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pigpen5 t1_j1xb689 wrote

I’ve been watching too many horror movies lately and something tells me you need to leave that room ASAP.


Scumwaffle t1_j1xcw4k wrote

Hear a faint noise like footsteps. Turn around and one of them is swinging just a bit. "Hello?"


sm12511 t1_j1xf32q wrote

Proceeds to investigate, getting uncomfortably close


rorys_beard t1_j1z20ro wrote

Camera backs up showing two rows of prosciutto. Well you are looking in another direction a shadowy figure scutters by you.

"Hello? Is that you Ramon? Come on stop playing games!"


Ok-Cricket1141 t1_j1y8xfr wrote

>I’ve been watching too many horror movies lately and something tells me you need to leave that room ASAP.

When I first saw this picture, I thought it was full of skulls, you need to be careful OP


awkwardlondon t1_j1xaqq5 wrote

That looks like some shit from alien movie…


Internought t1_j1zt9qx wrote

The proschutto dries and grows into proschutto-people. For instance, Silvio Berlusconi is a proschutto-person.


smurfshoe t1_j2fsf9m wrote

Looks like something Francis Bacon painted.


unsupported t1_j1y6ii6 wrote

Of course any prosciutto made outside of the Parma region is just called sparkling ham.


Pane_Panelle t1_j1zk5ig wrote

I know you are making a joke and I laughed, but fun fact: Prosciutto crudo di Parma DOP (PDO) is a Protected Designation of Origin, so if it's made outside of Parma it's "just" Prosciutto crudo. Another fun fact: I am not fun at parties!


unsupported t1_j1zmxet wrote

I'd totally hang out with you at a party and eat prosciutto.


onioning t1_j200y6o wrote

Worth noting that "prosciutto" literally just means "ham."


VR6SLC t1_j1xhehc wrote

It looks like a corridor of scrotums.


Plague_comes_for_me t1_j1xmut5 wrote

That’s the most expensive photo of meat I’ve ever seen. Nice


rfsh101 t1_j1yhswm wrote

Lol, probably true for almost anyone unless looking at a drone shot of a herd of cattle lol


chuar88 t1_j1xgp34 wrote

God damnit are you trying to turn me into a vegetarian?!? (Buried head in sand)


cfdeveloper t1_j1xx2fv wrote

and here I'm thinking "tomorrow i'm making myself an italian sub"


particleman3 t1_j1xi77n wrote

The hallway of death is what it feels like


DigitalDrews t1_j1xkink wrote

I don’t like this. Not one bit.


pistcow t1_j1xf0iy wrote

How many workers have fart blasted that corridor over the years it takes to age that stuff?


rangeo t1_j1xhm6p wrote

Too much feels gross


MidEastBeast777 t1_j1y38fk wrote

Can’t imagine the smell of that room…


sohaur t1_j1yn6fs wrote

Stop! Ham time!


fazzizzle t1_j1xy50i wrote

What am I looking at? Is it pig legs? They're much bigger than I thought!


Lynxieee t1_j1yxuu1 wrote

Pigs can get absolutely massive. I've been in a pig farm and their big male reached up to my waist (and I'm 5'9)


HarvesterConrad t1_j21cwk4 wrote

That’s pretty average factory farm size (there are a million pigs in the county I am currently in)


ArmouredPotato t1_j1y2bu5 wrote

A lot of 3 legged pigs running around italy


BuckyDuster t1_j1z0tap wrote

Is that also the place of origin of Parmesan cheese?


Pane_Panelle t1_j1zm400 wrote

Yes, Parmigiano Reggiano is named after the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia, where it was originally produced. Now Parmigiano Reggiano is a Protected Designation of Origin and can be produced in a small amount of italian provinces, including Parma, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Modena. Emilia Romagna is a wonderful place and probably is one of the italian Regions where you can eat better, is has so many food specialities and different plates!


aoechamp t1_j1xi9lp wrote

I thought it was a bunch of Yoda masks


Trimere t1_j1xv1rw wrote

I thought they were hundreds of baby yodas hung up to dry.


Romeos_Crying t1_j1xvay6 wrote

Thought this was a teaser poster for the next Dune movie


DangleWho t1_j1y32gd wrote

I’d say something but I don’t want to end up on r/cursedcomments


yusill t1_j1y3qyl wrote

I don't know how id feel about all those ones above the wall way. Those things slowly drip.


Bhavaagra t1_j1y76gk wrote

make sure you have ice cubes with you.


SparkyYes t1_j1ydmyg wrote

When you "noclip" in real life, you wake up in the Ham Zone.


