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mtsai t1_j22ew1a wrote

i keep hearing twitters exploding ,then i open the site. yep its still exactly the same.


skilledwarman t1_j24bawa wrote

Functionality has been getting noticeably worse

-Clicking on topics in the Trending tab is frequently returning search errors and invalid pages

-tweets are frequently failing to post and needing to be submitted multiple times

-Tweets are showing as unavailable in browser but showing in mobile

-tweets are showing as unavailable in mobile but showing in browser

-Qt tweets aren't showing the quoted tweet in timeline and only appearing when clicked through

-notifications page is loading slowly and frequently failing to show new notifications

-DM notifications are also not popping up

So yeah, visually it still looks like it's working albeit with a clunker UI than 2 months ago. But the functionality has been getting noticeably worse the more features they add and the more "micro features" musk impulsively kills then back tracks on


Luckboy28 t1_j23lc6i wrote

Lots of outages and even more people quitting


WhatsUpWithThatFact t1_j25zgll wrote

genuinely curious, how do you know people are quitting? i've never been on twitter, i just read the mainstream media outlets which is mostly stories about what people are saying on twitter


Luckboy28 t1_j26h9re wrote

Lots of articles about celebrities that have quit (being able to directly tag and talk to a celebrity is one of the big draws of twitter)

And lots of big accounts saw a large loss of followers, due to all of the deactivations

I've deleted my account, and about half of my friends have given up on twitter too


ThePalmIsle t1_j27oo7c wrote

Like 5 celebrities quit.

Hardly anybody meaningful deactivated.


gerd50501 t1_j24a26g wrote

usage is at an all time high. but yeah a few people dramatically quitting is awful.


xmsxms t1_j25831q wrote

I think he is talking about employees, not users


jubbergun t1_j24hzdw wrote

Depends on the people who are quitting, doesn't it?


Luckboy28 t1_j251itr wrote

Twitter has become a cesspool of Elon fanboys. Twitter's just going to become Parler at this rate.


gdp1 t1_j2355br wrote

Wait until the FTC is done with them.


ThePalmIsle t1_j23epeb wrote

Also exactly the same after that

Maybe minus some bots


gerd50501 t1_j249zfi wrote

will be waiting a long time. If twitter can ban trump, they can do whatever they want. but you keep hoping that anything you dont like leads to the government coming after people.


Kvenner001 t1_j24o1c0 wrote

The FTC has been hitting twitter long before Musk ever made his offer. The big risk he’s inherited with the purchase of twitter is that the FTC and twitter had certain operating agreements twitter was bound to. If he’s found in violation of those agreements the buck in theory stops with him. Unlike the SEC or DOJ the FTC has a history of massive fines and handing out referrals for criminal charges that have lead to jail time.

Will Musk likely see a Courtroom let alone a jail cell I find that unlikely. But he’s also not doing himself any favors with his actions.


NoLimitSoldier31 t1_j248dtl wrote

Right. Pitchfork crew going crazy (not that he doesn’t deserve a lot of it). But id take them more serious if they were more objective.

Plenty of ammo to hate the dude, don’t need to invent reasons.


Mundane-Ad-6874 t1_j22nx6a wrote

Imploding seems like a better word


IamJain t1_j23hj3d wrote

As a software developer, exploding seems kinda accurate


Mundane-Ad-6874 t1_j23iqnl wrote

Exploding seems like a word best suited for rising valuation. Imploding means it’s collapsing


IamJain t1_j23iwxn wrote

I don't meant literally but as a developer we use in our teams when we have some issues and software and server keeps exploding with bugs


Mundane-Ad-6874 t1_j23j2mw wrote

As just a Joe shmo who doesn’t do software development I’d use festering or riddled. There was a period of time when teslas stock price exploded (rise)


IamJain t1_j23l5wn wrote

I don't think they are talking about stocks really but EV burning, or Teslas breaking down due to bugs, which again is something twitter dealing with.


xmsxms t1_j258cp3 wrote

Ok, but the sign is pointing to the logo/business, which implies rapid growth of the business/stock value.


