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DigNitty t1_ixqq157 wrote

As a man who wears a kilt, a woman asked me if anything was worn underneath.

No, I told her, not worn at all. In fact, it’s in excellent condition.

R. Atkinson


skeptibat t1_ixqxvyn wrote

> if anything was worn underneath.

Socks and shoes.


Haus42 t1_ixq7rlt wrote

Wonder what the Qatari Morality Police are gonna make of that.


MappleSyrup13 t1_ixspcaf wrote

Nothing. Arabian Gulf men wear abaya/qamis, it's essentially a long white robe. Dangling balls is the norm with those crazy temperatures over there.


flatsixorbust t1_ixtog17 wrote

Gulf men wear thobes, not abayas, and they do wear something under them. Abayas are for women, “kamiz” are Central Asian (not Gulf Arab).


Hellright t1_ixqo9ji wrote

Are they plastic Scotsmen or actually from Scotland?


Kwintty7 t1_ixqs8rx wrote

Guaranteed these people are American.


imanAholebutimfunny t1_ixr0ggr wrote

one giveaway is that the people smiling still have all their teeth and they are straight.


Greywacky t1_ixrj44y wrote

What does their sexual preferance have to do with anything?


imanAholebutimfunny t1_ixrjsqz wrote

>all their teeth and they are straight

all their teeth that are straight


teh_fizz t1_ixsvrxj wrote

Again, what does the sexual preference of the teeth have anything to do with it?


damnedspot t1_ixs8znr wrote

Men in skirts; you can’t be too sure.


aptninja t1_ixqyjub wrote

Why? Scotland and England are huge rivals so it makes sense that they’d be rooting for USA


The_Boris t1_ixr1bwj wrote

Those guys do not look Scottish. And Scottish fans may have an “anyone but England” mantra but it doesn’t stretch to buying clothing. And sorry, but the average Scot wouldn’t wear an American flag top, just wouldn’t happen.


blyan t1_ixtcxin wrote

Well apparently I’m not allowed to post insta links lol but Norwich City posted a pic of Kenny McLean wearing a USA jersey for todays game lol


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[deleted] t1_ixrbl57 wrote



The_Boris t1_ixrcyhu wrote

It’s a kilt, as I’m sure you know, but what’s even your point here? A Scotsman wearing a kilt is hardly comparable to him wearing an American flag top is it


ChampionshipLow8541 t1_ixrevfy wrote

Yes. In fact, anyone who takes their tartan seriously would not wear a kilt with a nonsense t-shirt.


MrFlow t1_ixr48db wrote

Second guy on the right is wearing a Florida Gators cap....


I_am_the_Jukebox t1_ixrw8yq wrote

I mean...if the goal was to dress up in American attire, then the hat can still legit be part of the costume. It's not like they're hard to get.


kaloonzu t1_ixrq69g wrote

I met a guy in a Green Room in London wearing a Chicago White Sox cap. He was a native Londoner.


CryptOthewasP t1_ixsasw0 wrote

People forget that the Scottish became honorary Italians during the Euros.


MINKIN2 t1_ixt8alz wrote

We're not really huge rivals at all. We just really enjoy taking this piss out of each other. It's what we do.


Funtycuck t1_ixr25c0 wrote

Huge rivals in football? Nah, theres some bad feeling coming from particularly shitty disregard in recent English politics for the Scots but never really encountered the Scottish caring so much outside of when we play each other.

Now the Welsh would likely go to bat for the otherside at least from experience of Welsh rugby fans.


Hellright t1_ixt817u wrote

The way I can tell is the shoes and tan (or lack of it).


Ohhnoes t1_ixr0qw9 wrote

Guaranteed Scottish because no old Americans give a single shit about divegrass.


BuSsYBoI-sTaYpOpPiN t1_ixqvks1 wrote

They look uniquely ugly enough to actually be British. I wish there was a way to find out for certain.


space_monster t1_ixrice9 wrote

Yeah this much more likely to be Americans pretending to be Scottish than actual Scots. Most of whom would much rather wear an England shirt than an American one.


HereForTheFood4 t1_ixsg351 wrote

More people of Scotish descent live in the USA than live in Scotland. I am not sure if I understand your narrow minded and flabberghastingly uneducated comment.


