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Jedibri81 t1_ixq7kv6 wrote

I first saw that place in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


friendlypelican t1_ixqjvvg wrote

The disappointment when you get there and find it is only one room deep is unbearable


MorkSal t1_ixqse65 wrote

Dude, that one building yes but the whole area is amazing. I wandered for two days there and could easily go back.


totoropoko t1_ixr8cdh wrote

I'm usually prepared for most "famous sites" to be disappointing since they usually are shot from the best angles. I don't know about this one. Are there shops and modern houses just out of the frame? If not, that's a win for me.


CSW11 t1_ixs37kz wrote

Thankfully, no. This is an amazing place to visit. Incredibly well preserved. From what I recall, it’s about a 30-45 minute hike to get to the Treasury (photographed). Then you can spend an entire day hiking around Petra. The Monastery is equally as impressive to see and photograph. Highly highly recommend visiting Jordan.


Scindite t1_ixsuv4y wrote

Most of the modern activities are in the city about a 2km walk away. You start in the main city and walk through a narrow canyon to reach this point, there's a little cafe to the left, but nothing more. If you continue walking to the right, you'll reach an open valley that has more amenities (restaurants, bathrooms, gift shops, camel/donkey rides, tour guide services, etc).

There are actually quite a few attractions, the treasury (post photo) and the monastery are the famous attractions, but there are hundreds of similarly carved tombs about a quarter the size of the treasury, an extensive city of roman ruins, roman amphitheater, temple, caves, huge cisterns/waterworks to see, and more.


Sir_Lemming t1_ixsujr6 wrote

Yeah, I was super disappointed by that when I went there, seemed almost anti climatic after the voyage through the ravines.


CSW11 t1_ixs3be4 wrote

Haha! Did you get to go inside? That’s special. I don’t believe they allow tourists inside the Treasury anymore, due to vandalism.


vrenak t1_ixubs9y wrote

They don't, but plenty of others are open.


omdano t1_ixtnq85 wrote

Ummm you didn't explore the CITY of Petra then and you just went to the Khazneh (The treasury)


jet_heller t1_ixslpmv wrote

Isn't that the same for anyone over like 30.


XeroShinoda15 t1_ixspe98 wrote

I first saw that place in... sigh.. Revenge of the fallen


dillrepair t1_ixqlwwh wrote

Only the penitent pup will pass.


Charming-Second-7186 t1_ixq7iey wrote

Why do I suddenly hear Indiana Jones theme


jeffinRTP t1_ixq6mel wrote

Don't forget the camel


Metallfanica t1_ixrynuy wrote

My brother did a tour out that way and said people would beat a dog until you paid them to stop, pester you to buy things after you ay no thank you. And was generally very dirty.


Csalbertcs t1_ixsiwmx wrote

From my travels Lebanon is the most friendly country to dogs in the Levantine, Syria second. Lots of strays and dead dogs on the road, they aren’t up to Western standards. I’m also surprised at the very dirty part, maybe they were old? Syrians and Lebanese shower every other day with soap and it was the same with Palestinians. And every toilet has a bidet. Unless you meant the garbage everywhere, it is true in all parts of the Levant, although some parts like old Damascus are cleaned daily.


aoechamp t1_ixqpqef wrote

How the hell did you manage a photo with nobody around?


los_krompiros OP t1_ixqpw5y wrote

Pic was taken in February of this year so it was an off season + Corona helped a bit with the tourists


billdietrich1 t1_ixrzbqc wrote

Ah, I was going to ask if you saw my aunt, she was there maybe 4 days ago.


los_krompiros OP t1_ixrzgcq wrote

Nope, but I would recommend Jordan to anyone it was an amazing experience if you put all the trash aside


aero_enginerd t1_ixtk2bi wrote

Were all the merchants out in the off season? I went this April, and the merchants were relentless. Amazing experience though.


los_krompiros OP t1_ixtwijy wrote

there was a lot of them still, the camel is theirs and one wanted to sell me the pup even though it followed me the whole way through the canyon


dinoroo t1_ixtuh58 wrote

I went with a tour and masses of people will come up that slot canyon in waves. You just wait until the wave passes. I got a pick with no one about 15 minutes after my group and a bunch of other people walked up to it. This was in May of the year I went.