Seawolf87 t1_j23h6sy wrote

I mean yeah Twitter's going down in flames, but lets not make it seem like Teslas are lighting on fire every day - they're not. In fact, they light on fight WAY less than any combustion engine vehicle does with it's intentionally explosive fuel.


bigfatmatt01 t1_j23q01m wrote

Yeah but you can put out a normal car fire. Teslas just burn and burn.


_tHeMachinist_ t1_j23jx1s wrote

how is twitter "going down in flames"?

it's getting better day by day. there have been more new features in the last few weeks than in the last 3 years. and all that while 4000 (it seems) useless employees have been laid off.


packy17 t1_j2400vq wrote

There have certainly been a lot of changes but I don’t think I would call most of them “new features”. Most of what Musk has done has made the site more cluttered and harder to use. Who asked for impressions to be publicly visible on all tweets? Who asked for some accounts to have square icons and yellow checkmarks? He’s just implementing “solutions” for problems he caused.

The site was completely busted on desktop for most of the day thanks to his cuts to data centers. It’s okay to admit that he might be in over his head here.


skwolf522 t1_j2264gv wrote

I thought they where one of the safest cars on the roads?

The chevy EVs are burning down houses while charging in the garage.


Slazapuss t1_j23jiab wrote

They are and they are also less likely to catch fire compared to other cars but that goes against the narrative.


WhatsUpWithThatFact t1_j25zr1a wrote

when they do catch fire though, the lithium battery burns noticeably brighter and longer than gasoline burning


WishbonePresent2358 t1_j2243xb wrote

OP spamming once again. Just stop dude


skoomski t1_j235185 wrote

It’s literally the only purpose of his Reddit account. It’s in his description


tfarsch t1_j2361el wrote

It’s still super cringe. You mean people living in San Fran, one of the most liberal cities in the US, are mad that Twitter isn’t run by hyper liberals anymore?!? I’m shocked. Like what activism do they think they’re accomplishing besides fake internet points on Reddit?


skoomski t1_j236ap7 wrote

Being so focused on one thing is almost never healthy


tfarsch t1_j237tci wrote

Especially when you delude yourself into thinking you’re an “activist”. You’re not an activist, you’re a crybaby that’s mad Elon took your echo chamber away.


meapie t1_j238bk8 wrote



tfarsch t1_j238og1 wrote

OP is definitely butthurt I agree.


meapie t1_j239fgg wrote

No u


tfarsch t1_j239ha9 wrote

No u


Hadleys158 t1_j23ti6i wrote

Should change it to his jet location status, that might make his head explode.


jubbergun t1_j24jmbu wrote

Are we just on a repetitive cycle of "Look what someone projected on the Twitter building" to "Look at Elon with this objectionable individual" that are perpetually reposted? I'm starting to think this subs needs to be renamed to /r/picswithghislaine or /r/IHateElon or something more accurate.


WhatsUpWithThatFact t1_j25zxgx wrote

I am headed over to CNN and AP where I can read about everything going on with Twitter without having to participate. Twitter is a huge part of my daily media consumption even though I have never created an account. I let the journalists filter out what is most entertaining so I can scroll all day long here on Reddit.


SorryIgottasayit t1_j25hzqm wrote

I'm having a blast watching all these fools scream at the cloud on twitter!

But they just keep using it!


rdkilla t1_j24z83n wrote

its not a fucking pinto


OveReAction10 t1_j23y15s wrote


I think it also sums up the site troubles.


Drago1214 t1_j24t8uz wrote

Can you imagine being a worker there going into the office and seeing this. Man that must be rough in moral. Elon does zero favours to any companies he works for.


Manlai22 t1_j26s7d6 wrote

Sometimes i wonder who is behind this kind of petty shit


martusfine t1_j222l5l wrote

That’s tough. #truthhurts.