DeGotye t1_j1ykmat wrote

Thought that person had a badger head at first glance 🤨


InitiativeDue2336 t1_j1ykp7n wrote

Looks like the inside of a scrotum? Sperms locked and loaded…


Warm_Sandwichhh t1_j1yotv7 wrote

What's that hanging on it, it looks like a weeping bitter gourd


idk0897 t1_j1yv2gs wrote

Also known as heaven.


peanutz1969 t1_j1ywyj1 wrote

Rocky Balboa’s day spa 😁


deadgirl21 t1_j1yx6kp wrote

Why do they look like giant dried skinned testicles


asensitivelady t1_j1z24xh wrote

I can imagine the smell of this picture and it isn’t pleasant :(


feeltheFX t1_j1z8cd0 wrote

Looks like sci-fi alien pods


siadh0392 t1_j1z8nxc wrote

I wonder how much colon cancer will inevitably develop from people eating these processed meats


bnogal t1_j21ayqg wrote

Its possible to produce ham without additives but salt.

Now check any vegan product label.


SweetsourNostradamus t1_j1znhk8 wrote

It is weird the first thing I thought of when seeing this was The Fifth Element?


BobbyG-68 t1_j1zr70p wrote

i LOVE prosciutto! I wouldn't have guessed this in a Million years.


Internought t1_j1zsymh wrote

Oh look, a half-life head-crab is taking care of the prochutto. Cool!


boenobleman t1_j2048ug wrote

So that’s what Arby’s in Italy looks like.


AdHuman3150 t1_j205682 wrote

Imagine a room full of human thighs hanging from the ceiling and walls... terrifying.


scdog t1_j20kry9 wrote

I thought this was a long corridor filled with sleeping bats.


billbill1967 t1_j20kt12 wrote

Just a quick visual estimate that is about 7 million calories of goodness hanging in there.


SteamSpectrometer t1_j210y1l wrote

Carpet seems like a bad idea for a humidity controlled room used for storing food but what do I know?


Like, I get that it is probably a low humidity area, but the carpet just seems like an awful idea.


LupusetVulpus t1_j21a45p wrote

Wasn't this a mod texture for Doom?


SharkCoral t1_j21lpuk wrote

That is the flesh's paradise (the Magnus archives)


imeeme t1_j21sny5 wrote

For a moment I thought she was wearing VR headset.


Vegan__Viking t1_j226b10 wrote

Pigs are intelligent, emotional, and thoughtful animals. This is a shrine to capitalism and cruelty.

If animals had a religion, the devil would surely be a human.


CromulentBanter t1_j1xd6vp wrote

Hamburglar would like to know your location


kthulhu666 t1_j1xfdpt wrote

The Backrooms (Found Formaggio)


trainwreck42 t1_j1y5lv7 wrote

What’s it smell like in there?


LegendaryPlayboy t1_j1ykitn wrote

Prosciutto is good, but Spanish Jamón and Gla are 100 ways superior and far more tasty.


rallen1st t1_j20627e wrote

Welcome to heaven!


rstbckt t1_j1xkths wrote

Welcome to the Ball Room.


59ekim t1_j1ywtv4 wrote

So much death.


extremenachos t1_j1z00u8 wrote

This would be the Gate to Hell for a vegan, lol


CausticCarnival t1_j214p8m wrote

if this was a picture of dog legs from the yulin dog festival reddit would be up in arms and loosing its mind.

absolutely no need for this level of cruelty, just leave animals alone.


throoowup t1_j1xd18i wrote

I wish I could take a bite out of each one


iceicebecky t1_j1xg8ee wrote

I wonder what their vermin control looks like?


baflai t1_j1xrthf wrote

There must be an awful lot of three legged pigs around


DMMMOM t1_j1yeih0 wrote

I can smell that from here. Vomit inducing.


Robobvious t1_j1yf02s wrote

I’m sure the meats are delicious but how’s the smell in that room?


marioquartz t1_j1yfvce wrote

Before being in that room they are buried in salt. Is dry meat.


Robobvious t1_j1yhhdk wrote

I know it’s not wet meat, my question was does it still has it’s own distinctive odor that’s different from just “completely empty room smell”?


rockbridge13 t1_j1yz7j3 wrote

Look, I'm not vegan by any stretch but I think it's worth noting that processed meats like this tend to be the most unhealthy and are known to be carcinogens. You should really work to limit them in your diet.


jpeeri t1_j1yjhrp wrote

Ah, cheap Iberian ham


Aggravating_Top_7227 t1_j1ymhoz wrote

Please forward this pic to all vegans you know.


TomSwirly t1_j1yoeb4 wrote

Question for you - what do you call a person who gets pleasure out of making other people miserable?

Right! The word is "sociopath".

Now look in the mirror.


Snozzberry123 t1_j1xxlr7 wrote

It’s so weird to me to see these kind of pics. You’re literally standing in a room of once living creatures that were killed against their will.


marioquartz t1_j1yfrat wrote

ZERO living things was killed there. That room is only storage.


TomSwirly t1_j1yoldm wrote

I suggest you work on your reading comprehension, because PP made no such claim that the animals were killed in that room: "You’re literally standing in a room of once living creatures that were killed against their will."

Oh, what a surprise, you're a climate denier too!


marioquartz t1_j1ywutd wrote


ME? DENIER? You need read more and a better comphension.

Im agains Nuclear Plants. I think that "activist" are stupid. I think that we need do more against Climate Change. And I support real Green Energies, Energies that dont need generate nuclear shit.