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Pieter350 t1_ixsxs9b wrote

I've always wanted to go, how was it?


los_krompiros OP t1_ixtxeco wrote

To be honest i had the most fun in Wadi Rum desert, at Petra you are harassed by sellers every 30 meters of the 2hour hike, but if you ignore them its a once in a lifetime experience.

Jordan has incredible natural beauty and must see places like the Dead sea, roman sites in Jerash, the food is amazing and people are generally friendly if I exclude that some people have no respect for animals and just kick cats around :( .

I must also add that you can experience quite a culture shock so beware of people slaughtering goats or chickens in the middle of the street; street cats and dogs are abundant and the traffic there is horrendous + I saw some cars on the road that amazed me they could still run after missing half of the front and being rusted to another level. Edit1: Also trash, a lot of people just don't care and throw anything on the street so when you drive anywhere you are greeted by piles of rubbish, Aquaba was the cleanest of all the cities I visited.


vrenak t1_ixubh8c wrote

Did you go to Petra or just to the entrance? Petra actually lies beyond this picture, to the right and straight ahead. When i was there it was eerie to see that beyond this point almost all americans and east asians were not to be seen, only europeans and arabs.


los_krompiros OP t1_ixubwle wrote

I have not seen all of Petra because it covers a huge area, but I have hiked to the Monastery and did some off path exploring


vrenak t1_ixuc82o wrote

So you saw some of it at least, but if you really want to see all there is in the area it'll take at least 2 days, and then it's still rushed. When I was there I chose the city itself, and that alone I could easy use 2 days on. But as I said, so many from especially far east and US only ever goes to more than just the entrance, kind of like having a layover in Heathrow and then thinking you've been to London.


los_krompiros OP t1_ixuccjm wrote

Yea sadly I only had one day to spend at Petra so it was quite rushed but I enjoyed it nonetheless


vrenak t1_ixuctk3 wrote

Same here, the travel company I went with was well aware of the time needed, so had arranged early breakfast at our hotel, close by (many make the mistake of staying in Amman), so we could get to the site as early as possible, so we could have a full day there