To those downvoting me, your fragile egos will not be improved by Musk.

Edit/ tough crowd. To those downvoting me… your fragile ego will not be improved by Musk.


EquinsuOchaACE t1_j25ar8a wrote

Sure sounds like someone’s ego is sensitive to downvotes 😅


martusfine t1_j25exjf wrote

Nah, these are clearly Musk fans because I’m echoing in agreement OP’s post and that has garnered over a thousand upvotes. I happened to comment when it was first posted, too; clearly the truth does hurt for 20 Redditors who are Musk fans.


EquinsuOchaACE t1_j25hb69 wrote

Aww is your echo chamber not working? 😢

Here I’ll help you out and give you an upvote to make your ego feel better.


martusfine t1_j25j02t wrote

Nope. I find it funny, actually. Thanks for upvote, tho’.


Responsible-Type-392 t1_j227gp8 wrote

Acts like this just scream of impotence. If Elon wants to spend tons of money to buy a company that isn’t worth it… good for him. Where were acts like this when Bezos bought WaPo?


vineyardmike t1_j228ecr wrote

The difference is that Wapo stayed the same. Who knows what's going on with Twitter now? Maybe it's all some weird April fool's joke.


jubbergun t1_j24iugz wrote

> Who knows what's going on with Twitter now?

Everyone could know if they wanted to know, since Musk released the company's internal communications to a bunch of independent journalists. Between that and the constant media attention over every little thing he's done since he bought the company if you have no idea what is and has been going on with Twitter it's because you're not availing yourself of the available information resources.


Responsible-Type-392 t1_j2295k9 wrote

Incorrect. It drastically changed in both its coverage and content - that was a scheme devised by Bezos for the company to turn a profit.

What’s going on with Twitter now? Don’t know, don’t care. Wasn’t a great company to begin with.


BILOXII-BLUE t1_j22bum2 wrote

>that was a scheme devised by Bezos for the company to turn a profit.

What scheme, to charge a monthly subscription fee gasp? Nothing else has changed


Responsible-Type-392 t1_j22byoa wrote

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Please don’t comment on things you don’t know about.


vineyardmike t1_j22a8g6 wrote

I only read the ny times before so no idea about wapo.

Twitter seems like it's just a place to hear what "influencers" want to broadcast to the world in 280 character snippets. I'm not into celebrities and influencers so I'll pass.


FinancialTea4 t1_j22u894 wrote

Washington Post is a functioning news outlet. Bezos has been largely hands off of it. musk has encouraged bigots and hate speech, spread outright lies, encouraged the demonization of innocent people, cozied up to brutal dictators, and is single handedly destroying the company. Something like 70% of advertisers have bailed. Most companies don't want their brand associated with antisemitism, and vaccine denial. I mean, fuck Bezos for sure but yours is a crappy analogy.


ThePalmIsle t1_j23eu9s wrote

Lol. Did a dude in a Tesla scratch your bike or something


FinancialTea4 t1_j251h0r wrote

Do you think he'll let you give him a hand job or something if you keep simping for him? I can assure you he does not give a fuck about you or your defense of him. Not a single fuck.


Responsible-Type-392 t1_j22ugov wrote

Yours is a crappy critique with so much to unpack it’s astounding. Have a good one tho!


blaksgodie t1_j226le7 wrote

Lol breaking all time concurrent user records is definitely exploding...


Clouds2589 t1_j22gms5 wrote

People love to watch a good dumpster fire. Context is key


shrlytmpl t1_j22hidy wrote

Also suddenly bots aren't "bots" anymore and nobody can check cause it's a private company.


ardula99 t1_j2338le wrote

As reported by whom? The owner of the platform who has a vested interest in making sure his investment is successful?

Otoh, look at how fast Mastodon is growing, or how many advertisers are no longer on Twitter, or any other external metric and you'll have your answer.

Not to mention the extra $10B+ of debt that Twitter took on after the purchase - servicing that alone is a $10B affair.