MINKIN2 t1_ixt60uw wrote

And we call those people Americans.


Funtycuck t1_ixr2er5 wrote

Are they not just Americans? Not sure you'd find that many who'd bring a yank shirt to wear and they are looking a bit tan for Scots... (and not tan enough for Brits abroad, its pale or burnt)


NeatNuts t1_ixrbwwr wrote

Only tan one is Florida Man (Gators cap). All the others are pretty pasty and red faced for an American. But I’m an American living in the sunny south, idk how pale Scots are


witterquick t1_ixsiuqs wrote

We're green, like parched grass, or a dried out olive :(


CurtisW831 t1_ixujqn9 wrote

I'm a fifth generation Floridian and my arms above the elbow and legs are quite pale because I typically always wear pants when I leave the house.


JOMO_Kenyatta t1_ixti3xm wrote

Most Americans aren’t “just American”. We’re called the nation of immigrants for a reason


Cookie-Senpai t1_ixqb3kh wrote

Average SNP voter lol


JBaecker t1_ixqhfry wrote

Can’t be. I see not one claymore or shillelagh amongst them!


NearbyWall1 t1_ixquwtl wrote

not the stabbing type of claymore thats for sure


nonveganveganyogurt t1_ixqw1cc wrote

I don't think they're actually Scottish.

One is wearing what seems to be a University of Florida hat...


Roharcyn1 t1_ixro24w wrote

Or they are transplants of some kind. They are either Americans that now live in Scotland, or maybe we're born in Scotland and for the last 20+ years have been living in the US, and by the looks somewhere near the gulf.


JOMO_Kenyatta t1_ixtiacj wrote

I once saw a Mexican in Mexico wearing an Andre iguadola Sixers jersey


CandyGram4M0ng0 t1_ixqlsfv wrote

Can someone explain the function of the coin purses resting on their coin purses?


Norwalk1215 t1_ixqnfpm wrote

It’s a bag to hold stuff as you don’t have pockets.


cerebron t1_ixqpr52 wrote

Added bonus of keeping boners under control?


starmartyr t1_ixsxtxh wrote

It also has the added benefit of weighting down the center so a man can sit down without having his balls on display.


craigfrost t1_ixsuys6 wrote

What about the buttocks. It's nature's pocket.


calguy1955 t1_ixqysba wrote

It’s called a sporran.


SonOfRinteln t1_ixqzvis wrote

These look like Americans whose great great grandmother's once went to Scotland on a trip and now they think they have "Scotch Heritage".


Ancalimei t1_ixsbhf9 wrote

Way to be negative about people you don't even know. let people hang onto where their family came from.


zzz_zzzz_zzz t1_ixtcld9 wrote

What is with everyone gatekeeping this so hard? It’s obviously just for a fun photo.

I’ll never understand the people who shit on others for having a casual interest in the origins of their ancestors.


MINKIN2 t1_ixt6ci6 wrote

They all got a birthday gift from Established Titles


the_better_twin t1_ixqiqi6 wrote

Ah yes, the kilt, a symbol of Scottish nationalism, made popular by the "English" King, George IV.


willrms01 t1_ixqtjhu wrote

Modern kilts were Made by an English merchant as well


MarkG1 t1_ixr52nc wrote

Probably made by various merchants across South East Asia these days.


Vitekr2 t1_ixq5sub wrote

My eyes are bleeding


happyimmigrant t1_ixqqccb wrote

It's okay, they're very used to disappointment


FrankieMcGigglefits t1_ixsnt1m wrote

Itt: people gatekeeping what it means to be Scottish or have Scottish ancestry.

They have zero idea or respect for Scottish contributions to places like Texas (most of the defenders of the Alamo were Scottish, for example) or for Scottish contributions to America.

These are the same morons that tell me Edinburgh isn't in Scotland, and there are no black folks in Scotland. Literally. Here on reddit.

Who cares what they're wearing? The bigger issue is why anyone would support fifa or the wc this year given the oppressive nature of the host country. These men are sellouts.


Towndrunk13569 t1_ixrjwtr wrote

Why do Scotsmen wear kilts? Because sheep can hear zippers!


