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jumpybouncinglad OP t1_j1yesqy wrote

>The photo that made a splash in the media in 2010 captured the moment when she had just finished a five-month stint working in Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi Province, and was on her way back home for the Spring Festival family reunion in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China's Sichuan Province.


Erocday t1_j21zpp6 wrote

Man, imagine helping this woman instead of taking a picture of her struggle.


grpagrati t1_j1yk7vb wrote

I need to save that photo and look at it when I complain about stuff


gGameBoyY t1_j23752h wrote

Bad logic what ever shes feeling there could be felt by things way simpler


nitrolagy t1_j1yj48l wrote

Mother strength


rastika t1_j20arow wrote

Dad strength is pathetic compared to mom strength. I can rip a phone book in half sure, I can’t keep my shit together while my kid is screaming for hours.


L4NGOS t1_j1yyreo wrote



DaBarnacle t1_j1yt313 wrote

This is what it looks like getting your friend through their first raid in Escape from Tarkov.


Konras t1_j204bu4 wrote

Its difficult to carry the baby alone. Huge respect to this lady.


Roltistotem t1_j1z5w33 wrote

Things like this make me a bit upset at myself for how long I have spent trying to find the perfect SUV for me....


radabdivin t1_j1yjn7r wrote

Definitely not in America.


Prixm t1_j1z3od2 wrote

No there's worse in the states, a homeless mother that carries her child because she can't afford the hospital bill that made her homeless.


Shmuck_town t1_j1yj1in wrote

This is making antinatalism look real sexy right now