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AugustHenceforth t1_j29zojc wrote

That must be one of those deeznuts people keep offering me.


A40 t1_j2a1kv5 wrote

The nutcrackeder


ScoobyDerp t1_j2a30g2 wrote

That must be a tough not to crack, so to speak.


JaiC t1_j2a38fl wrote

I ain't even mad. That's amazing.


NomenNescio13 t1_j2a502b wrote

What the hell? A walnut? When we were kids we found out we could pretty easily crack one by holding two and squeezing.

How the hell did that kind of nut do that to a metal utensil?


thr33prim3s t1_j2a5ezz wrote

Worthy of the phrase "a tough nut to crack".


ksandom t1_j2a6ewa wrote

It's the nut in the position it was when it broke?

It so; then that will be a contributing factor for why it broke. Ie when the nut is in one of the designated places closer to the pivot the force applied to the nut compared to the force the you apply is much higher. But when you move it out like that, you have to apply a lot more force to apply as much force on the nut as the designated places, which gives you a much higher chance of breaking the nut cracker.


MLgMattsturb8r t1_j2a6kwl wrote

Sometimes you bust a nut, sometimes the nut busts you


NexexUmbraRs t1_j2a79bo wrote

If you tried to break the nut in the place pictured, it's no wonder it broke.

Torque is calculated by τ=FΔxsinθ, having less torque on the nut and more torque straining the metal results in the above.


Rudecles t1_j2a9qvk wrote

That’s a nutcrackercracker nut


Moseo13 t1_j2aavqj wrote

The Spurs way : pounding the nuts


NoMight178 t1_j2abp3m wrote

Erm what... Are you telling me that if I put 50kN of force on this nut "suddenly" it doubles the load to 100kN of force??! Not sure where you went to school but I'm pretty sure that's not how it works. If we are talking about the speed applied and there being a distance involved that's a different matter but it wouldn't miraculously double the load applied.


ColonelKasteen t1_j2abwmk wrote

That isn't how wear on a tool works. A single nut didn't crack it, it broke on this nut after many years of metal fatigue cracking nuts. A cheap metal nutcracker doesn't have incredible quality control on the steel used and doesn't heal between uses.


erotyk t1_j2afojy wrote

of course it did that's cold cast


tchuruck OP t1_j2afqty wrote

Thank you for taking the time to explain that ! I did however crack the nut correctly. I think the nutcracker had just run its course. I placed the nut incorrectly for the picture because I didn't pay sufficient attention.


chemcounter t1_j2ajp84 wrote

That looks like a lobster cracker instead of a nut cracker.


wallyslambanger t1_j2ajt2w wrote

“Sometimes we break through the barriers that those before us weakened”

-This Nut


NexexUmbraRs t1_j2ak1lt wrote

I'm asking about the orientation of the nut. Whether the line was touching the 2 sides, or if it was parallel to the 2 handles. If it was parallel then it's understandable that it broke because you didn't target it's weak point.


Max_P0 t1_j2aylpm wrote

Victory for the bad guy !!!


lochlainn t1_j2aze5i wrote

Ha, fuck you!

-That nut, probably


xxamien t1_j2b1fgm wrote

well isn't that a tough nut to crack


IceNein t1_j2b51rn wrote

Looks like Chinesium. They save five cents a unit and get to sell you a new one every couple of years.

It can be hard to tell just by looking what’s made from quality metal.


SonofBeckett t1_j2b6lqo wrote

I hope you brought a hammer out and finished the job, otherwise the other nuts are going to start getting ideas.


givemeyourgp t1_j2b8hts wrote

Made from the Uber rare metal that only forms at a asteroid impact site located on the czurxbanglun peninsula in China, melted down at a temperature of 7537854 kelvin, it becomes a NEW element named Chineseum stable enough to forge into nutcrackers.


GibDreyer t1_j2bdoke wrote

The cracker becomes the cracked


smurficus103 t1_j2bfi9p wrote

There are certainly derivatives of acceleration. Jerk is change in acceleration over time. It didn't seem particularly useful for stress calculations, though. I read pretty deep into impulse without much insight into what loading i should use to calc shit. Did some vibrational fea mostly for fatigue life.