Capt_takh t1_ixqnk0v wrote

Looking forward to seeing Scotland’s next game. Oh wait…


CatchingRays t1_ixqegwh wrote

If they are drinking together while watching the game I hope someone records it. I'd love to see if I can understand what they are saying.


JulPollitt t1_ixsii5i wrote

There’s nothing in this world that I appreciate more than this level of pettiness.


ioncloud9 t1_ixqbf97 wrote

This has the makings of a trap game.


shanksta1 t1_ixr76u4 wrote

they need to go braveheart on this bitch


BumbleMuggin t1_ixrcjwo wrote

Does the American team stand a chance? I’m a naive yank looking to get into watching the football.


MINKIN2 t1_ixt72rc wrote

No. Never have.

Not even kidding. They very rarely make it to the semis.


thefartsock t1_ixrfyrs wrote

This feels more like "fans named Scott" than "Scottish fans"


zoqfotpik t1_ixrjteu wrote

I see they are bringing their Roombas along to clean up after the match


DenseVoigt t1_ixs85ny wrote

I wonder if they were bored witless by the match like the English, USAians and rest of the world?


TheDkone t1_ixs9y61 wrote

the Qatar government will lose its mind over this, brilliant.


Conspiruhcy t1_ixsf5s7 wrote

This isn’t from the World Cup at all. It’s from before the Super Bowl.


shadysaf t1_ixspn5x wrote

Absolute wallopers


swpmc t1_ixswhyy wrote

Sporans can hold the whole kilt & kaboodle.


Interesting_Act1286 t1_ixtb5jq wrote

I hope they enjoyed the game as much as I did. Even though the USA should've easily won. So many chances. Bring on Iran. US should definitely win this one.


Bowling4rhinos t1_ixtg4r5 wrote

And what’s under those skirts looks like the match’s final score.


Ginger_Yen t1_ixu9t1y wrote

How men can wear skirts?:)


FileInside t1_ixuix7o wrote

I bet they all took naps during the game.


s73v3m4nn t1_ixqdjv6 wrote

England v usa...going to have to abstain


traumarat t1_ixr2k1k wrote

No Gordons, so no foolishness.


_tuchi t1_ixrn49j wrote

I don’t know why this is funny


m_a_r_k_o t1_ixs2ksu wrote

Those grandpas are not Scottish... Americans probably...


Trips-Over-Tail t1_ixt0jkv wrote

The sad thing is, when reversed the English would be rooting for the Scots.


MiggySay t1_ixqya8g wrote

‘Excuse me gentlemen, you will not be allow into the stadium like that.’ - is exactly how I imagine security at the World Cup


ChampionshipLow8541 t1_ixrf7lx wrote

Clearly being Americans, I‘m sure they’re wearing underwear. That’s two sacrileges right there.


middlebird t1_ixs49rl wrote

You wanna know the trouble with Scotland?


MarionberryLow9043 t1_ixt6p6n wrote

Scottish fans have to support other teams as they’re not good enough to qualify for tournaments


mashteezy t1_ixsueth wrote

Scottish fans really have an inferiority complex because their team is utter shit.


thelastdon613 t1_ixr1bqk wrote

ahaha my Scotish neighbor just told me he is rooting for Canada and anyone that plays England :)


MSPisMe t1_ixrnai7 wrote

Check teeth, not Scots


Splyce123 t1_ixqf2dg wrote

Love it when fans of teams that didn't qualify for the WC try and be "funny". They may be Scottish and support the US, but their national team is absolute dogshit.

Even the Welsh qualified for Christ's sake.


double-happiness t1_ixscjmo wrote

They're almost certainly not Scottish though. Just look at their footwear. I'm Scottish and you just don't wear shoes like that with a kilt. Possibly the grey ones, but all the rest look insane.


Splyce123 t1_ixssm7a wrote

So they're "American Scottish"? The same way loads of Americans claim they're Irish. This sort of faux nationalism pisses me off. I'm an Englishman living in England with an Irish Wife who has a born and bred Dundonian dad. He would never wear this bullshit.


Wedgtable t1_ixqawmq wrote

Let’s see how Scotland do in the World Cup then. Oh yeah I forgot, they’re too shit to qualify.