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kjpmi OP t1_iy858wb wrote

I think this is just such a cool picture. Wanted more people to see it.

Here’s the blog link where the image is from if anyone is interested.


bill_b4 t1_iy88gae wrote

Totally cool! Thanks for sharing!


ulyssesfiuza t1_iyapjei wrote

Seriously now, using the data available, this photo shows the night line above South America, South pole up.


bill_b4 t1_iyapxt2 wrote

Oof! I'm glad you can tell that from the photo...when I zoom in, I see a blue and white potato 😁


ulyssesfiuza t1_iyavl14 wrote

Not from the photo. Calculating sun and moon position when the photo was taken.


matthew_ri t1_iy8gxyi wrote

It's awesome. Since perspective is irrelevant, I'd say flipping the image 90° left is cooler, having NASA upright and the Earth at top, then moon, then shuttle


AlexanderTox t1_iy8p68d wrote

Totally agree and yes that makes sense. I always somehow forget that there is no “up” or “down” in space.


matthew_ri t1_iy8pfyx wrote

Nor is there an up or down on Earth - technically there's an infinite number of ups and downs on Earth, all dependent on the point of reference.

Everything is relative and I love that! 😁


Purple_Haze t1_iy8s5bg wrote

It looks to me like the North Pole is pointing up, so this is the "natural" orientation for the photo.


matthew_ri t1_iy8tgh0 wrote

Being pedantic, it could be the South Pole since it's more visibility white ¯⁠\⁠⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠⁠/⁠¯


Purple_Haze t1_iy8uhu8 wrote

The white I assume is cloud cover. Looks to me like there is more green/brown in the top half, and more blue in the bottom, so maybe Asia on top and the Indian and Pacific oceans below?

I am sure NASA didn't orient it randomly.


Rhaedas t1_iy8x1ly wrote

If you go by NASA's orbital diagram on the Artemis website and assume that Orion is actually turned the way they depict (following the path), then you would be correct, the shot we see here is "upside down". But I don't know if that's the case, and can't find anyone with a live orbital chart showing its exact position.


matthew_ri t1_iy9vlf2 wrote

You saying this is making me want to dig deeper into it


Rhaedas t1_iyartug wrote

Revisiting this because I went out and the Moon was visible, based on the phase of the Moon Orion is to the right from our viewpoint in our sky, so therefore the North pole is facing down to match up.


ulyssesfiuza t1_iyanyzq wrote

Being me, I can't see any detail lesser than you mamma.


Jatzy_AME t1_iy8ytay wrote

The plane of orbit is still relevant though.