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NoMight178 t1_j2abp3m wrote

Erm what... Are you telling me that if I put 50kN of force on this nut "suddenly" it doubles the load to 100kN of force??! Not sure where you went to school but I'm pretty sure that's not how it works. If we are talking about the speed applied and there being a distance involved that's a different matter but it wouldn't miraculously double the load applied.


CanuckAussieKev t1_j2ahcvl wrote

I guess he's just trying to generalize how a change in acceleration will affect the force?


smurficus103 t1_j2bfi9p wrote

There are certainly derivatives of acceleration. Jerk is change in acceleration over time. It didn't seem particularly useful for stress calculations, though. I read pretty deep into impulse without much insight into what loading i should use to calc shit. Did some vibrational fea mostly for fatigue life.

This sounds like a fatigue and probably some shitty quality metal