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kjpmi OP t1_iy858wb wrote

I think this is just such a cool picture. Wanted more people to see it.

Here’s the blog link where the image is from if anyone is interested.


bill_b4 t1_iy88gae wrote

Totally cool! Thanks for sharing!


ulyssesfiuza t1_iyapjei wrote

Seriously now, using the data available, this photo shows the night line above South America, South pole up.


bill_b4 t1_iyapxt2 wrote

Oof! I'm glad you can tell that from the photo...when I zoom in, I see a blue and white potato 😁


ulyssesfiuza t1_iyavl14 wrote

Not from the photo. Calculating sun and moon position when the photo was taken.


matthew_ri t1_iy8gxyi wrote

It's awesome. Since perspective is irrelevant, I'd say flipping the image 90° left is cooler, having NASA upright and the Earth at top, then moon, then shuttle


AlexanderTox t1_iy8p68d wrote

Totally agree and yes that makes sense. I always somehow forget that there is no “up” or “down” in space.


matthew_ri t1_iy8pfyx wrote

Nor is there an up or down on Earth - technically there's an infinite number of ups and downs on Earth, all dependent on the point of reference.

Everything is relative and I love that! 😁


Purple_Haze t1_iy8s5bg wrote

It looks to me like the North Pole is pointing up, so this is the "natural" orientation for the photo.


matthew_ri t1_iy8tgh0 wrote

Being pedantic, it could be the South Pole since it's more visibility white ¯⁠\⁠⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠⁠/⁠¯


Purple_Haze t1_iy8uhu8 wrote

The white I assume is cloud cover. Looks to me like there is more green/brown in the top half, and more blue in the bottom, so maybe Asia on top and the Indian and Pacific oceans below?

I am sure NASA didn't orient it randomly.


Rhaedas t1_iy8x1ly wrote

If you go by NASA's orbital diagram on the Artemis website and assume that Orion is actually turned the way they depict (following the path), then you would be correct, the shot we see here is "upside down". But I don't know if that's the case, and can't find anyone with a live orbital chart showing its exact position.


matthew_ri t1_iy9vlf2 wrote

You saying this is making me want to dig deeper into it


Rhaedas t1_iyartug wrote

Revisiting this because I went out and the Moon was visible, based on the phase of the Moon Orion is to the right from our viewpoint in our sky, so therefore the North pole is facing down to match up.


ulyssesfiuza t1_iyanyzq wrote

Being me, I can't see any detail lesser than you mamma.


Jatzy_AME t1_iy8ytay wrote

The plane of orbit is still relevant though.


Spartan2470 t1_iy8d5zj wrote

Here is a higher quality version of this image. Here is the source. Per there:

> NASA Johnson

> Artemis I Flight Day 13: Orion, Earth, and Moon art001e000673 (Nov. 28, 2022) On flight day 13, Orion reached its maximum distance from Earth during the Artemis I mission when it was 268,563 miles away from our home planet. Orion has now traveled farther than any other spacecraft built for humans.


OptimusSublime t1_iy8cekq wrote

I wasn't smiling can you take another?


theartofennui t1_iy8gmhm wrote

pshhh, i have a car with more miles than that!


RunawayMeatstick t1_iy8wjnh wrote

That’s actually kind of crazy to think about lmao


scienceguy8 t1_iy9q7gt wrote

Indeed. If we could drive to the Moon, the Moon would be largely inhabited by people who blew transmissions on the way there and can't get them fixed due to a lack of lunar industry.


chrischi3 t1_iy85wyl wrote

To think there might be humans aboard one of those in a few years...


DataKnights t1_iy8qomw wrote

What about the cameraman that took this shot?


Thiizic t1_iy97y6c wrote

He's currently on the set in Hollywood.


OfficialGarwood t1_iyb5iz2 wrote

less than 2 years if the plans are correct. Then within 4-5, we'll have someone on the moon again.


ZoeperJ t1_iy9c53y wrote

Approx. 431304 km in real world distance.


kjpmi OP t1_iy9e8uf wrote

Psst. They’re both the same distance here in the real world. 😉


ZoeperJ t1_iy9eu61 wrote

Perhaps, but the majority of people cannot use a mile (1.61 km.) or feet (33.5cm) or inches (2.54cm).

Only Liberia, Myanmar and the US hang on to this imperial System. Therefore I shared the distance for the majority of the world. 😉


Meeple_person t1_iyc7i7w wrote

UK predominately uses miles for distance too.

Although metric for anything it feels like at the time. And Celsius for low temperatures and Fahrenheit for hot. Its a bit weird.


Ahhhhrg t1_iycgg5n wrote

I've lived in London for 11 years and never heard anyone use Fahrenheit, in what context would it be used? All the recipes I've seen use Celsius.


Meeple_person t1_iye3ye6 wrote

People. We say it to each other all the time. "Oooh it'll be in the 70's this week"


kjpmi OP t1_iy9fse6 wrote

I would hope that the majority of the world can use google and convert it in about 5 seconds if they felt curious.