sariaslani t1_ixqnbhh wrote

I could adapt that pooch in a heartbeat!


twiffytwaf t1_ixqwle3 wrote

This is the Treasury in Petra. Petra is much, much larger than just this.


los_krompiros OP t1_ixrbi2e wrote

This is probably the most known piece, but the Monastery and all of the tombs are breathtaking to see IRL


Upper-Job5130 t1_ixqcksu wrote

The puppy is poised for a perfect pose pictured with Petra


existentialjellyfish t1_ixqdph7 wrote

Oh man, look at the paws on that little dude! Gonna be a big dude in no time at all! I love him.


So_be t1_ixqx4k7 wrote

I’m no zoologist, but that looks like a camel to me…


km_amateurphoto t1_ixr0ewf wrote

I really like this! That cute pup (and camel) really add a little extra something to it


JeebusFright t1_ixr5xs7 wrote

That turtle has a long neck...


FranziskusX t1_ixrf3ah wrote

You are named after the dog?


Skippy8898 t1_ixry59r wrote

The Amazing Race had a leg there this season. First time ever in Jordan.


capmjimbob t1_ixsa1aw wrote

Penitent Pup Poses in the Proximity of Petra


d3pd t1_ixqlpcl wrote

Don't forget to return the Aztec gold pirate coin to the Declaration of Independence! Tom Hanks is looking for it!


SnomandoWares t1_ixrga6s wrote

Thought there was a tortoise in the background for a second


b0xtarts t1_ixrsdnn wrote

What a cool pup!!


anon2282 t1_ixsdek2 wrote

That's a camel


StillWill18 t1_ixseht0 wrote

Hmmm, same machine marks on the sides that are seen in Sri Lankan sites.


SalsaBueno t1_ixsvoq1 wrote

As a craftsman, this kind of work blows my mind and gives me anxiety at the same time. I mean… one shot, no mistakes, no do overs. One piece of material, in one spot. -shudders-


Pieter350 t1_ixsxs9b wrote

I've always wanted to go, how was it?


los_krompiros OP t1_ixtxeco wrote

To be honest i had the most fun in Wadi Rum desert, at Petra you are harassed by sellers every 30 meters of the 2hour hike, but if you ignore them its a once in a lifetime experience.

Jordan has incredible natural beauty and must see places like the Dead sea, roman sites in Jerash, the food is amazing and people are generally friendly if I exclude that some people have no respect for animals and just kick cats around :( .

I must also add that you can experience quite a culture shock so beware of people slaughtering goats or chickens in the middle of the street; street cats and dogs are abundant and the traffic there is horrendous + I saw some cars on the road that amazed me they could still run after missing half of the front and being rusted to another level. Edit1: Also trash, a lot of people just don't care and throw anything on the street so when you drive anywhere you are greeted by piles of rubbish, Aquaba was the cleanest of all the cities I visited.


vrenak t1_ixubh8c wrote

Did you go to Petra or just to the entrance? Petra actually lies beyond this picture, to the right and straight ahead. When i was there it was eerie to see that beyond this point almost all americans and east asians were not to be seen, only europeans and arabs.


los_krompiros OP t1_ixubwle wrote

I have not seen all of Petra because it covers a huge area, but I have hiked to the Monastery and did some off path exploring


vrenak t1_ixuc82o wrote

So you saw some of it at least, but if you really want to see all there is in the area it'll take at least 2 days, and then it's still rushed. When I was there I chose the city itself, and that alone I could easy use 2 days on. But as I said, so many from especially far east and US only ever goes to more than just the entrance, kind of like having a layover in Heathrow and then thinking you've been to London.


los_krompiros OP t1_ixuccjm wrote

Yea sadly I only had one day to spend at Petra so it was quite rushed but I enjoyed it nonetheless


vrenak t1_ixuctk3 wrote

Same here, the travel company I went with was well aware of the time needed, so had arranged early breakfast at our hotel, close by (many make the mistake of staying in Amman), so we could get to the site as early as possible, so we could have a full day there