it drops below its dew point.

Also nope


drewismynamea t1_iybhdpx wrote

Dafuq dey doin over there?


climb-it-ographer t1_iybpnnr wrote

Generating an enormous amount of electricity.


unclebird77 OP t1_iybz93g wrote

That’s what I’m learning, indeed. But in that case, why not just zap the cloud out of the sky with your man made lightning bolts or something 🤷🏻‍♂️ Idk. I guess that’s why I’m not a scientist


unclebird77 OP t1_iybjtwm wrote

It’s no alarm, it’s just water vapor but it looked really cool. It only happens under certain conditions but I’ve never seen one quite so isolated. That time of year in the desert!


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unclebird77 OP t1_iybiqif wrote

Perhaps I don’t care about the attention just wanted to contribute something. Not interested in “karma“


unclebird77 OP t1_iybj2h2 wrote

You should have only seen it pop up twice currently. I believe it is still in for submission on r/damnthatsinteresting. It’s not like I’m just shit posting it everywhere I can. Deleted on one sub, posted to two others. I just want to figure out how this works and if it’s even worth it

So far the conclusion seems pretty clear


sharkcathedral t1_iybrjj3 wrote

funny, last time i saw something like that it was above a volcano


unclebird77 OP t1_iybyidr wrote

I am 99.1% certain it was not a volcano. But now you’ve got me thinking. There is lava rock in the area

Probably just drunk jesus again. Good thing the resolution isn’t sharp enough to zoom in and see the virgin mary, otherwise this would belong in a completely different sub


gitismatt t1_iybw7h5 wrote

there's a solar-ish plant outside of Las Vegas where all the mirrors point to a central tower. you can occasionally see cute puffy clouds like this over each tower. I always thought it was cool to see them


unclebird77 OP t1_iybymwq wrote

Yeah those things are rad! Originally an experimental plant that wound up killing too many birds so they didn’t replicate it except for a couple other places. Super trippy to look at on a bright day tho


Numismatists t1_iyc4hki wrote

The clouds at those plants are a result of burning fossil fuels that they use to fire them up.

Not as Green™️ as they claim.


Fflow27 t1_iycbjm2 wrote

it looks like Ukraine


MrFoozOG t1_iycjlcp wrote


that's an ufo hiding


Lemuria_91 t1_iyczfd7 wrote

If it starts turning pink and take shape, run.


AberrantMan t1_iydc3pl wrote

They're just making shade, nothing wrong here...


Salvia_McLovin t1_iydvch2 wrote

a nuclear power plant that uses treated waste water as its cooling source. pretty neat.


hiveminer t1_iye2eux wrote

That’s just a glitch in the matrix, the quantum field is being overburdened in Ukraine due to the war, so deserted areas on the field which aren’t expected to get many eyeballs get low resources. The cosmic GPU isn’t infinite!!


unclebird77 OP t1_iye2s45 wrote

Nice 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️


hiveminer t1_iye3nqf wrote

Thank you for getting it!! Was worried there wouldn’t be other weirdos online at this hour!!! gifgifgif


ChampionshipLow8541 t1_iyevexo wrote

In colder climates, that’s how you can get “industrial snow” - precipitation where there wouldn’t be any naturally.


unclebird77 OP t1_iyeyxoy wrote

Interesting. Is this similar to how lake effect snow happens?


RECoyote t1_iybqub2 wrote

Water vapor from the plant raises up to form clouds.


iveseenthelight t1_iydxajo wrote

Forgive the stupid question, but is the cloud radioactive if it's coming from a nuclear power plant?


unclebird77 OP t1_iye0rw5 wrote

No it’s just non-toxic water vapor. No such thing as a stupid question


braize6 t1_iyebax7 wrote

They are basically giant hot tubs. Cooling water can be pretty much anything. In most cases, it's river water. The water goes into the intake, where there are basically just screens to catch any debris and even fish. This water goes into the tubes of the condenser. The steam from the turbine, hits these cooling tubes, and condenses the steam back into boiler water. The boiler water then goes into the "hotwell," which is then returned right back into the boiler to make steam. Rinse and repeat.

The cooling water though, is now super hot. This water is sent out to the cooling towers. At a nuclear plant, those are those big ass signature towers. At a coal plant, they are typically rows of fans. Depending on the power plant, the water is then returned to the river, or rerouted back into the power plant as cooled water for re-use