ZoeperJ t1_iy9gxu3 wrote

Why not include in the postvso it is clear to everyone 🤔


SweetNeo85 t1_iyaoltr wrote

Because it's ONE OF THOSE THREE countries you listed that took the picture.


kjpmi OP t1_iy9h4e9 wrote

You already did so thank you! But it’s not like it’s some mystery or super hard to find out.


Ratmatazz t1_iy8ee2l wrote

I absolutely love this image


Sventhehen t1_iy8oc2q wrote

Hey, my Toyota Tacoma has made it that far!


ithinkitsthis t1_iy8e95j wrote

Why is it that no stars are visible? I mean in a "i'm interested in the answer" way, not a conspiracy nut way


kjpmi OP t1_iy8erxk wrote

I would imagine it’s due to the contrast/exposure of the image.
In order to keep the spacecraft and the earth and moon from being completely washed out in the image you lose the visibility of the stars. The sun is extremely bright in space.


grrangry t1_iy90d34 wrote

Remember there's no (or so little as to not matter) scattering of light in space. Almost all the light you see comes out from the sun and reflects off the three objects in the photo. Earth, Moon, spacecraft. The spacecraft (obviously) is closest and very reflective, so it's going to be the biggest light source in the image. That bright source will determine what exposure is required to be able to pick out the detail they can. A longer exposure would wash out the image and a shorter one wouldn't pick up enough light to see the Earth and Moon in any detail.

If the camera was pointed out away from everything and a photo taken with the correct settings, you would see stars. For example this photograph taken from the ISS.


ithinkitsthis t1_iyc8v8v wrote

Seems obvious now that you've explained it - thanks for taking the time to do so.


Hugo_5t1gl1tz t1_iy8esev wrote

Just not enough light. The ship, the moon, and the earth in this picture are all pretty well lit up by the Sun, so it’s a pretty quick snap.


9erInLKN t1_iyagu59 wrote

Man I asked this question on a different picture last week and got downvoted for being curious lol


mykeuk t1_iy87pgy wrote

It just shows how insanely fragile and small we really are in this big ole' universe.


Azz_Gaz t1_iy8ybut wrote

I wonder if there are aliens monitoring us from afar if our planet is dubbed Nasa


Raspberries-Are-Evil t1_iy8d671 wrote

Whats the reasoning for such a far away orbit of the Moon? It should only be a 2.5 day transit time from Earth to Moon.


APartyInMyPants t1_iy8nfop wrote

Here’s my completely uneducated guess. For one, the purpose of the mission is to test technology and systems. We’re not testing orbital entry or a lander, so there’s no need to be as close. Second, and someone way smarter could maybe add on, my guess is that the closer your orbit, the more you need to correct your position, as the ship may be dealing with gravity from both the earth and the moon. So maybe this is just more fuel efficient.

And finally, for cool ass selfies like this.


Joe_Huxley t1_iy8f6uu wrote

Stability of the orbit I believe. The moon has some weird geological quirks that make up close orbits go askew over time.


kjpmi OP t1_iy8f1cp wrote

Good question. I would like to know too. Its moon orbit is larger than Apollo orbits were. But I don’t know why.


nworb200 t1_iy8vp7n wrote

Orion and it’s service module have less delta v capability. It just doesn’t carry enough fuel to enter and exit low lunar orbit


[deleted] t1_iy8mrrz wrote



fireatthecircus t1_iy8owo3 wrote

It—the Orion Capsule—IS definitely currently orbiting the moon. Neat link though, thanks.

“Orion performed an 88-second engine burn Friday…that successfully inserted the spacecraft into a distant retrograde orbit (DRO) around the moon as planned.”

“The capsule will leave lunar orbit with an engine burn on Dec. 1, then start heading home to Earth.”

EDIT: Parent comment nope'd out. Neat link they posted that i mentioned above (visualizes mission progress/trajectory):


Sketch99 t1_iy9655j wrote

That's terrifying


rictendo t1_iyahrhs wrote

Fake news, everybody knows the Moon is smaller than the earth!


AltairsBlade t1_iyatrgo wrote

Feeling interstellar, might delete later.-Sexy Artemis 1


prtzlsmakesmethirsty t1_iy8cbdi wrote

When you gotta chill outside while the exterminator gets rid of that one spider you found in your bed


flubberFuck t1_iy8nd6q wrote

Why do the thrusters have bags over them? Keeping out space dust?


adamhanson t1_iy8pt53 wrote

Now that’s a cool image. Wild.


Rondaru t1_iy94s8g wrote

I suppose that is a lot, but I'm too lazy to figure out the distance in SI units right now.


wiggle-biscuits t1_iy9rh4x wrote

How far away from the moon is it? Maybe it's just the perspective but it seems the moon is pretty far away. Isn't it something like 225k miles from the earth at its closest? It just seems to me that the moon is closer to earth than it should be haha


kjpmi OP t1_iy9rni1 wrote

I think it’s 45,000 miles past the moon.


ReallyEvilRob t1_iy9rjy5 wrote

I always thought the earth was bigger than the moon.


kjpmi OP t1_iy9ry96 wrote

From this perspective the moon is 45,000 miles away and the earth is much further at 268,000 miles away.
So yeah, things look smaller the further away they get.


