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NexexUmbraRs t1_j2a79bo wrote

If you tried to break the nut in the place pictured, it's no wonder it broke.

Torque is calculated by τ=FΔxsinθ, having less torque on the nut and more torque straining the metal results in the above.


tchuruck OP t1_j2afwsd wrote

Interesting ! Thank you for that explanation. I did break the nut in the correct place. I mistakenly placed it incorrectly for the picture.


NexexUmbraRs t1_j2ahynf wrote

Then did you try breaking it against the seem, or did you push both together?


tchuruck OP t1_j2aj503 wrote

I'm not sure I understand the question haha ! I placed the nut where I was supposed to.


NexexUmbraRs t1_j2ak1lt wrote

I'm asking about the orientation of the nut. Whether the line was touching the 2 sides, or if it was parallel to the 2 handles. If it was parallel then it's understandable that it broke because you didn't target it's weak point.