This sounds like a fatigue and probably some shitty quality metal


halothar t1_j2bgnp2 wrote

The nut has become the cracker.


drklunk t1_j2bkkxh wrote

But who is the victor? OP or nut?


AberrantMan t1_j2bmrmu wrote

Was this, perchance, taken in November?


Schnoofles t1_j2bovkn wrote

This is more of a process issue than materials issue. It's made with a sintered powder process, which always results in a relatively brittle end product. Sometimes that's totally fine because you don't need the full strength of a cast or forged part, but obviously that wasn't the case here.

As for the China association that'd be from the cost correlation. You can find sintered parts made all over the world, but seeing as the cost of labor is also low then anytime someone wants the lowest possible total cost they're likely to get a sintered version that's also made in China.


cbass481 t1_j2bt7ri wrote

Bane voice “do you feel in charge?”


newaccount721 t1_j2bxjzn wrote

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but it sounds like these cheap products made this way aren't inherently dangerous - e.. g. containing toxic metals - but just the process used is the cheapest/fastest but not the best. Is that correct?


CaliRiverRat t1_j2bxmpa wrote

This just made me laugh. Thanks for posting!


Ritty5 t1_j2bzd0k wrote

Going to need a wrench to break that nut.


mandru t1_j2bzj7d wrote

If this happens, you are crackin your nuts wrong.


sunny0_0 t1_j2c2vdm wrote

Stop breaking things for upvotes. It's sad.


newaccount721 t1_j2c3ors wrote

Thanks, whenever I get those things and they break easily I am concerned they're not the metal they're claiming to be - but if it's process based it's not great but at least it's not something inherently dangerous


Schnoofles t1_j2c90ct wrote

Yeah, it's just a simple way to make a part. Instead of fully melting and pouring to a mold you instead dump a powdered form of the metal into it and then use heat and pressure to not fully melt it, but heat it up to where the combined heat and pressure causes the particles to begin fusing. Relatively speaking it's quick, easy, takes less energy and so on. It is quite brittle, however, and not as strong in general since you don't get nice, long grains in the metal.


Holdem88 t1_j2c9tgf wrote

Petrified nuts. .. real manly.


Frommar t1_j2cahiv wrote

How would you repair something like this? I have an antique one that's been handed down...which I managed to break in a similar manner


Another_go_around t1_j2cf89c wrote

Henry Marcus Quackenbush - the inventor of a couple of cool things including the spring loaded nutcracker. The brand HMQ still produces nutcrackers and they last a life time. Just look for the HMQ logo.


cornholioo t1_j2cllt0 wrote

I bought a 'cast iron' bottle opener in new orleans, it broke within a month of opening normal beer bottles.


EvenBar3094 t1_j2coay8 wrote

Metaphorical for my endurance not to crack during no nut November


blkmexbbc t1_j2cq6ff wrote

Couldn't bust that nut. Must be frustrated.


usugarbage t1_j2csxmk wrote

Some days you’re the nut. Some days you’re the cracker. Today it was both.


vegancookie t1_j2d2zox wrote

Well if you weren’t paying attention for the photo were you paying attention when you cracked the nut? Did you have a nut cracking specialised observing you? OP we have many questions, and I seriously doubt your competency.

/s I came here to see if anyone else noticed the incorrect positioning too :p


Burstar1 t1_j2db61z wrote

The shell of the previous nut: "Loosened it for you".


PJJefferson t1_j2ddjbl wrote

How were you supposed to know he was Iron Balls McGinty?


WillLie4karma t1_j2dr9fp wrote

That's not a nutcracker. It's made for lobsters/crabs.


5x99 t1_j2ds1wr wrote

That nut has a dream


mibjt t1_j2duvo3 wrote

The nutcracker made with chinesium


HythlodaeusHuxley t1_j2fhcq7 wrote

Reminds me of the Looney Tunes with the squirrel trying to crack the coconut