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ZoeperJ t1_iy9eu61 wrote

Perhaps, but the majority of people cannot use a mile (1.61 km.) or feet (33.5cm) or inches (2.54cm).

Only Liberia, Myanmar and the US hang on to this imperial System. Therefore I shared the distance for the majority of the world. 😉


Meeple_person t1_iyc7i7w wrote

UK predominately uses miles for distance too.

Although metric for anything it feels like at the time. And Celsius for low temperatures and Fahrenheit for hot. Its a bit weird.


Ahhhhrg t1_iycgg5n wrote

I've lived in London for 11 years and never heard anyone use Fahrenheit, in what context would it be used? All the recipes I've seen use Celsius.


Meeple_person t1_iye3ye6 wrote

People. We say it to each other all the time. "Oooh it'll be in the 70's this week"


kjpmi OP t1_iy9fse6 wrote

I would hope that the majority of the world can use google and convert it in about 5 seconds if they felt curious.


ZoeperJ t1_iy9gxu3 wrote

Why not include in the postvso it is clear to everyone 🤔


SweetNeo85 t1_iyaoltr wrote

Because it's ONE OF THOSE THREE countries you listed that took the picture.


kjpmi OP t1_iy9h4e9 wrote

You already did so thank you! But it’s not like it’s some mystery or super hard to find out.