Prixm t1_iy9zj4m wrote

It's just so crazy, all these photos just look so photoshopped to me because they are so Incredible.


gtacleveland t1_iya3q7f wrote

Of course it takes a fucking selfie...


aniSculptor t1_iya4hn3 wrote

invisible alien cameraman. no wonder we havent seen any aliens yet. jokes aside this is very cool!


the2belo t1_iyaj7sy wrote

Now I want to see a lunar eclipse of the Earth.


EvadingBan42 t1_iyajyc7 wrote

I’m in this picture and I’m ok with it?


OkChuyPunchIt t1_iyb7c9o wrote

wHo tOoK tHe PiCtUrE?!?!

tHeR's nO stArS!!!!@!



technogeek61 t1_iyci9kq wrote

Obviously the flash had not yet reached the stars so they would show up


BrisketWrench t1_iycs9lq wrote

Everyone do yourself a favor. Don’t read the comments on Nasa’s instagram account, Holy shit…


Colonelfudgenustard t1_iybryr1 wrote

It's not enough anymore for a spacecraft to take a picture of the scenery; now it has to take a selfie. Sign of the times.


jakelaw08 t1_iybx0id wrote

Wow. What a shot.


Immortal_Tuttle t1_iy8bnir wrote

Nice Photoshop... /S

Seriously - that's an awesome picture. It just looks so... unreal. Like, I don't know, not from Earth.


WarWeasle t1_iyavt4d wrote

It still amazes me that we don't spiral into each over.


RandomUser-_--__- t1_iy8ig61 wrote

What are these "miles" you speak of? Some kind of primitive unit of measurement?


imapassenger1 t1_iyabc6m wrote

320 rods, or 80 chains if you prefer the larger units.


RandomUser-_--__- t1_iyacfdg wrote

Lol, I think others saw my exact comment on a photo similar to this a day ago


RoosterCogburns2957 t1_iyd138d wrote

Sheep believe what they're told... Real men, do research.. Find truth.. NASA is one big lie for the ignorant..


kjpmi OP t1_iyd3zqv wrote

Research does not equal watching flat earth and moon hoax YouTube videos.
If you don’t have good critical thinking skills then you’re unable to filter out the bullshit. You’re gullible. You fall for dumb ass conspiracy theories.


[deleted] t1_iyd5ofz wrote



kjpmi OP t1_iyd5z05 wrote

Okay I’ve wasted enough time engaging with you. I hope you get the help that you need. Truly I do. Good luck.


RoosterCogburns2957 t1_iyd6f6p wrote

That's right moron, act like you won.. Go do some research.. Instead of trying to act like a know it all that believes in a staged movie set.. Stanley Kubrick.. I don't need help, but you do sheep. Go read a book, educate yourself..


KillasArt t1_iy97uhx wrote

Wow no stars in sight


bad_motivator t1_iyasjg5 wrote

Your point?


KillasArt t1_iyaszx1 wrote

My point is, how can we see stars on earth but not up there that high?


blue-ten t1_iyax8d1 wrote

We see stars with our eyes, but they are relatively dim. In order to see stars with a camera, you need to let the sensor expose for a long time, no matter how high up you are. The consequence of a long exposure is that brighter objects, like the Moon, Earth, and the spacecraft would be overexposed bright blobs.

You can test this with a camera here on Earth.


KillasArt t1_iyaxlog wrote

Thank you for your mature response, I've learned something today.


alsheps t1_iyb0k9b wrote

You know how you can't see as many stars in the city as you can in the country? like say if are in the City, you look up, and you can see stars and stuff, but when you go out to farm land there's so many more stars that are visible?

That's what's happening here. The light bouncing off Artemis-1's fuselage is causing the light coming from the stars we'd expect to see to appear much much dimmer, due to the camera not taking in light for as long given the brightness of Artemis-1. It's only going to caputre the really large, bright objects in the frame, i.e. the Earth, Moon, and Artemis-1.


mfb- t1_iyb1g1j wrote

How many stars do you see during the day? Zero (well, one if we count the Sun). Exactly the same thing happens here. The objects pictures are in broad daylight, exposure settings that show them won't show stars.


clichesaurus t1_iy9vkkb wrote

Looks like they overshot the moon. I can relate to driving past my destination, but what a waste of tax dollars


kjpmi OP t1_iya3mla wrote

They weren’t aiming to hit it lol.
It’s in an orbit around the moon.
And I think more of our tax dollars should go to NASA and science in general. A very small part of the federal budget is set aside for this stuff as it is.


RoosterCogburns2957 t1_iyagcze wrote

Not A Space Agency.. who was Artemis.. Masons worship anything other than Jesus.. Don't believe the lies.. Do not be deceived.. They lies, you die.. My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge..


kjpmi OP t1_iyagyu5 wrote

How about not worshiping anyone? Including god/Jesus who isn’t real either.


RoosterCogburns2957 t1_iyaia92 wrote

How about not believing lies, by people who do.? There's a concept..


kjpmi OP t1_iyaifrx wrote

You sound thoroughly crazy. Just letting you know. Have a good day.